Mark Domizio, was recruited against his will by the US Navy and was handled and drugged and then inserted into a clone body for his 20-year career return program at the SSP Diego Garcia Base, in the Indian ocean. During this time, he was forced into slavery by the Black Navy which is the land crew for the US Navy and Dark Fleet. He was tasked with missions in an abduction and kill squad, which did not go as planned, as he attempted to escape. He also recalls interactions with SSP experiencer Will Glover, Shawnna Shirley, James Rink, and Joseph Powell. He was then sent to solitary confinement for a year and then sent to Dulce Base for experimentation. After this point, his alter Hans 085971, was created and was used as enforcer and as a solo assassin. At the conclusion of his service his memories were erased and now he is beginning to over the trauma and has bravely decided to come out to share his self-awakening experience.

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