Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Super Soldier Talk with James Rink – Destroyed Draco Base with K

In this video James Rink places K under hypnotic regression to learn how she was rescued by James Rink’s super soldier alter from a Draco base where she was being held captive, as well as trips to Mars with Barrack Obama, seabases, and much more.


  1. You know luv, you seem like a genuinely wonderful and caring person so I am going to share this with you. I think you are being duped by mr. former white hat who is very involved if not the handler himself. Take a look at this “alternative blog” that appears to be his. Perhaps it was written by his alternate higher self to help bring awareness to what he cannot even control. I don’t think he intends to be a programmer or handler or whatever he is but at the very least this blog has some information that may help you understand how you are apparently being used. The more you give attention, trust and awareness to his truths, the more you will bring forth the ability for those who were quarantined to re-enter our time-space and destroy it. This time-space on earth, the way it is currently is good. It belongs to us and is not entirely controlled nor entirely hopeless. However if you are already seeing inter-dimensionally it’s like allowing and asking for more dark-beings to be allowed entry. Playing hero is only going to bring more attention and possibility to the very cause you want to destroy. Don’t do it. At every angle there is yet another cover. Best to stay focused on your personal enjoyment of this time-space if it is to survive with any beauty at all.
    Thanks for reading.

    • you know you could be right i think hes giving out alot of disinfo but like much of this there are many layers to the truth and i want to get to the bottom as much as possible.

  2. You might want to delete those comments and lie low with him, while you sort it out. Beware he is telepathic and will twist what he needs wherever needed and you do know he is an excellent remote viewer as well. You can contact me at clareisclear@gmail.com if you wish.
    He himself is very cocky, he just sees his not accepted self in you.
    I’ve been dealing with the asshole and his gang for years. Though I was not a milab child nor part of any project. Mostly he wants to convince whoever of whatever belief you will hook into so that it will serve him, so he can then use you for an agenda, even if that exact agenda is truely unknown to him and comes through his controllers aka interdimensional gang. The guy has problems, clearly.

    • I have been following his blog since the beginning. I came over from the fulford blogs after reading his comments. The info was crazy and Fascinating, some believable some completely out there. His depth of knowledge On so many topics seemed to indicate he was real deal. His message seems one of peace and ascention. But after reading the white hat programmer blog, I mean wtf?!?


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