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Super Soldier Talk – Secret Space Conference – May 2-5 2022, Grafton, Il

Original Upload Date: April 21, 2022

Today we have Tyler Kiwala and Aaron Kuhn from Journey to Truth to share information about the Secret Space Conference taking place May 2-5, 2022 at the beautiful Pere Marquette Lodge & Conference Center in Grafton, IL. This event will have many SSP whistleblowers, Researchers, ex-military, physicists, hypnotherapists and more to help build a strong case for the reality of the Secret Space Program. I will also be attending this event to speak more about super soldier alignment programs off world.

All tickets include meal plan (breakfast, lunch & Dinner Buffets, mon- thur), livestream link, access to all speakers and everything our conference has to offer. VIP tickets and meet & greets are a thing of the past. every ticket is a VIP ticket!

Enjoy entertainment from musical guest LaLA Deaton along with nightly skywatches, bonfires, vendors and more. There are plenty of beautiful trails to hike during your free time and we hear there may be a Sasquatch roaming the area!

Lodging is sold out but there are Airbnb nearby and camping in the campground just next door in walking distance from the lodge but make sure to reserve your spot asap. there are also a few nearby hotels roughly 5 miles away if you wish to stay there. There are day passes and livestream passes available as well for a lesser amount

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