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Super Soldier Talk – Saint Germain Message Disney Magic Kingdom

Original Recording Date: October 24, 2022

This channeled message from Saint Germain is courtesy of Kimberly Lusanna from supersoldiercoalition.org. To learn more about her work please click on the description information.

Ponce de Leon was a conquistador from Spain and was connected to the secret societies of Europe and the crown of Spain. These secret societies had access to much esoteric information such as maps, locations of ley lines, and the workings of the earth. The elite’s plan was always to beat the reincarnation system by trying to extend their natural lives using life-extension technologies.

The New World explorers didn’t care about gold and treasures and finding money, they had everything they needed, as usual, they were combing the planet for portals and buried technology. The secret societies never had the exact location because the light removed the life extension from the surface. That’s why they sent their conquistadors to the New World. They located a portal in the location where Disney World now resides.

Many natural portal systems exist in North America including Sedona, California, Great Lakes, lake Tahoe, and Florida near many bodies of water. There is an underground system that goes from California to Florida. These are natural earth portals that open up and can take you all over the world. There is a reason why the cabal-built buildings over these portals because they are trying to get access to natural portals and they don’t want others to access these portals which go to inner earth.

There is a portal way underground in Disney World that goes to the inner earth. This inner earth realm is a higher frequency realm that has a water system that is highly ionically charged and could be considered a fountain of youth because it changes your molecular structure when you drink it.

Water used to flow freely from the portal and could periodically be accessed from the surface. This would be the fountain of youth that people refer to. One group that could be considered the Mayan breakaway civilization is the Pleiades. They once lived on the planet’s surface and have since gone underground. They maintain the natural portal systems in North, South, and Central America. The natural portal system in North America is closed now because of the numerous attempts by the elite to use it to enter the inner earth. So far they have failed to access these portals. These portals are heavily guarded by Maya Native American groups. They knew the elites were coming over and they also knew they were seeking the fountain of youth. Currently, no one gets access to the inner earth through the portals. The portal under Disney World has since been cut off from the time of Ponce de Leon. The portal was shut down even before Ponce de Leon arrived but they didn’t know that. And the water is no longer free-flowing from this realm. They built Splash Mountain over this area to poison the well so no one gets the positive energy from the portal. If they can’t have it, no one will. This is still a highly charged area due to the portal location. There is also abandoned Atlantean technology under here and temples, pyramids, and advanced tech all underground. This area dates back 50,000 years to the time of the first war in old Atlantis when Atlantis broke up in the first flood.

Walt Disney is an occultist and satanist and p——-. He is a reptilian and consumed adrenochrome. His company Disney is known as p——— incorporated. There are child sacrifice k—— rooms, child p—- studios, and s— film productions located below ground in this area which is attempting to reverse the polarity of the portal to negative. They are trying to harness energy and pump out more negative energy. The alliance has since flooded the underground tunnels connected to the killing rooms and studios but the negative energy remains. This area will eventually be deconstructed after the cabal is removed from power. This is part of the cleanup process. They are poisoning our environment and most of the entertainment venues on planet Earth need to be decontaminated. The light forces are taking care of these pits of hell. Soon the population will know what is transpiring on their land. This is important so that everyone will understand, recognize, and release the negativity stored underground for so long and the energy will soon be restored to balance again. As always, much love to you all. Germain.

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