Asha shares with us some detox solutions for Nanobot infestation as well as nutrition, microflora, meditation, and other wellness tools for integration. Learn more about her work at
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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: September 12, 2016
Research Harold Kautz Vella –
Things to Address:
· Fungal Infections
· Heavy Metal Toxicity
· pH Balance – Baking Soda to neutralize water
· Best thing to do is to not feed them. See chart at 8:30
· Eat a Gluten Free diet
· Avoid corn – high likelihood it’s a GMO
· Avoid Canola (Rapeseed) Oil, beware as it’s hiding in other oils and they don’t need to list it on the lable.
· Also beware of Vegetable Oil and Corn Oil
· Safflower Oil and Sunflower Oil go rancid very easily, likely before you consume it.
· Sugar – NO!!!
Herbs and Such to Use:
· Venus Fly Trap and Bloodroot – Put in your drinks
· Nano Silver
· 3 Month Cleanse – 3 onions and 3 oranges (peeled) put in food processor/blender, add water or ice if needed. Do this 3 days in a row then break for 28 days. Repeat two more times. (3 days on then 28 day rest two more times). Asha mentioned she used Vandalia Onions and that the 2nd time she used 2 onions and 2 oranges then the 3rd time she used one each and felt it worked well.
· Recommends Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) and add Ozone of allowed in your area. Use things like Essential Oils, Wheatgrass and Implants. (Editor’s note: Asha mentioned about home enemas not doing the most thorough job. My experience is different. I always suggest a few Colonics from a professional to get things cleaned out and they can give you some expert suggestions based on what they see. But if you do it correctly you can reach the entire colon with an enema. Gravity is your friend here. A great resource is )
· OxyCleanse
Bug Killers:
· Rotate time of day and foods you ingest them with. This way they are not able to tract foods to avoid and times to avoid.
· Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) – approx. 1/8th tsp/day in food.
· Grapefruit Seed Extract once a month, perhaps after onion/orange cleanse.
· Nano Silver – Nano sized to reach the nanobots.
· Essential Oils – consult a practitioner or check out DoTerra, they have oil blends in capsule to take by mouth. (Editor’s Note, I’ve heard DoTerra is GREAT!!!)
· Apple Cider Vinegar
· Kombucha – Stick to recipe! Black tea and white sugar.
· Chaga Mushroom – the older the better for the cosmic energy it has absorbed.
· Reishi
· Magnesium Oil
· DMSO Oil
· Japanese Kelp/Super Kombu
· Stem Active
· Shungite Powder – 1/8th tsp in water. Also use larger pieces of shungite to neutralise radiation. Jewellery or pieces to sit around the home.
· Gans – Zinc water, Iron water, Copper water – research online about making these yourself. James used ocean/salt water to make his. Consume one drop of each per day.
· Liquid Zeolite
· Fulvic Acid
· Humic Acid
Other Supporting Things to Do:
· Borax – 20 Mule brand. In bath water. It’s an ancient salt and is alkalinizing.
· 3D Hologram Stickers
· Grounding – Check out Longevity Warehouse and Bare feet or socks on the ground for 20 mins a day. (Editor’s note: I did the ‘poor man’s’ grounding device by using a length of solid copper wire stretched between your garden out the window and your bed. Lay it across where you will come into contact with it while sleeping. I put it right on my fitted sheet midway so I was always in contact with it. Be sure that no one is going to come by at night and hook you up to a car battery! Coil the end and use a safety pin to fasten it in place.)
· Orgone – research Wilhelm Reich
Other things for Heavy Metal Detox:
· Ionic Foot Baths
· Detox Foot Pads
· 3 Metal Bowl Foot Treatment Recommended to use Desi Gir Cow Ghee.
· Silver cup or Copper cup – Fill with water before bed and drink it in the morning. Don’t leave it soak for too long or you may not feel well…very powerful.
· Dry Skin Brushing
· Salt in Bath – 2lbs and soak for 20 minutes. Use any inexpensive salt (Editor’s note: NOT IODIZED TABLE SALT) e.g.: sea salt, Himalayan salt, Kosher salt, etc.
· ½ cup of bleach in water (Editor’s Note: I don’t remember hearing Asha’s reason why on this one. Please research as my knowing says you don’t want to absorb chlorine into your body. We are usually doing everything we can do filter it out of our water)
· Can add to your bath – Baking Soda, Borax, juice of 3 lemons to help alkalise the body as it will absorb through the skin. (Editor’s Note: I don’t recall hearing measurements, in my baths I use at least ½ cup each).
Asha mentioned about creating a quantum field in the bath water and suggested The Purple Plate.
Other things Asha Talks About:
· Mineral Magic –
· Fermented Foods
· Kefir
· Colostrum
· GCMAF Dr. Gray –
· HCL – E.g.:
· Brain Tap Meditation Device.
· Research Sgt Daniel Mac Brolin. (Editor’s Note: I must have done a horrible job of spelling his name because a Google search didn’t even get me close to what I was looking for).
· Asha says that if you can’t kill them then you can use voice commands to delete their program. Eg: “Command IPPI off, delete, cancel. To reprogram the nanobots. Then she says, “if they are alive you may as well give them a task” and then suggested, “If you can’t frequency program at Trionary Level then delete. If you want to run a Bionary System of Love then you are allowed.” Everything she said was with force and conviction…. very bold!
· Meditation
· NeoCube – See James’ link above
· Regression Therapy
· Nobel Gas Wands/Device – Asha demonstrated ‘poor man’s version’ using salt water on skin the using a 9v battery.
· Earth Magnets
· Sound Therapy
· Scalar Wave Technology
At the very end they demonstrated the 3D Live Bio Photon Aura Machine. (Editor’s Note: no info found using ‘3D Live Bio Photon Aura Machine’ in the search engine).