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Super Soldier Talk – Rebecca Rose – Dulce, Twinning, Time Travel

Original Record Date: April 10, 2023

Rebecca Rose is multi-dimensional galactic experiencer currently serving the collective with her work as an intuitive, seer and channel. As a lifelong contactee, she was originally targeted for desirable psychic attributes. She was taken to work in a multitude of dark programs from her earliest years, a path that was facilitated by family members working in the deep state. After abductions to work for the Germans on the moon, she was sent to Montauk – and survived. Further milab experiences landed her on Mars, where she was engineered as a cyborg and weaponized asset for Mars Defense Force. Trained as a pilot, killer, and cloned many times, she was eventually sold to the Draco Empire. In the outer reaches of the solar system beyond the Kuiper Belt, she was tasked with patrolling a galactic slave trade hub commandeered by the Draco and protecting a significant planetary portal on Planet X.

As an adult recovering from years of dehumanizing SSP involvement, Rebecca’s credits her strong meditation practice as her main healing ally. Trained in the ancient spiritual traditions of Tibet, Rebecca engages in silent sitting practices and inner energy work that have assisted the return of her memory and putting the pieces of her life back together.

From the vantage point of the soul and the perspective of deep healing, Rebecca says, “I came here for this. I know I came to explore the deepest, darkest and most savage belly of the beast so that I could experience it firsthand – and be part of its undoing.” Rebecca also has a vast array of helpers from many different realms assisting her. Her light family includes a Nordic mate from Procyon and an indigenous mother and father from a previous lifetime
with the Crow people. Through her own life experience and continual work with higher energies, she’s been given the resources to assist others in recovering from their own most horrifying experiences, bringing light to the darkness.

Rebecca also conducts sessions using her psionic abilities to help you learn more about your own journey, you can learn more on her website.

Please visit Rebecca’s website: www.rebeccarosebarfoot.com
Sirius Blue on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7DwtHxJVOcns-8dCrtz4IA
Sirius Blue on Telegram: https://t.me/rebecca_rose_sirius_blue

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