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Super Soldier Talk with Amaria – Solar Warden Dragons

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Amaria was Ft Sam, Houston TX. She has lived in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Utah, California, Idaho. She is a Singer / Songwriter, Freestyle Dance, actor, Intuitive Empath, Psionic Multidimensional Coaching. She recalls being abducted as a MILABs as young as 5 years old brought into the LD class in John H Glenn Elementary where she was given screen memories. She has the powers of aquanesis, she can shoot lighting, she recalls shape shifting, portal jumping, and controlling people’s minds. She was then taken to a Mormon church and taken to an underground base. She also recalls memories of being in Montauk and exposed to ritualistic SRA sex trafficking.When she was 11, she was in special therapy classes which was another cover memory for more experimentation’s.She spent some time in the ROTC and was rejected for being a pilot and then was recruited her into solar warden dragons.

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