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Super Soldier Talk with James Rink – Activation of the Alter – July 8, 2012

In this episode of Super Soldier Talk James Rink, Tyler Clark, and Silvia discuss how milabs are planning to activate James Rink’s Super soldier alter and send him off on a mission to a red planet to infiltrate an alien species. That and much more!


  1. YAY ~ i’m so happy you have uploaded this …Thankyou for sharing ~
    but don’t want you off planet ~ want you here …
    i hope their plans get destroyed …just because they want this too happen does not mean it will … time will tell …
    time ~ whatever that means … the whole concept of time is all so confused , confusing , reality ~ and whatever that is is all subject to change ….this may well not happen ~ we shall see won’t we …this is a version of what could happen ~ it could change ~ i hope so james ….
    i really hope so … everything is all subject to change, and all visions are versions of what may happen , not neccesarily are what will ultimately happen …
    time will tell … so to say !!
    love always , Ni x


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