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Super Soldier Talk – Mel’s Home – Jimmy Paine and Jessica Jones

Today we will be talking about Mel’s Hole, a bottomless lava tube hole that stretches 40 miles deep located on rural land owned by Mel Waters nine miles (14 km) west of Ellensburg in Kittitas County, Washington. Jimmy Paine knew Mel Waters and has been inside the hole. Jessica Jones has remote viewed the hole and will be sharing her intel.

The story of Mel’s Hole begins on February 21, 1997, when a man identifying himself as Mel Waters appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. According to Waters, the hole had an unknown depth. He claimed to have measured its depth using fishing line and a weight, although he still had not hit bottom by the time 80,000 feet (24,000 m) of line had been used. He also claimed that his neighbor’s dead dog had been seen alive sometime after it was thrown into the hole. According to Waters, the hole’s magical properties prompted US federal agents to seize the land and fund his relocation to Australia.

Waters made guest appearances on Bell’s show in 1997, 2000, and 2002. Rebroadcasts of those appearances have helped create what has been described as a “modern, rural myth”. The exact location of the hole was unspecified, yet several people claimed to have seen it, such as Gerald R. Osborne, who used the ceremonial name Red Elk, who described himself as an “intertribal medicine man…half-breed Native American / white and who told reporters in 2012 he visited the hole many times since 1961 and claimed the US government maintained a top-secret base there where “alien activity” occurs. In 2002, Osborne was unable to find the hole on an expedition of 30 people he was leading.

Local news reporters who investigated the claims found no public records of anyone named Mel Waters ever residing in, or owning property in Kittitas County. According to State Department of Natural Resources geologist Jack Powell, the hole does not exist and is geologically impossible. A hole of the depth claimed “would collapse into itself under the tremendous pressure and heat from the surrounding strata,” said Powell. Powell said an ordinary old mine shaft on private property was probably the inspiration for the stories, and commented that Mel’s Hole had established itself as a legend “based on no evidence at all”.

Jessica Jones is a paranormal investigator and remote viewer based in northwest Georgia. She is an active field researcher and member of Enigma Research Group (ERG), Anomalous Studies and Observation Group (ASOG), and North Georgia Cryptid Researchers (NGCR). All are action-oriented research groups which conduct field research associated with all things paranormal, particularly Bigfoot. What sets her team apart from other groups is they are all trained in remote viewing (RV). In addition to utilizing RV in the research field, Jessica assists in missing persons/cold cases.

She can be contacted at

Super Soldier Agent Jimmy Paine, aka Dallas was in the secret space program from 1959 to 1996. During this time, he was a shuttle craft pilot for the Tall White warriors at Area 51 and participated in time travel missions with the Montauk Boys at Camp Hero. He also recalls working for the Weyland Corporation where he encountered a xenomorph at LV426 which the movie aliens were based off. He was stationed on Mars, Titan, the Moon.

On Mars, he has seen the broken statue of a giant face of a humanoid on a mission in 1974 along with Duncan O’finoian. He remembers seeing Tommy Knockers in a cave on Mars which are muscular type of Tall Greys.

On the moon of Titan, he was stationed at a massive underground base. He was tasked with fighting a monster they called IT. IT was looked like the junior Montauk monster, a type of Bigfoot monster that was would gain strength by attacking it.

He was on a secret mission from Vandenberg Air Force, the Lunar Apollo 20 mission with William Rutledge where they discovered an oriental looking humanoid named EB Mona Lisa. Jimmy claims the Apollo 20 footage on YouTube is real.

Original Record Date: June 5, 2023


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