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Super Soldier Talk with Tyler Clark – Psi Tracking – October 20, 2013

Listen in as Tyler Clark explains the art of Psi Tracking, a form of astral remote viewing of underground or alien facilities with the help of Google Earth. This and much more.


  1. very interesting and clearly explained. i even saw some faces that weren’t pointed out. does anyone know who pilots the pyramid ships and where they come are from?

  2. Cleft chins are predominant among people of Germanic and West Slavic (i.e., Polish) ethnicity. It is very common in that part of the world and among descendants of people originating in that part of Europe.[7] -Wikipedia

  3. Indeed, as Tyler says, you really need to look for it in order to see it… I can hardly agree with him on what he claims is there to see. A bit like when 2 friends look at the images produced by the clouds….

  4. awww why did you remove the erin hicks post she so adamentally cried about. She is crazy. and delusional. You have every right to keep your posts up. she is running her mouth on her fb page saying how you energy harvested her as she fought for you to take it down haha. She has a lot to learn about energy vamps, she in my opinion is one and sucks the life out of people who read her non stop complaining and outing of people. She is most likelya paranoid schizophrenic, she fits the bill and thinks everyoneis out to get her and ONLY she is attacked. she spends most of her time bitching and outing people and putting energy into hate and being angry.borderline sociopath. She has no legal claims to put against you and a true lawyer would laugh at her claims. She needs to stop trying to be a guru and a bad one at that. And as far as Suzy, she is the black magic queen nobody else. clearly a follower, as soon as erin started rambling as usual, suzy jumped on those coattails and followed away to show her support. people pasting conversations and bringing up piddly little details as evidence is pretty comical. Erin thinks demanding things and shooting out orders on fb somehow legally makes her right. News flash, nothing on fb is owned by the writers and users, not one thing. read the terms. when you log into fb.everything you write no longer belongs to you and not one lawyer can change that. She is burning bridges at an alarming rate. Erin Hicks cannot be trusted to say anything to because if you disagree with her she is worse than Anya, she will attack the shit out of you and try her hardest to discredit you. She is a wanna be and most readers frankly are tired of it. Sorry for adding this to this post but the other one was deleted. peace

  5. james, i loved your love & light response for erin; beautiful.
    again: anyone on the origin of the pyramid ships? i’ve seen one in altered state and was fascinated by the design.. would luv to have input! thanks

    • Hi sadly we just don’t know. The aliens wont show themselves because most of humanity is too ignorant to not worship them and the cabal doesn’t want to tell us because they are making too much money and have too much power from all the secrecy behind it.

      • Thanks James. Seeing different extra/inner terrestrials has never been withheld from me. When I walked up to the ship and looked in, I was looking at what I intuited was a family within, looking very much like you or I. I felt no threat, but was struck by the
        fascinating ship. Wish I was an engineer. Thanks anyway. (p.s. they all know I don’t worship any of them…) 🙂


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