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Super Soldier Talk – Nate Grey, Michael Prince – Omega Red, Mutants – August 27, 2013

Nate Grey, Michael Prince, and James Rink go at it with an interview on human mutants, cloned super soldiers, cybernation, and more.

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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: August 27, 2013


James Rink and Neological Technologies does not necessarily vouch for the validity of any of the views expressed in this video and shall be held harmless by all third parties. Meditation and any information provided here is offered to treat for entertainment purposes only. Discernment is always required.


  1. The disclaimer says it all. Good on you James for having the decency to make it clear that entertainment is what this stuff is. Maybe even add ‘if anyone actually believes any of these science fiction stories they should consult a qualified head shrink and get a check up from the neck up!

  2. Casbolt you’ve done your job this far, but lately you’re sounding like Benjamin Fulford(That’s not a compliment) I don’t judge, that’s not my thing but Barbara an Nephilim? I hope ISON will bring you some clarity as it’s meant to do.

  3. If these guys don’t make the stories BIGGER each time they talk, people will stop listening.
    Entertainment? Really? Vomit time.


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