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Super Soldier Talk with Donald Marshall with Feedback – Updated June 6

Super Soldier Talk with Donald Marshall would have happened , but sadly Donald declined claiming I would kidnap him. Not that I don’t mind working with paranoid people, the problem is Donald went a step further by pronouncing me a liar and fraud for reasons that even I am unsure of. Now its not my intention to confront anyone even when Duncan O’fionian was a thorn on my side, as I always try to seek the best in people. But Donald made this impossible for task me.

He did offer a Skype interview which I wasn’t opposed to doing, at that time anyway. However, I wasn’t exactly motivated to do either, especially after he insulted me by alleging I would kidnap him. This fear seems to be centered around my desire to get his home address so I could film him in person. Though I was open to another location, due to the fact he has no phone and no car, I didn’t want to be put in a situation where I had spent a nice chunk of of my own money to get to Miami only to find myself without a interview and no way to reach Donald.

Though I was happy to keep the details of this interview under wraps so to speak . But then Donald decided to make a scathing post about me on his Facebook page accusing me of being a liar and fraud. He then proceeded to block me preventing me from explaining my side of the story.

So here is my side of the story for those who really want to know. With that said I don’t claim to be a expert on anything but from his recent actions it is my opinion Donald Marshall is not who he says he is.

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Feedback Response


Donald, I am the producer of the Super Soldier Summit. I was very upset to hear that you were “making fun” of the event recently. It is the people who did not attend (like yourself) who have ANYTHING critical to say.

Those who attended were very thankful for the education and are growing stronger by the day in their fight of the evil cabal that is working to control us all.

BTW, James Rink is a very good person who was trying to help your story get out there even more. I had encouraged him to contact you and offer his support through his video’s on I am very sad that you didn’t let him tape you, after all he went through to meet you in person — and at his own expense.

I know it’s hard to be trusting of anyone, but I can honestly say that James has nothing but good intentions. I hope that someday you will realize that coming forward on a video interview, not of your making, helps you to be seen in a more credible light.

If you ever decide to be heard in a radio interview, I have THE FENTON PERSPECTIVE on Revolution Radio at where your story could be brought out. First you would need to speak with me in private. You can do that by sending me a facebook message.

Be well and keep up the fight.

Lorien Fenton
Producer of the Super Soldier Summit 


Interesting…but you are a clone. I saw the original Rink in an avatar facility on the moon Iapetus. – Former White Hat


James, I’m not sure what you are hoping that I will make of all that.  A psychologist might deem us all paranoid and delusional.  Certainly I don’t trust D. Walsh and assume he is likely a sociopath toying with people for attention.

I lost trust regarding you because of the Krista incident (I think that is her name).  The young woman you were trying to help, until she backed out and asked you to erase all videos and all information pertaining to her experiences so she could remain unaffected negatively by them in the normal, working world.  I can understand that you would want to “word-out”, however certainly it’s unfair to force someone to stay in your world, just because you have a livelihood within it.   A large concern is that at that point she also said that YOU were the one causing her the problems she was getting.  I trust her, more then I do you, knowing what I know from the person who initiated me into the same types of problems.   Are you ok with the NEO units that you sell being initial access tools into what the world perceives as mental illness?  How about suicide?

About your livelihood: You do know your NEO cube is a tool that changes or could even be said to manipulate peoples frequencies correct?  And you do know that we attract a supporting or anti-supporting universe to ourselves with our frequency, right?  I know you believe in LOA but do you also believe that we are not accountable to what we coerce others to attract?  

Do you take any responsibility for causing inter dimensional beings to link onto others because of the NEO cube that changed their frequency or do you believe in doing so causes human consciousness to raise so you can still justify it?  If so, that is a satanic belief in itself.  – Clare Speaks
HI Clare, Krista was reprogrammed so I made the executive decision to ignore her complaints which in their own light contradicted themselves and made no sense. The same thing has happened to so many other people i have known over the years that i just expect it to happen eventually and stand my ground. Its quite common theme to help someone , they get altered and then ask me to delete the work we did together. If i deleted all the information I have collected over the years there would be no disclosure. Being in this position requires difficult decisions and ive always believed the truth shall set you free. Anyone who tells another person to not hear this or that is only doing so to control another.

I believe you misunderstand how the Neo works its based on sacred geometry and brings your body in tune with the cosmic consciousness field. Not sure where you getting all that negative stuff. You should get a Neo and try it yourself its helped bring balance to my life in so many ways.

James Rink
James a little while back maybe 2-3 days ago some faceless character wrote me about Donald Marshal saying to steer clear of him because he somehow manipulates and then hypnotizes women (think that’s what she said have to look again) into do whatever he wants them to.She said James Casbolt did that to her because Donald Marshall loves teaching other men how to do it to women. It seems lately Donald Marshall has been acting weird…very aggressive just like his counter part Tila ….

I am not sure why but it seems that he really isnt who he said I’m just glad I’m not like everyone else following his every word without questioning. Anyone who questions him he gets malicious with and calls them clones and down with “them”…I don’t believe that…

Any way I wanted to know your take on all this. I am about finding out what’s really going on. Not following someone and ONLY listening to what they have to say like a sheep…so I am asking your take. take care k – E

Thanks well for someone whose about disclosure hes acting very weird indeed – James Rink


James he is trying to make it seems one sided. and that he is mocking the conversation even though he really did say he thought he would be kidnapped. its kinda funny how he is completely stretching the story to fit his means. I mean you hide nothing and now he is picking on you laughing about you saying he said he may get kidnapped etc. that conversation you had with him is self evident that he is OVER exaggerating the story and changing many details to suit his needs at your expense. 

You were totally polite and he kept half ass answering you and then filling you with Intel about people. Miles, other people , very evasive on his part. Seems he just wanted to spill Intel and you stayed focused on the planning the trip etc. you were totally professional.

He states he hasn’t blocked you, which is very manipulative because then it just looks like you are scared to reply but in reality you cant reply. He is manipulating this situation in his favor. And someone by the name of Sebastian Bentley claims you blocked him as well when he asked you about the stories Donald said about you in the cloning centers trying to help him. What a fucking liar he is.

He says shit like “I never asked you to come to Florida everybody knows that” Really? How does everyone know that?

Between you and I , I am really getting tired of his stories with no backup. I admit they seem interesting at first. The bottom line is you attempted to get to the bottom of this via going to FL and meeting with him. I am still trying to piece together his stories. I am seeing a ton of him saying he “will explain later” or he writes things like ” I will ist it out” etc. but he never does. He is actually getting less confrontational in his threads which i interesting since before he was a total dickhead and would be mister macho but now it seems he is slowly backing off attacking people which seems funny since he was opposite not even a couple months ago. You do remember a while back I had my aussie friends who know ALOT, look into him and they are claiming he is a double agent. I don’t know if that’s true but it would make sense. He hasn’t said much about you in public that i can tell other than those few things he said about seeing you and you saying jokes to save him, which could just be his imagination.

Bottom line , he is stating a ton of shit and it cant all be true. He is causing a lot of damage and drama in the underground and he needs to be either stopped or show some damn evidence.

And I read all the dumb asses commenting on assumptions based on nothing. They don’t understand the facts. If they read the note you posted thoroughly they would see what they say is ridiculous. 

DM is highly dramatic. Everything is a big show for him. U were focused in your convo not a nag. 

And the BS he is saying about the SS’s doesn’t even make any sense. I was reading his status’ from the weekend about super soldiers and its almost blabbering nonsense in parts, it makes absolutely no sense what he is saying. Its not a good idea to engage him at all, I think he is dangerous in the sense he could say anything about anyone and the shits so crazy that his followers will believe him. Def mind controlled, def unstable and def hiding something. – S


Hey James hope your ok? Just read the conversation you had with Donald. He blocked me last year accused me of being troll just coz I asked lots of questions. He told me something he said he hadn’t told anyone before then when he blocked me the messages went too. I always questioned his story he told me he could not leave Canada due to him been banned from travelling out of Canada by the law can’t really remember the reason. But he did the same to me got really nasty then blocked me before I could defend myself.   He told me that his semen was used to make gwen stefani’s son and micheal jacksons son blanket??! He never spoke of this on his wall though. – H
James Donald Marshall is a crazy nut case that’s self obsessed. Dont worry about him. I can assure you he will have his in due time. -A

James he says six people live in his girlfriends apartment of something, sounds like Mexicans lol. – James Casbolt


My 2 cents on Donald Marshall…he’s definitely disinfo. -D


Hi James, I just want to send you a quick message of encouragement, that I respect all the work and interviews you’ve done and you are doing an amazing job beyond anything I can describe in text…I support all your efforts, and I’ve also been monitoring and communicating with Donald Marshall for a year and realize he is a legitimate victim that is being heavily manipulated, like a lot of us, on many levels…Godspeed to you and all your continued efforts and research.

After a year of communication with him, there have been so many connections, but it was the tila tequila disclosure that really made me look at the situation closer.

I met Donald on Facebook in may 2012 when he had maybe 300 or so friends, and had just posted his first letter…he claimed tila tequila was a real victim of cloning, but she always thought it was the 5th dimension or something similar, like a lot of others do, according to Don…so when he said he was trying to negotiate with Tila to join him on disclosure, people said he was lying, trying to become famous, etc…eventually Tila herself came to his facebook page and started revealing that she had in fact been speaking with Donald, and posted their private text messages…before that people thought Don was making it up…

That night, Tila did a live podcast where she went off script, and started talking about the “cloning centers” and what “they did to children there”…the morning after, Donald claimed he had been sent to the cloning facility and had witnessed Tila being screamed at by, what he describes as a “Vrill type 3” which is a long-necked grey-looking being, and warned that if she ever spoke about cloning again, she would have “the works” which means continual megadeath via clone torture over and over, reanimating your consciousness in new clones to torture you as long as they want….Right after this event happened, Tila began posting things that were absolute different from before…completely whacked out new age info, and psychotic threats to put people who questioned her in any way on kill lists [including myself] and just spewing out garbage weirdo stuff that made no sense…I caught her one night, at about 3 a.m., posting a status that said something like “I have sent the list your highness, I’ll call you in the morning…”…..before this, she was taking names of people confronting her, and saying she was putting it in a kill list…the thing is, i captured this status she made, but she deleted it within 10 minutes after she posted it….So that made me really reexamine the severity of this Tila/Donald situation… Your highness??? Who else could that refer too?

And Donald had already mentioned she was being granted a good career by Queen Elizabeth if she shut her mouth…..Donald explained, before she even began posting this new stuff, that she had been warned that if she did not begin to post insane stuff that made no sense, that she would be tortured and her career would end…I witnessed this in real time and saw his comment, then her subsequent transformation into a lunatic who threatened people with death, and even blocking anyone specifically who mentioned Donald afterwards..

He is living with a girl who is extremely spooked about the whereabouts, and now they are dealing with her stepmother who wants him deported for his views. it is not cut and dry…He stated he would do skype. When he went to his girl, who’s hosting him and several others, she expressed intense skepticism, but in the beginning he was willing. Donald is dependent right now.

So are you going to take it personally? This is extremely serious and not funny. I think erin green hicks did NOT help in her comments, which is what initially enraged Donald, who is trying to reach out to people while at the same time dealing with a living situating he is not in complete control of.

He said ugly things about you, because people told him that you were going behind his back and saying he did a terrible thing to you by flaking on you and your planned meeting…He sees it different, he sees his original intent as genuine, then after disclosing it to the people who are providing him Hostel, he had to change his plans and offer skype or phone…If you think that negates his entire testimony, then what can I do…nothing…

But it’s difficult in telling some people this, to consider digging deeper, because a lot of folks take things personally, when this is about realities beyond our own egos. It looks like Don is not going to trust you again, because of the immense amount of fuckery that is going on with his clone-programming. But, I wanted to message you, just to let you know how a critical thinker who has followed both you and Donald’s testimony feels about it.

At any rate, I’m waiting on people providing evidence that Donald is a liar, after a year of constant correspondence and interrogation of him, and all I see is emotional lashing out, very immature from some folks who claim to have a sincere desire to discover the reality behind these bizarre experiences…You know? – H

Dear H, all I see someone who toyed with me and then turned around and stabbed me in the back. He had no intentions of meeting up and even admitted so. I don’t like it when people waste my time when there are so many other people that are seeking help. As far as I am concerned he is of no use to anyone even himself. Implanted memories don’t cause you to go out and say ugly things about people. But if you ask him to pubically apologize and I will be willing to give him a clean slate and give him a second chance.  – James Rink


James about the last comment from H.  Is this a woman writing this? Well my initial opinion is even I could have said tila was bullshit without any help from dm. She has divine god programming. She thinks she is a human angel. I specifically commented on a tila thread once telling her to be careful claiming she is god like because “he who knows does not speak it and he who speaks it does not know”. I got a backlash of shit of people defending her. And I told her she has divine programming. Half the shit she says is crazy. So its not just dm that exposes tila. Anyone with intuition can read through her. So that to me is not a claim to fame that he is legit. Now as far as everything else its all hearsay. Maybe half of what he says is legit but the rumor is he programs women to help him do things and.This seems like a person helping him and getting involved for no reason. I don’t believe anything this person has said proves dm is legit.. its nice to defend people but why? He was a dick to you. Also he kisses casbolts ass. Not sure why this person is reaching out to you on his behalf. Monitoring a person for a year doesn’t mean anything. This person states because of the monitoring its clear he is telling the truth. Really? What is needed is proof of these stories not the fact he’s been at it for a year or more. I find it interesting that after he fucks with people bad things happen to him like sombody is trying to get him deported. Has nothing to do with your fight but more like kharma. He needs to prove this theory of no such thing as a soul. That’s bullshit souls exist. Its programming and mind control by nwo forves to believe there’s no soul. Jc spills the same kinda shit. Its bogus. That’s why kharma will take care of them. I wouldn’t even keep talking to this person. I don’t like people who meddle in others business, its almost like they want a peice of the pie and will write notes in a nice calm way just to be a peacemaker. Why bother ? Is there a reason this person wants you and dm to be buddies? Hmmm – S


  1. I love a good conversation and debate just like the rest, but I wish that all of us in this forum and on this planet would instead focus our incredible healing/releasing energies (minus the racist energy James Casbolt) to those who desperately need our help: all of the humans – especially the children! – being abused in these dark programs, to Jame’s friend, Nathan (who for some reason keeps popping into my head), etc. We can do so much more… Thanks.

  2. Is there any solid proof of Donald marshals background? As for casbolt he knows why I was brought to cornwall to infiltrate the music industry. Unless they blocked that too

    • And @teri i do hope you weren’t talking about me and you know nothing of Michael prince.. To say racist is just the most transparent attack on a person you know nothing about.


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