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Super Soldier Talk – Lisa Regression, Florida in the Sea, Milab Missions — December 9, 2012

In this video James Rink interviews and regresses Lisa who shares her clairvoyant gifts to remote view some of James’s recent milab missions, as well as info on Florida falling into the sea, and more info on what is in store for the future of humanity if milabs is not stopped.

“The facility had a green color and the central office was the command center. Inside there are a number of people at the computer interfaces dressed in black gear embroidered with a Nazi SS storm trooper insignia on the collar.

The central hub would have been a silver metal complex connecting to green offshoot corridors. One leads to a lounge area which is a different color and that opens into other areas. There is also a main computer area where MILABS place data into computers, but they are highly drugged and controlled. There may also be a lift that may take you to a loft or wing where the commander resides. He had his own lush office. He compiles data on each MILAB and photos of them in the civilian world. He thinks he is smug and full of power, that one. There are also training areas. This is part of a larger facility. Space fleet command is also connected.”

Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: December 9, 2012


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