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Super Soldier Talk – Jonah Bolt – Global 2022 Agenda

Original Upload Date: April 30, 2022

In this video Jonah will be sharing a report which pertains to the welfare of all humans on planet earth along with targeting he has endured bringing awareness to disclosure community.

Jonah Bolt has lived, worked, studied and has traveled to over 60 countries world-wide. Bolt’s main goal has always been to build networks to gather the masses promoting self-sustainability projects and new energy systems. He works to inform and engage people, regardless of age, to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and become a Global Citizen.

Over the last 20 years Bolt has created a number of projects and business to activate new ways of redesigning the current system for the people. Bolt also hosted a radio show called Starseed Radio for 7 years and reached over 160 countries. Over the hundreds of interviews, he was able to meet many different people, ex government, military and whistle blowers of all kinds to help them expose the global cabal agenda.

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Read the PDF : Jane-Burgermeister-Klageschrift-Schweinegrippe

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