Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Super Soldier Talk – Laura Worley – MKULTRA and SRA Survivor

Laura Worley is from a multiple generational abuse family who was brought into the monarch program of MKULTRA. Her grandmother was part of a fertility cult and she was targeted to be trained in the womb. As a child, she was utilized as a witch twin and sex slave to be groomed later in life for her photographic memory abilities as a messenger. She has interacted with dignitaries such as President Nixon, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, and Kissinger. When she was in her 30’s she began to to recall SRA abuse and started therapy which was not very helpful due to skepticism from practitioners at that time. Eventually, she certified and trained herself in holistic modalities that would help heal her wounds. She then became a practitioner herself to help other people release the emotions and pain of their trauma. She wrote the book, “Puzzle Pieces to The Cabal, Mind Control, and Slavery” based on her own experience as a survivor of ritual abuse. Today Laura Worley is a Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and Author. She has successfully helped thousands of people around the world address issues stemming from complex trauma and ritual abuse. Laura trains both clients and caring professionals in unique and powerful techniques that help survivors transform their lives. As the creator of The Worldwide Transformational Summit, she has interviewed over 85 of the top global Authors and Motivational Speakers in the field of transforming lives.

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Short description of Laura’s book:

If you have ever wondered what governments, military, kings and queens, Deep State Cabal, secret societies, Satanic cults, Witchcraft, and Mind Control have in common, this book explains them all and will put all the puzzle pieces together.

The questions of why, how, where, when, and what has been done by the Cabal to create Mind Controlled Slaves are answered. This book will take a deep deep dive into the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death, explaining how the devil turns all of God’s teachings upside down and then uses them to run his kingdom. Using Bible references, it will be shown what has been going on since the beginning of time.

Laura was prompted by the Lord to write a very different book than she originally planned. God said, it is important for people to understand why there are secret societies and what they are involved with at a global level. Secret societies include many groups, but this book addresses four groups specifically: Satanism, Illuminati, Military, and Witchcraft.

It is important for a survivor or therapist to understand the specific pieces and patterns that go into the programming of a person that has been under the control of these groups. When all the pieces are understood; healing, peace, and freedom can be found. This book takes an in depth look at the programming methods, purposes, and outcomes. Laura is a survivor who shows others how to survive and thrive. She shares some of her experience, but this book is full of information that has been hidden for way too long! It is time for the darkness to be brought into the light. Truth and love are the most powerful forces on earth. Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle are revealed!


  1. James, this was one of the finest vids from you yet. Laura is so well-spoken and confident, Her delivery was absolutely great. I loved that she referenced current events and spoke about what was actually happening now. Riveting!!!


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