Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Super Soldier Talk – Sean Bond – Activation of Abundance Psionics

Sean Bond will be discussing topics including NESARA, the RV, quantum financial system, timeline trajectories, Financial Magic, New Currency system. Sean Bond has the ability to read blockages and DNA records, past life memories, and he is founder of the psionic league, and silver cord spiritual science. He can access DNA technology of the body to track issues back to the point of origin, in order to resolve any problem happening to the body or may be accessed by organic, spiritual technology within each individual. He can help assist in creating operating systems to help individuals manifest dormant abilities that unlock their psychic potential and upgrade the body’s energy systems. He is also a telepath, remote viewer, Physic Surgeon, and Reiki Energy Manipulator. Sean was in an unacknowledged project in the SSP as a time warrior and healer. He will share a few of his experiences and shed some light on various SSP factions as well as discuss time lines that have been changed and effected.

His contact email is sn_bond@yahoo.com and you can book a session at his website www.psionicleague.com

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Great Reset
End all ownership of assets
Mass vaccination in exchange of debt forgiveness
Reset of RV and confiscation of 75% of the funds
Joe Biden for 1 year
Exposure of voting fraud but takes time
Lock downs and collapse of the economy
Civil war probability at 35%


Great Awakening
Joe Biden turns himself in in exchange for immunity
Trump inaugurated; Biden allowed to watched but in custody.
med beds and collapse of pharmaceutical industry July 2021
First contact with ET perhaps by 2024
Debt forgiveness without strings attached
Credit card forgiveness in 2021
Mortgage forgiveness by 2022?


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