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Super Solider Summit 2012

I want to thank everyone for helping make the first ever Super Soldier Summit 2012 possible. Special thanks who purchased tickets and made donations. We had about 75 people show up which was a big but pleasant surprise as many in the audience were monarch survivors themselves.

For those who missed the summit the footage will be kept under wraps for the time being, at least until the next summit which is tentatively planned for a LA venue in March 2013 but that is subject to change.

Everyone was very civil and there wasn’t any drama to contend with thank God. But it could of been a lot worse. As soon as I started speaking members in the audience noticed me being heavily remote viewed by someone who was very angry at what we were doing. I did some digging to trace back the source and located the Miranda and the Duncan camp. I dont know what their jist is with me but they need to relax, “its getting really old folks” in Duncan’s own words. I want to believe you are willing to get over this petty fighting but all your negativity makes me wonder sometimes . Also Sarah Stanga put me on block but looks like she took my advice and decided to do her own summit thing but for all the wrong reasons. I like to think this report isn’t true but the ways things been going for me you just cant know for certain.

The other thing I noticed at the summit as soon as I started talking about Orion Prime and the rituals the covert government and Draco’s were doing do the audience became very agitated. Its almost as many in the audience were programmed sleeper agents and the information I was talking about was triggering them to attack me. But no worries as love can overcome even that kind of programming.

I had a few glitches during my trip but nothing I couldn’t handle. TSA stopped and interrogated me on my way to San Francisco claiming I had bomb making residue on my clothes. No big deal really as I work around fertilizer.

On my way back home I missed my flight and had to sleep on the airport floor. But 26 hours later I made it back home safely. Thanks everyone for your prayers and offers of support. We all needed it.

James Rink


This lovely lady is Jo Ann Richards. Her husband has suffered greatly for secrets which should be not secret. You can see her interview on project camelot here


Sight seeing in San Jose, CA

Someone was following Max and myself while sightseeing in San Francisco, when he realized he was spotted he turned around and walked away.


My bed notice the dragon painting.


Richard and Mary Rogers were some of the kindest down to earth folks you can meet


My friend Tyler and Eva Moore helping Max after a long night of partying. Max try not to party like your still 18.


Missed my flight, took me 26 hours to get home.


  1. awww yea that dragon intersting wow i wonder what it means glad it went well you keep that posative additude love, you will conquer and battle your way to victory 🙂 hugs im so proud of you 😛

  2. james tell me how are you ?
    inbox me on fedbook if you want ~ i really hope you are ok … me and silvia are both all worried about you, and max ~ thinking of you with all my heart and soul ….sent with one huge love bomb zooming its way over to you as i type right now, not a day passes where you and max are not in my thoughts,
    Sent with all the pure love a soul can possess,
    Your friend from afar ~ although this is only when looked upon in a milage point of view…~
    as i believe the connections we have counteract the mileage ~
    do get in touch even if its just a quick email or one line response so i know if ur ok or ? To either myself or the most special & sweet angel silvia who also is lke i thinking of yous constantly ~
    i will continue sending yourself & max all the energies ,love, protections, and strength that i am able too…
    Love from my heart and soul ~
    nina (valentine)


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