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Super Soldier Talk – Skully – General of the Secret Space Program

Original Record Date: December 13, 2022

Skully has had numerous ET contacts beginning at the age of 7. As a child she was placed in advanced placement classes in which she was being monitored by private military contractors and military generals. At the age of 13, Skully won a NASA award for her science project in extrasensory perception, which put her on a path of serving in the secret space program later on in life. When Skully was 17, she was recruited by SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.) where she worked at area 51 alongside John Leer. Later in life she got promoted Majestic 13 and oversaw the green room at AREA 51. She also recalls flying black triangle craft and taken to dumb located under the Fermie Labs particle accelerator in Illinois to conduct experiments with xenon gas. At the age of 20, Skully was recruited into the US Army secret space program black ops division. During this time, she was informed the army had knowledge of her ET contacts and was asked to be an extraterrestrial liaison. During this period of 18 months’ time, she would sleep up to 18 hours a day in which she served in the Avtar program in another body stationed on the Saturn moon of Titan as well as on the Orion Prime Draco home world. At Taos, NM she would travel in the underground to Dulce Base along with Elon Musk in which they would create a game interacting with a time gate. She helped reverse engineer the Neural link technology from alien cadavers. She gave permission for Elon musk to reveal it to the public. Later in life she received a Ph.D. neural linguistic programing and pathology.

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