Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Super Soldier Talk with Hendricks and Will Glover – SSP and Dark Fleet Experiencer Panel

In this show we will be talking about dark fleet experiences, asteroid wars, German SSP Super Soldier training programs for something big that’s about to occur.

Bio – Joel A.K.A. , General Hendricks is a 6th dimensional starseed from constellation Puppis. Currently active in the SSP, he has hundreds of different types of avatars who work mostly with the greys and dracos. He has been involved in taking out child sex trafficking rings and has traveled in time. In the SSP he is a teacher for new recruits.

Will Glover is UFO and Milab experiencer. After a series of hypnosis-regression session, he started recalling multiple alters working for different factions of the secret space program and deep state including dark fleet, the Draco, and other mercenary groups. He lives in rural Arkansas.

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