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Super Soldier Talk – Michael Prince – Mass Milab Abduction – May 23, 2013

In this video Michael Prince goes under regression to revisit what exactly happened during his missing time episodes at the 2013 super soldier summit in Las Vegas, NV; and in the process recalls his role as a soldier in the Nazi 4th Reich Space Command aboard Starship Calopia. Additionally be sure to tune into Super Soldier Tyler Clark’s testimony as well.

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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: May 23, 2013


  1. Copyright infringement and not asking permission are excuses regarding the uncomfortable feeling of being exposed. I didn’t go after you James, I went after Dietrich and Aquino. Michael proves it. Why you, Lorien, Erin, and Alara are being so personal and elusive is for the reason you they have conditioned you to reject reason, wellness, and especially the opportunity to reverse your trapped in a circular pattern minds. Alara and Erin really needs to be set free and you’re one to help not allowing it. You really need it, but for reasons beyond you it would be impossible to get you to submit to the simplest thing. It’s also because you’re too smart for your own good. Bro, I’m sorry, but I have to do a full fledged documentary without your permission for the reason people need to know what really happened in Henderson and it can’t be exclusively the supersoldier and UFO people side.. it has to be from an outsider’s viewpoint included as well. All of you who will revolt make it obvious I’m right. For if not, you’d all laugh it off and not have the videos removed. It’s so plain and obvious. Can’t you see that, James? If someone lied about you, you’d let it slide because you know it’s not true and wouldn’t spend a morning hiding something, like Obama and his birth cert for example, so desperately. All of you are desperate to hide the truth that I was the target of the supersoldiers caught wearing pink underwear.

  2. James, if you’re speaking to, realnuz, all I’d like to use is Michael talking about Douglas Dietrich and Michael Aquino as well as Lorien Fenton alleged as an handler.

  3. Realnuz. The people you mention are satanists… Be careful….trust God…Yahusha only…..higher self. Good luck. Sad how they used, abused casbolt. Rip


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