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Ben Murphy Transcripts – November 14, 2014 Interview

I basically started to get sick four months ago. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was sweating all the time. My heart was doing loops. Then one day my body shut down. So I went into the ER to find out what was going on with me. They put a shoulder holster on; wear this to see what’s going on. They couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart. They looked at my EKG. They shoulder showed anomalies heart rate going and down, spasms. They took more readings and looked at my heart. I had a cat scan and they said I had an aortic tear, a laceration that had become a tear.

Something was happening to my heart. One of valves around my heart was opening up. There was a small laceration on it and started to open up like a chasm. If it opens up that’s it. It’s called the death by trickle and you die. SO I was in a very bad way, what I needed was get surgery.

At the time I could work, I couldn’t do anything. Mostly staying in the bed. Going to the bathroom aggravates the heart. It’s really stressful on the heart. Every little thing that I did, if I got up too quickly I had palpitations just lying in bed, dehydrating gave me palpitations. I was in a really bad way

Fortunately James Rink started a donation fund for me so I was started to get money flowing again and aid. I had some water and other things that people sent me to try to improve my health. I managed to get enough money together for the donations to actually have surgery with one of the doctors who did the procedure unlisted. He did the procedure; there was a 50/50 chance of survival. The procedure worked fortunately. It did leave me with a lot of other ailments. I still have problems with my heart, my heart rate is still not 100% and I have trouble with my liver and kidneys. They are slowly getting back to 100%. The fact that my blood pressure is high is good, I have to take the blood pressure medication and it puts more stress on the kidneys and liver.

The rate of my blood pressure being so high is 210 over 90, S0 I have to take the meds so I don’t stroke out quickly. So with a lot of good people around me and a very big support base around me with James and other people. I was able to pull myself up and other friend’s Dawn Hart, Haley Meijer, so a lot of other people helped. SO I want to say thank you to James Rink he is the instigator. If it wasn’t for James Rink I wouldn’t be here to today that’s the bottom line.”

James Rink: “And I just want to say, if it wasn’t for all the people who contributed. I was just the catalysts to move him in the right direction, but it was really a group effort. Thank you for helping out. And thank you for choosing to stay alive. So did you want to talk about Michael Prince? There is so much controversy about what’s going on with him lately. SO where is her now?”

Ben Murphy: “From what I hear he is in prison, he is being introduced to some very lovely people in there that I know quite well. And the thing with James Casbolt, with everything that started off, everything spawned from this list. He had this list of mind controlled people. This was a group of people who disagreed with him or didn’t like his views, what he had to say. He would do an interview like Kerry Cassidy and boom that person would be droned and placed on his drone list.
He did say I was in great danger and I don’t know what to say about that. When I had the heart surgery they pulled a metal shard out about 1 cm big. I don’t know if that was a flechette from a round. But I have a scar right here on my left chest.

It could also be part of the (medical) utensil that when I was shoot a few years ago that was left inside me. But I find that hard to believe. So when it comes to James Casbolt he put out a lot of information in the beginning that a lot of people thought were noteworthy. A lot of names, a lot of good places, he was charismatic, he got something about him. He was calm always was in control. But also some of that stuff that comes out of his mouth is very controversial, it borderlines lunacy.

The fact he is shot in the head and now he is okay. I said it time and time again if the powers that are going to create a hit man or an assassin. Then ideal rule of thumb is not to give that assassin all the information. If you got an assassin that is doing a dangerous job and eliminate people. The only information they have is the target they are eliminating and maybe why. But that’s it. Any other information is too much information.

The whole of him being him this big Jesuit priest plus a super soldier plus an assassin plus now a spy. It just doesn’t add up at all. It borderlines into lunacy. We have enough lunatics in the truth movement. We don’t need another one and we don’t need one, who is threatening women, taking pictures of women, having pictures sent to him than putting them all over the internet and what he did to his wife as well . that was unforgivable. He threatened many people. He stalked and harassed many of my friends and attacked many people for no reason. Just for the fact they disagreed what they said. So if anybody ones some insight into reincarnation. Because Stalin has been reincarnated as Michael prince.

So let’s talk about different scenarios floating around out there. We have people saying he is a clone. That Michael prince and James Casbolt are two different people. Personally I believe Michael prince and James Casbolt is the same person. I think James Casbolt kind of fell in love with his own fantasy. I think he is a serial fantasist. I think the problem with everything that happened was, as the story progressed he got bigger he got into steroids he got very unhinged to keep things intact. He definitely did not have his mental house in order.

Everything unraveled for him when he split up with his wife. And I think insanity all it takes is a little push. So that was his little push when everything went down with his wife. But I don’t want to talk about that and I don’t know how much I can talk about that. But that is the catalyst that put him over the edge. That’s when he started sending death threats. Some of his personal posts that I had correspondence with but that was just his breaking point.

He had gone back to the UK and was already in trouble. I guess he felt it was death or glory and he was in a kamikaze state of mind. And he is still in that state of mind. I think he had a emotional break and that’s how it came to past. He is not the man that he was.

Everyone that has seen my project Camelot video with Kerry Cassidy that around 2005. I have two greys john and James always coming to me. At that time I was very sick I had pancreatic cancer everything is documented. It was the point I was terminal I was just very sick at that point and I just started chemo and everything. These two greys that come into my life and direct me to a lake not unlike this (he looks at the water behind him) .

It just started to storm and storm really bad. They pointed towards the edge of the bank and said don’t be afraid. As I walked to the edge of the bank this being was walking towards me. The only way I can describe the feeling at the time. I don’t know if anybody is into spiritualism if they tried to reach out to their spirit guides. If they used the palm tree technique (?) it was that kind of experience. Reaching out mentally to the guy and how the guy reaching out back as it steps out. This one was there was a element of fear that washed over me. I have no shame to admit that I was terrified. This being came up to me he was at least 7 foot 2, he was immense.

I remember when John and James talked to me the information was there in my head. They speak my language I can hear it clearly. The answers where just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. When this being spoke to me, it was like nails on the chalk board. It was painful. I don’t understand what was said. As he stopped talking to me he just glared to me, reached out his arm and grabbed my arm and he started to squeeze the life out of my arm. I could feel the bones in my arm breaking. He broke my arm in a few places, after that I felt very different.

My eyes changed. In a matter of week my health improved. I went back to the doctor they performed tests and I was in complete remission in a very short space of time. And anyone that is familiar with the heather material interview knows this story because I have put it on camera for Kerry Cassidy. That was my first experience with a reptilian being. And there have been more since then.

Since then more of the language has become familiar to me. It’s not as painful as it has been. But I’ve had about 30 to 40 interactions. I got to understand some of the spiritual beliefs and understand their thinking, not so much their motives but their thinking. So it’s definitely what I believe is bridging the gap
James Rink: “You also mention earlier when this being held your arm, some scales came off it. Do you have a picture of these scales?”

Ben Murphy: “Uh I don’t. I had pictures that I gave to Kerry Cassidy. I had the scale that I gave to Kerry Cassidy. That was sent off to DNA testing.”

James Rink: “What was the result?”

Ben Murphy: “The results were inconclusive, but it was definitely of reptilian origin but not of any origin they found. They said the being most resembled that of a gecko but of a very large gecko.”

James Rink “Can you explain who John and James are?”

Ben Murphy: “John and James are what I call my two guides. I believe people have spirit guides. I don’t always believe everyone has guides that are human. I don’t believe spirituality works that way. The Indians used to believe we had animal guides. The same could be said of certain origins we can have extraterrestrial guides. For me John and James have always been, now that I look at it, a key point in my life, reoccurring, reoccurring.

Shadows in the darkness as a child, always two images. You know there was a toy when I was a baby, it would jump up and scare me. It didn’t scare me but it’s something that wouldn’t happen on its own. Something manipulated them.

When I first came in contact with John and James I was not threatened. They are two greys what I called shnnoknum beings. They are organic; they are not Dow, they are not dimensional observational workers. They are greys. Genetic greys in every shape in form. They don’t wear a spacesuit, they are chlorophyll based lifeforms.

They have big eyes, very small mouths, they can use their mouths, they can eat, their mouths are remnants of they used to be. The same thing John and James from what they explained to me used to be five. The greys or certain aspect of the greys are they searching for spiritual individuality. They don’t have that. A lot of them are wrapped up in this collective and can’t break away. They think they can live pretty much for ever. Their food sources and their organs could be manufactured. Just like bob dean said they get these guys off an assembly line. So they are disposable to the hierarchy the control grid. And they controlled by reptilians, insectoids, and so on and so forth. Even the Nordics have grey workers. They are the average workers.

There was a remote viewer, Indigo Swann, in John and James craft, they managed to survived , the other three what where going to a safe locations that was part of their collective that broke away from the Dow. They were in contact with a remote viewer that worked for the department of defense. They told his remote viewer. There was a package aboard their craft that was a bomb. They couldn’t slow down or get rid of the bomb.

The hierarchy found out what they were trying to do and they had turned their ship into a speed scenario that may explode. The remote viewer was trying to talk them down to get them to slow down. This Indigo Swan made notes of everything which were then handed to Jay Axelrod.

Just before he was able to clarify what these beings where. The ship was destroyed and the three were killed. The only ones left where John and James, who then assigned themselves to myself (ben). There are plenty of people who have grey guides. There are hundreds of people who have greys guides. People sometimes think abductions are milabs. Not all abductions are milabs some are abductions by aliens reaching out to let you know they see you. Just like a bear in the wild, let them know you see them.
All of the insight about human nature I got from John and James. When it comes to the fact that I don’t see good or evil. It’s all about the nature of beings.

What I believe are there are reptilians have positive and negative elements to them which may be out of balance. Some do things for things positive reasons some for negative reasons. Some are controlled like a soldier. Let’s take the example of the Indians, the Indians were slaughtered especially around this area. You had the blackfoot tribes, you where told that there where parties to raids that never happened. So the colonials go in and destroy and wipe out the Indian settlements. And the soldiers were told to do that. And the soldiers had in their mind these guys killed all these people, but it never happened. But in their mind they are doing the right thing. So it’s the same thing.

SO if you had a man stand here and an ant walks by and the man chooses to step on the ant no one blinks. In some cases the man doesn’t even see the ants and that is another retrospect. It’s not to say human beings are ants but it is to say some reptilians perceive us as ants. Some perceive us as food. Some perceive us as royalty; some perceive us as something that should be interbreed to bring into the fold to create another lineage.

So there are lots of different games going on that is surrounded by this one big game of control. It doesn’t matter what game is being played the fact is they are controlling us. That is the most important thing. We are not going to have freedom as long as these beings have this frame of mind.

Unfortunately human frame of mind comes to greed, power, racial tension, and things like that. That is inbreed because we have more reptilian DNA than anything else. Annuanki , we have reptilian pores in our brain, the reptilian complex. You talk about reptilian hybrids. Most of us are reptilian hybrids it just depends on what percentage.

When the initial heather material was released it was decided by the three of us (at Project Camelot) that the material was so sensitive that Bill Ryan would nay say it call it a hoax, Kerry Cassidy would support it. And I was going to be in the middle of it. I understood that I would take a lot of flak for that but that was the hand that was dealt with. Too actually on board the material was my decision. The reason why we choose to go down that path is very simple. It’s because we believe the message was sent out as a message, decoded message, to certain people and certain people only. Not everyone would get the message or understand the message. But it was important enough that the message was sent out. So that’s why we came up with the whole one person would support it, one person would not support it or challenge it and everyone else would be left to make up their own decision. What matter was the information was out and the people that needed it had it.

Now along with other documents there were certain things that were not released with the heather material. One was Dr. Robert Shunger’s diary and the diary of the milab victims, who had been taken into experimentation. We thought it was too sensitive to put out. Dr. Robert Shunger was taking abducted milab victims and placing them into test conditions. They were people with certain anomaly, pyrokinetics; people who could manipulate sources of heat. They couldn’t create fire, but they could manipulate heat and fire within people, circuitry, and buildings. They could flash it up in an instant and create devastating heat by mixing chemicals and gases in the stomach causing what appears to be spontaneous combustion and boom that’s gone.

Once that spontaneous combustion is over with there is not much left. So they were trying to use and harness this as a weapon. They were working with hand and hand with Merck Pharmaceutical Company. Trying to progress and further this ability. They wanted to have a remote viewer that could have this given range. And they had a number of candidates that they used.

Really… Really…I’m being attacked by a swan. (A swan attempts to bite ben murphy). Do I need to take you out? I will get a big net. Anyone ever seen a dark choke put on a swan? (Laughs)

So the pharmaceutical company Merck, they were working with Dr. Shunger at the time. They were trying to progress and further the ability of these remote viewers / pryokinetics. They were trying to create these guys to do their work so they didn’t have to be at the location for them to be able to create the assassination or create the fire, the distraction. There are many various tools this could be used for.
They had another of different victims, which is what they were at the time. I am in contact with one. And the problem they had was they had three victims at the time that where uncontrollable. There was one who excelled and very ahead of himself. He could do it at a range before taking his medication. He decided to take the other three (offline?) before they were powered off within the black projects. They decided they would make the break through. So they burned up the facility and burned up Dr. Shunger and got out of that situation.

So once that happened Dr. Shunger went black until it fell into the hands of Heather Anderson. After that happened; it got passed on to me and the rest is history. There was other information that was put out there. Project Medusa and another document that I was handed. It was from what I gather a star gate that opened up and (????) and the special forces at the time where conducting missile tests into it to see what happened. Basically to see how it worked and how it happened; using hell fire rockets and other various types. This information is very similar that Aaron McCollum came out with. This information predated Aaron McCollum. (See Aaron McCollum Project Camelot Project Seagate)

One of the other documents that was handed to me was a Merck document. Merck handled all kind of virals and pathogens. Their pharmaceutical 99.9% of all your H1N1 inoculations and any time you get vaccinated it’s usually a Merck vaccine that you get. These guys have this new disease that they brought back from some place. There was words like OP (Off Planet) OW (Off World) and they have instructions had to use this viral strain and how to guard against this viral strain in use with people that are from this planet and off world and pregnant. So there are many different variables. It’s something they definitely have. It has been described on the document it’s self as a form of (mars?) measles using the Latin names given to you.

So what I been told that’s all both all of the agenda, it’s been signed by at that time by the CEO of Merck.

One of the other documents that I was handed was the NHCU field battalion manual. So the marines have a field battalion manual, the rangers, the Special Forces, and the army. These guys are non-human cybernetic units also have their own field manual how they are to conduct business. They are shock troops they get in, get the job done, and get out. That’s what the field manual is explaining; word for word. Not to leave anyone behind. Not to leave any remains behind.

And that basically is like their bible. That’s the NHCU bible, just like the rangers have their bible, the same thing. These guys even though they are non-human cybernetic units. They still have their bible that they use that they draw from and are supposed to follow.

Even though they are not human beings as we would say they still follow orders. That would mean if they have a field manual they must read something. It makes who is asking questions how much is left within them still human if they got to read and not download information. It’s a moral question.

One thing that was put to me when I released the Heather Material; one of my ace in the bag was about 30 CD’s that heather and someone procured from the HG6 building. These CD I have now handed over to James Rink. Can I say that? That I have now handed these CDs over to James to decode anyway he sees fit. I have never put out these CDs out before, but now it’s time to come public with everything. This is the best course of action to make considering everything that has happened over the past couple of years. This is the safest course of action for everyone’s concern. This is definitely the right thing to do.

On these CD’s are frequencies which are downloaded into the receivers that are in the brains of these Non-Human Cybernetic Units. So it tells arming code, disarming code, there’s primers, there’s triggers, there’s untriggers. There are things to placate them and things to aggravate them. So there is lots of different variations of frequencies. Even though it can be used if it gets in the wrong hands; it’s very very difficult for enemy combatants to actually take this and use it in a way that will harm the system. The only way they could do it if they strap those guys up to the chair and feed that into them.

And even then do we know if playing the CD will work or is there another piece of equipment that is possible that is an annex that goes straight into the core bank of the receiver. I can’t tell you that exactly because that was never disclosed to me. But frequencies are very potent. I have listened to a few myself. Hopefully James will be able to get them out so everyone can hear them.

James Casbolt/ Michael Prince, my feelings on that whole scenario and circle. James Casbolt spoke to a bunch of people, some had things to do with him, some interviewed him, some had nothing to do with him. We had Kathy Buckalew, I know she won’t mind her name being used. She was placed on his drone list of individuals. And Tamara Natividad and so was James Rink was also placed on that list of droned individuals.

And Tamara is just a person that does the written side of Kathy (Truth Connections) Show. That’s all she does. And because she refused James’s advances when he tried to come on to her over a few messages she was placed on the drone list. It seemed like anybody that disagreed with James or did not want to follow his lead was a droned individual. So my take on the whole James Casbolt thing is I think that in the beginning when he came out he had some very good information.

I believe from what I was told he was telling a dead man’s story, a gentlemen that came upon and was just repeating the information he was told. However, James was very good at giving names, giving places, putting himself in the position. Living with the moment. I believe he feel in love with his own fantasy. I believe he is a serial fantasist. From what I hear he is in prison now and he will spend the next few years in prison because he’s threatened a number of people. He threatened myself, he threatened my family. He is in prison for the best part of four years for threatening a female individual that he took pictures of and placed them online and he also put pictures online of the person he was married to at the time. Because he has partaken a lot of self-destructive activities he is now paying the price of it. I don’t believe that mentally he is all together in the correct. I don’t think he is right. I think he has had a mental break. And I do honestly believe he needs some serious therapy.

It’s easy to want to believe story. He is charismatic, he is a very cool individual, he looks the part, he plays the part well. People want to believe it. When he first came out I wanted to believe. I was his friend for many years; till he threatened to gut my daughter. He did send me an email apologizing, he’s apologized for a lot. But there comes a point when it’s not enough. So when it comes to James Casbolt; he’s the man that has paid for what he’s done and that’s all I want to say about that.


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