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Super Soldier Talk – Robyn Hyatt – Valkyrie Super Soldier

Robyn’s Super Soldier Valkyrie aspect went by the name Fejb. She served under Alon, who is the commander of the human race. Alon and Fejb are the sons and daughters of Archangel Michael. Alon is a member of the Blue Star Council of 12, a group of benevolent beings who oversee this universe working closely with the federation and Sanada the cosmic Jesus. This is the group that the Infinity Starship Robyn, as Fejb, was stationed on. On one mission, she was helping to liberate a slave planet and encountered James’s Super Soldier aspect. James was the head general of the military Fejb was ordered to take out, but she refused the order. James surrendered and was then taken to Zeyphr, the Pleiadean commander, and Condor the Lemurian commander, where he was deprogrammed and healed. Today Robyn will be channeling Zephyr.

Robyn Hyatt exhibited psychic tendencies at a very young age. Her intense dreams of spirits that had crossed over and wanted to communicate with her began at a young age. In her early twenties, Robyn began working with detectives on local cold case files and missing persons, eventually expanding to nationwide cases.

Years later, while helping a family on a cold case, she had a strange, yet amazing apparition of a white sasquatch named Ntil, which she nicknamed White Canada.
She received messages from this white Sasquatch and began recording them.

Robyn purchased a Lemurian Crystal. Held it in her hands and was transitioned to another time, she began to record what she saw and heard compiling these channeled messages into her first book, “Inside The Lemurian Crystal”. This gave her direction to perform more channeling. Occupying a place in the light she was attracted to those benevolent species, discovering her existence with them. She has documented over 40 benevolent species in her newest book as she channeled their existence and messages to mankind. It’s time they become known and understood.

Robyn works full-time in the medical industry. Her hobbies are Art, writing, and Psychic Readings for others who have lost loved ones through suicide or other means. I enjoy connecting with kind spirits that have crossed over to the other side. The healing is not only for loved ones here on earth but also for the spirit to heal those who have taken their own lives. This earth is truly the World of tears.

Robyn has just put together a MeetUp group. Boise Enlightening Meetup group on where we can all communicate. I will begin to channel extraterrestrial beings and through Zoom the audience can ask questions.

Youtube channel- Robyn Hyatt The Blue Star

Patreon some free channeling audio sessions Robyn Hyatt

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Original Record Date: April 1, 2024

James will be presenting April 11-14, 2024 at the Sonesta Los Angeles Airport Hotel, in Los Angeles. CA. Get your tickets here.

June 8, 2024 at the Spruce Pine Alien Festival

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