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Super Soldier Talk – Penny Bradley – Technology of the SSP

Penny Bradley was kidnapped at age 4 and taken to Langley Air Force Base in 1959 by men in green fatigues. After 5 years of mind fracture and alter training, she was sent to Aries Prima on Mars through the Long Island jumpgate and was turned over to the Germans. As a 9-year-old, the Germans put her in Schule for a decade. She graduated as a pilot in the German Mars Militia called Marsische Heimschild [Martian Homeshield] until 1990. She panicked during a mission and was sent off Mars to the German space military called Nacht Waffen. She was a navigator on a freighter in service to the Draco for another 25 years and was sent home in 2014, back to 1959.

The NSA Russian Desk deliberately activated her first alter in 2013. The memories were in a lump with the traumatic stuff on top, and it was all in German. She spent three years figuring out what she remembered before she went public.

Penny has a total of 2200 alters. She is still working on reintegration and its memories. What she remembers was verified as matching her file by Doris Neely, CIA Archivist, and by Peter the Insider.

Penny’s Documents




Original Record Date: January 8, 2024

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