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Super Soldiers – Benjamin Fulford

Despite the bad spelling some good points make this worth the read

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Hello Ben,

Could you report about super soldiers in your newsletter?
These persons are raised up since birth and trained in multi fighting techniques like martial arts as well as mental techniques. Thes have been implanted metal bones, brain interfaces and they can lift a tank by mental force. One such “unit” costs 30 mill USD. The cabal uses them as assasins since the beginning of the 80s.
This fact also represents all the techniques how greatly the human race could developed using this for peace and what they are hiding from us.
Laura M. Eisenhower, who is related with the former president, confirmes the existance of supersoldiers, she spoke to several of them. She has all her knowledge from her family, whistleblowers and from the spiritual world. She lived in the woods for 2 years to get free from it all, she is clearvoyant.
Her family lived in the White House.
Here is an interview, where a supersoldier speaks, beginning min 11: I would kindly ask you to report about recent successful cloudbuster Projects in greening the deserts in Algeria, Egypt, Canada, Emirates, Mongolia and Portugal., Mr. Madjid Abdellaziz (engineer, studied in Berlin).
They have created real Oasis out of the dry desert with cloudbusters invented by Wilhelm Reich. You must report this.
It correlates with the actual land grab and states that you speak truth.
Now something for the heart:
All the best, F
Dear F.
Thank you for forwarding that information. There are limits to my time and energy so it is good to have reporting by others to help increase global awareness.
Benjamin Fulford


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