Teah has been on multiple twenty year and back missions , about 175 years estimated, on mars which she refers to as splices. She has also been stationed off world as an American asset in the secret space program in super soldier alignment programs. Today she will be speaking of her training, missions, experiences, and much more.

Teah’s Disclosure Vlog on YouTube:
Teah’s first published book of disclosure:
Space Nazi’s Among Us – The Book Series. Book 1: The Invisible Enemy Elephant https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B51HJ9G
Teah’s herbal business: https://www.ChineseHerbsForYou.com
Teah’s personal blog website: https://www.TeahAkrish.com
David’s martial art website: https://www.ModernKatanaAcademy.com

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