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Super Soldier Talk – Penny Bradley – SSP Dark Fleet Pilot

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Penny Bradley shares her 20 year and back Secret Space Program experiences in the Martian militia, Nacht Waffen as a pilot on the Valkyrie, Montauk Project, Life on Mars, Regen Tanks, Mars Net, Smart Suits, cyborg prisoners, space life forms, remember codes, this and much more.

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Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: October 30, 2018

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  • Alexander Boyd says:

    I thought I had a hard life. So much going on in her face, very credible. Excellent interview & interesting info. all round especially about Mars, standard NeverASameAnswer bs then on the ‘no oxygen’ atmosphere. Haven’t they just discovered a water lake there?

    Penny Bradley’s site appears to be down
    502 Bad Gateway.

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