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Super Soldier Talk – Michael Sedona – Sedona UFO Sightings Conference

Original Upload Date: February 7, 2023

Michael Sedona is a scientist, pilot, inventor, physicist, and contactee. In his younger years, he was employed by a DOD contractor on missile and satellite systems, software development, and exotic energy research. In the summer of 2001 in Phoenix, he had a 12-minute first-hand encounter with the pale-skinned 8-foot Cruxians from the Crux constellation who uploaded 5 exabytes of data into his pineal gland, which gives Michael the ability to answer any question when asked. These ET encouraged Michael to share a message that humanity needs to grow up and stop self-dividing and conquering. His book “Wake Up and Do Something” shares more of these details. Michael’s contact inspired him to create a Band known as Element 115 with an extraterrestrial drummer named AL.

Today, Michael operates a no-BS Arizona UFO Tour in Sedona, AZ. He believes that 99.3% of the spacecraft we see at night are not satellites but Secret Space Program craft flown by humans, taking off and landing right here on Earth. In 2020, terra’s defense forces had at least 1200 spaceships worth over 20+ trillion dollars. There is a lot more to learn about our space program such as Solar Warden, Operation Indigo Skyfold, HAARP, laser weapons to deter OTHER ships, and more!

Today we will be discussing his conference about the secret space program which I will also be presenting which is located in Sedona, AZ April 15-16 at Area 1 Sedona on the airport Mesa. The price of the event is very affordable according to Sedona, AZ standards.

Get a copy of his book here: https://wakeupanddosomething.com/the-book/
Learn more about his tours: https://arizonaufotours.com
Purchase tickets at: https://sedonaufosightings.com/
You can email Michael @: michael@arizonaufotours.com

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Sedona UFO Sightings April 15-16 in Sedona, AZ
Journey to Truth Conference May 22-25, 2023 in Grafton, Il
ET Disclosure Alien 5D event Sept 14-17, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV

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