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Super Soldier Talk – Matt MQ – SSP Alliance Captain Jacob Marshall

Original Upload Date: December 14, 2021

Matt MQ is a targeted individual, who served in Dark Fleet in which he performed executive level duties. He has recalls of memories of Trump and Putin acting as intermediary to help facilitate peace on earth. Matt has also served in the alliance under the name of Captain Jacob Marshall assisting in the clean up of mars and the liberation of planet earth by helping to dismantle the archon AI network. He also remembers serving in a cyborg body in missions off world.

In this video, Matt will also be sharing some of his memories of his programming which involved torture from with MK Pegasus. In his civilian life, he has undergone self-healing which has allowed him to learn techniques to help him and others integrate trauma and PTSD soul fragment using quantum healing and dream shamanism.

Matt had a 20-year career as a radio announcer in Sydney until his life changed suddenly with a paragliding accident that was broadcasted globally. The story of a rescue that “no one would thought possible, Matt would survive”. During this accident he experienced a NDE in which he encountered source which sent him back to continue his mission on earth. When he woke up from this coma, he thought he was serving in the armed forces in a base in Pakistan.

Matt will also be sharing some information on how we can manifest the most positive timeline by staying positive and true to ourselves.

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