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Super Soldier Talk – Teah SSP Memories and Alternate Timelines

In this video Teah shares some information about some memories she has recovered as well as a timeline to give us an idea of how they loop timelines. We also go into how her alternate reality timeline is different from own in that in parallel reality in which SSP disclosure has already taken place.

Teah Akrish is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist and co-founder with her husband of 18 years, David of their business Heaven & Earth, back in 2000. She is a Military Abductee, super soldier, Spy, pilot, used in many programs within the Secret Space Program as a Telepath/empath mostly for communicating with Aliens, including as an interrogator and negotiator.

She has been remembering her entire life these abductions through dreams, all the while being in denial as to their reality, believing they were wild imaginations. When Teah was finally able to put the puzzle pieces together regarding the true nature of her life, back in 2017, she has been engaging in a process she calls active remembering, or deliberate triggering. She courageous explores her memories through meditation, journaling, drawing, discussion and more. Thanks to Teah’s spiritual gifts of clairvoyance (seeing/visions), claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling) and clairaudience (hearing), her memories continue to open up more and more every day as she is guided along the path of truth and healing.

• High technology inter-facer
• Doll (including sex doll, spy doll, intuitive doll)
• Terra-former/exterminator
• Interrogator
• High-level bodyguard/secret service for the Space Nazi royalty
• Dealer
• and much, much more


Committed to full disclosure she has:
• Started her own vlog, with her husband David, of discourse on YouTube
o Spoken on topics related to Mars, the Moon, and Titan, intuition, technology specific to memory erasing, invisibility, time travel/arc of the covenant, government infiltration and much more, with even more to come.
• Writing two books, one which is currently available on Amazon for pre-orders (Space Nazi’s Among Us: The Invisible Enemy Elephant), the other the first of a novel series that she hopes will be released in 2022 where she begins the book starting with her service in the American space military on Mars.
• She actively draws her memories and is sharing them online.
• Been interviewed and will continue to make herself available to whomever is interested in hearing her story.
For the future:
• Teah will be launching a Patreon (FEB 2021) to help her develop and complete disclosure products. She will finish her books through the Patreon, as well as write pop music that she hopes to being publishing this year as demo’s on YouTube.

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