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Super Soldier Talk – Metallic Man Worldline Traveler

Original Upload Date: April 05, 2023

Metallic Man studied Aerospace, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering in the Air Force Academy. He attended Syracuse University in order to join in the space program and then joined the US navy and was earmarked as a naval aviator. His C/O presented him an opportunity to take a leap and join the ONI majestic program. The moment he signed his name things started to get weird. He received a surgical upgrade of seven ELF implants which allowed him to communicate with the Navy. He then walked into a teleporter and was implanted with a EBP device which allows him to connect to the greys, aka the domain.

He left the Navy and went off the grid for two years. The navy eventually tracked him down and asked him to work at China Lake Naval Base. Once there his navy ELF probes were finally calibrated. At China Lake he was tasked with anchoring world lines templates until he was retired in 2004. Today Metallic Man will be speaking about this as well his perspective of the multiverse.

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