Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Super Soldier Talk – John Whitberg – Families of the ICC

John served in the secret space program under different alter names. Johns alter was sent to Vega Prime and then later in Solar Warden. His other alter Heinrich, is a German diplomatic officer who was loaned out to the Deep Space Fleet Space Navy which is another name for the JDFC (Joint Defense Force Command). During this time, he was tasked with setting up new trade agreements, settling disputes, and setting up colonies within the breakaway. Heinrich was stationed on the USS Hoechkler which is six miles long. His second alter, is Jared he is a is an archeologist in the ICC and John believes he is still active. His other alter Adam, served in in Solar Warden which later split into Radiant Guardian. Adam served on Europa, New Nuremberg on Titan, Victoria colony on Mars, and on Ganymede. Adam served as an immigration officer for our solar system. Today, we will be discussing various Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate families including Kurger mercenary core, the Marshalls, Arasaka Corporation, etc.

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Original Record Date: February 24, 2024

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  1. Hi James, as you know, I am a highly experienced ghostwriter and have been offering my writing services through you to any Super Soldiers who wish to publish their story in a book. I am particularly interested in John Whitberg and was both surprised and excited to see him back on your show. Would you mind sending him a hello and perhaps inquiring about the possibilities of a John Whitberg story and inform him that I am volunteering this to him?
    As always, thanks for all your unending hard work, Morgan


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