Original Record Date: December 5, 2022

Today we have two special guest speakers; Mike who is Nav War on Journey to Truth, and Colin who has memories of being the scientist John Keely in his past life. Today will be discussing more about our secret hidden history of humanities breakaway, which includes a discussion of Tartaria, the early secret space program originating in Prussia, and we will discuss more about Tesla, Trump, and Time Travel.

Mike is a 20 plus year active retired veteran in the United States Navy. He is the director of security of several Terran intergalactic space ports, and deputy commander of special operations for galactic viewing and travel, as well as the liaison for the commander of the galactic council of Venus.

Colin is a super soldier, remote viewer, precognitive and clairaudient. James Rink met Colin in the SSP at the 500 room The Marketer Retreat Hotel on Iapetus where my alter Derrick Reinholder was also visiting at the same time. Derrick was a Non-commissioned officer for Fireteam S in Nacht Waffen Regir. This hotel is a R and R facility serving clientele of mostly military and pirates. It appears most to the guests were KIA because there is a war going on. This might be a future memory.

Mike from Nav War does not wish to be contacted at this time.
Colin’s email is: Lionintuxedo@gmail.com

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