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Super Soldier Talk – John Warner UFO/ET Disclosure Activist

Original Upload Date: February 1, 2022

John Warner is a UFO/ ET disclosure activist, he has witnessed UFOs from the deck of an aircraft carrier and he has talked with admirals, generals, senators, experiencers, ONI & CIA personnel, UFO researchers, and congressmen over the decades about the phenomenon. In this interview John will explain why full disclosure, not the limited partial one being put forth by the DoD, CIA, defense contractor corporations, and the U.S. Government will allow for faster healing, transparency, and clarification for the world regarding the genuine truth of the matter.

John’s father was 5-term US Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA) who also served as a MAJIC member, which is a liaison with the MJ-12 group and other defense department groups. He also served as Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, during the Vietnam War, and was also a Knight of the British Empire.

John’s mother is Catherine Mellon, daughter of philanthropist Paul Mellon (OSS, KBE) who during the WW2 she was an activist who protested that war. John’s grandfather, Paul Mellon, worked in Project Paperclip alongside Allen Dulles and General Patton, and Wild Bill Donovan as an OSS officer in WW2. John’s cousin is, Christopher Mellon, who was the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence under the Bush and Clinton administrations. Chris along with Lue Elizondo, is at the forefront of UFO/UAP disclosure via CNN, major newspapers, the Pentagon, the CIA, and DIA.

Johns books, Little Anton, and the forthcoming sequel, Lion, Tiger, Bear, disclose the shocking hidden history possibilities of advanced technology and the covert schemes of the Fascist power elite.

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