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Randy Cramer Shares the latest of his experiences on Mars.

Our mission at EARTH CITIZEN CONSULTING is to provide hard data oriented support and advice to everyone. Especially those in need of bridging the gaps between outdated and unhealthy technologies to 21st and 22nd century modern, cleaner and greener technologies. We do this through modern communication and age old, tried and true diplomatic protocol. Our goal is to ensure fair and progressive agreements in which all sides will have an environment to prosper and grow to their true potential. Uniquely, our goal is to do this with clear and accurate communication with friendly and sociable neighbors passing through or residing in our solar system. With the ambition to reach out to Intergalactic unified diplomatic bodies to discuss membership and participation in the intergalactic marketplace of ideas, commerce, and exotic agriculture. Along with the addition of what must be vast quantities of scientific and technical data that will allow humanity, as a whole, to move beyond the awkward, often self destructive stages of early development into an advanced, participatory space faring species in decades instead of centuries or millenia.

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Q&A Public Release
Vol. 1
Greetings, fellow Earth Citizens!

Firstly, I have to apologise for the delay in sending out the ‘long awaited’ ECC Times Newsletter… but rest assured, it’s still in the works! Finding the time to present you with a current and accurate newsletter has been my goal.

Meanwhile, I have been multi-tasking: attempting to answer the backlog of emails that are steadily building up, focusing on my book (which will help me to reach a wider audience), and doing interviews.

Anyone who has written to me in the recent weeks will verify that they’ve had no response as yet, and, likewise, I’ve not been able to keep up with questions coming in from the group page on Facebook.

For the above reasons, I have decided that (with a little admin help!) I will be sending out a ‘Q&A Public Release’ newsletter on a fortnightly basis (or as time permits). These newsletters will cover many topics, including those I have spoken about, and those I’m yet to share.

Some of what you read may have been discussed in interviews already, answered in the group page, or may have only been touched on in passing, but having this regular written form of communication with you (that you can later reference again) should work out well for you and I, both.


Capt. Randy Cramer, USMC S.S.
Earth Citizen Consulting

Q: Have you heard of the black sentient oil substance? Could it be a type of alien engineered metal oil-like substance that can contain alien consciousness for insertion into people (via injections, or other methods) as well as other things, which could then control human consciousness? I wondered if some of the nanite technology may be part of that, since the implants you had were injected into you, and you were able later to ‘command your own nanites’.

A: I have heard of bio-electric super conducting fluids that might look like something like that, but I have never heard of someone using a bio-metallic fluid for mind control. It sounds a little fiction-y to me. A quick search of my brain drive shows that there are some principles of physics that would allow a bio-metallic fluid to conduct and transmit energy frequency with ease. The question is whether you could make the substance non-invasive to a biological creature. All the substances I know like that would be toxic and fatal if injected into the body: like mercury. If you shot a bunch of mercury into someone’s arm, they’d be VERY conductive, like a giant antenna, but they’d die soon from the poison effects of the mercury.

So, I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but I’m saying that there are real biological obstacles to using such a substance without killing the subject. If we’re talking about a pure biological agent, with super conductive qualities, it would need to be blended with something carrying the subjects DNA in order for it to not be invasive. Again, I’m not saying such tech does not exist, I’m just saying it’s not something I’ve heard of, and from what I know such obstacles to said technology might be, it makes me think it’s less likely to be true. I’m always willing to look at anyone’s data on such a subject, but it’s nothing I’ve ever heard of, or experienced.


Q: Are you aware of any underwater civilizations currently on the planet?

A: There is supposedly one off the Solomon Islands, but I seriously have questions about Hy Brasil, and its status as a multi-dimensional base/citadel of ET origins.

I know that we have a terrestrial Reptoid species that might have underwater hovels and deep quays, or such.

I don’t know of any ‘underwater/breathing/amphibious’ civilizations, specifically. In higher dimensions, there are ALL kinds of places and people’s, so there I’m sure there’s more than one.


Q: What are your thoughts on the Black Knight story?

A: Ah, the Black Knight… an old enigma. Here’s what I know without a special briefing:

It’s been here for as long as we know, but I have no idea how long. No one knows. Hundreds of years? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? It seems to have its own intelligence: whether some kind of A.I., or possibly some living being housed in the deep center, no one knows for sure. Dozens (perhaps more) over the last 1/2 century have claimed to have ‘communicated’ with it (including Philip K. Dick: and received information or ‘downloads’ from it. I was quite surprised to see a recent article about it, and am certainly curious as to why the mention (it should be one of those ‘very classified’ subjects), or if the emergence of the story is just another example of how theydo not have as ultimate a control of information as they want everyone to believe.

A lot of technology can be traced to a species of origin using data around commonly known elements or energy generation types, and bio/energetic signatures (not unlike carbon dating in its ability to register a ‘decaying’ signature that can often be like a species fingerprint). The Black Knight data defies all of our knowledge about power generation, and has no recognizable species signature (which could be because the signature has decayed beyond our ability to detect, which is one reason why we think it may be REALLY old). It communicates telepathically, but organized attempts to communicate with it, have achieved no results. It seems to decide who it wants to talk to, and just ignores anyone else. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it’s not there (now you see it, now you don’t). Cloaking device? Dimensional shifting? Or does it go somewhere, and then come back? I don’t know, but I would go so far as to NOT classify it as a satellite, but as a space station: it’s quite large.


Q: What can you could tell me about the Moon and Mars bases? What are they called? Where are they? How big are they? I was also curious about the shuttle that brought you up. What did it look like and how big was it? Where did you get picked up?

A: ‘Our’ Moon base (as opposed to anyone else’s ‘Moon’) is called LOC (Luna Operations Command). There’s a large landing platform on top, called Platform One (sometimes the lack of creativity in how they pick names for things amazes me) where shuttles and craft no bigger than a 747 can land there. The really big transports have their own underground hangars.

I should point out here, that in the EDF no one ever says ‘the Moon’, because if you do, someone will ask, “Which Moon?” because there’s, like, 24 of them in the Solar System. So, when referring to Earth’s Moon, we use her name, Luna, to distinguish her from the other Moons.

I was only there a few times, and the first two times were for very short visits. The third time (on the return trip back home) I was there for several weeks, but I was undergoing medical tests and procedures – and was therefore heavily sedated most of the time, so some of that visit is more like a fuzzy dream than other memories. I don’t think I was ever allowed into any of the lower secure levels, or into the main living sections, or L7 (the Lunar colony closest to LOC and Platform One). BUT, I get the idea that the place is freakin’ HUGE! It rivals in size and scope the largest and deepest DUMBs we have on Earth. It was the first place they ran away to, and when they felt is wasn’t far enough away, Mars was the next target. The Old Man (Brigadier General Julian Smythe) has told me a couple of times, “Those soulless SOBs are cowards, and they ran at the first sign of trouble, to save their own skins. But their fear and paranoia is so great that even Luna wasn’t far enough away, and they had to run further, further distancing themselves from humanity and any care or consideration of their ancestors, and all the fruits of their labors.” That’s a direct quote.

But I digress.

My trip to LOC was in a TR-3B (black triangle, ARV craft). The trip from LOC to Mars was in a HUGE transport that was, I’d say, no less than 4 or 5 stories, and at least 2 football fields wide. It had a boomerang wing shape, with a rounded front, and what looked like (from the ground, anyway) a teeny, tiny cockpit window up high. The interior was quite posh, with wall to wall carpeting and rubber runners along the walkways. There was lots of beige and yellow, and there were rows and rows of recliner seats to lay back in for the trip.

Before we left orbit, the pilot pulled us out to about 250,000 feet, and then turned on the image viewer for the interior of the craft. The ceiling appeared to vanish, and we could see straight out into space (or maybe it was the optical effect of the screens we were looking at). As we stared at Earth for the last time for 20 years, the Captain wanted us to take a good long look and remember that this is what we’re fighting for, and what we’re living to come back to. It was very emotional, I’ll admit.

The view is breathtaking, and it really alters your perspective of the planet, and humanity, forever. When you look at a map, there are lines everywhere dividing the world up. From space, there are no lines: it’s all ONE planet, with ONE people on it.

Anyway, after a few minutes of having our last look, the Captain turned off the viewer and we headed to Mars. No more than 10 or 15 minutes later, we were being told to prepare for landing protocols. Before we left, the pilot said, “As you disembark keep in mind that only 1,000th of a percent of the population of Earth will ever leave the planet – and even fewer will ever step foot on Mars. You are a select elite chosen for a special purpose.” That last bit reeks of elitist propaganda to me, but there it is.

We touched down at Aries Primus, HQ of the MCC (Mars Colony Corporation) and the MDF (Mars Defense Force). To my surprise, we walked down the gangplank and right out into the Martian air. The air was thin and cool, but the sun was beating down enough to feel it. Even though it’s dimmer, the sun can still be quite hot and bright in the direct light. We walked, in a line, to personnel with scanners in their hands who would scan your transfer packet, and then direct you to whichever shuttle pad was to take you to your duty station.

I boarded a small shuttle that looked like a soda can that had been through hell and back. It was long and narrow, and had two rows of seats against the side walls facing each other. You could fit about 32 people (plus, two flight crew) inside. It was a noisy and rough ride, and when I got out, we were in the motor pool/main hangar of Forward Station Zebra: my new home for the next 17 years.

The landscape was divided into sectors, and Forward Station Zebra was smack dab in the middle of Sector 87. I’d need to see some good clear photos to try and find it, and it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack – but I think I could identify it from above. We were closest to Settlements 4 and 5. They may have prettier names to the people who live there, but to us they were just Settlements 1 – 5.

The base itself was the main hangar/motor pool, and behind that was a system of slide walks that go past the Command section to the horseshoe (we called it the horseshoe because it’s shaped like one). The barracks section started at one opening of the horseshoe and wound around with the individual squad barracks (I was in Delta Squad) on the outside of the shoe, with the inside being peppered with mess halls, training gyms, and simulators. One end of the horseshow headed towards the brown section (Supply) where the walls, floors, and everything was brown with yellow stripes, and the other end went back toward the main hangar. It had 16 squads of 16 soldiers each that made up Special Tactical Operations (SpecTac) Division 098. Less than 1,000 yards away, inside the same mountain range, was our sister division: SpecTac 097.


Q: Is it possible the landing on the moon by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong was to communicate with the beings already living on the planet (of course, all reports say they were on the dark side of the moon…), or did they land there to announce that we have the technology and that we are ready to ‘play ball’?

A: This one is a bit tricky, because we know the covert program was on the moon in the Fifties, and on Mars in the Sixties – but only a few people knew that. To everyone else, the NASA program was all there was. Several astronauts of the Mercury program had said they thought they were just “spam in a can”, and that the real deal must be in some deeper program. A lot of us thought Neil Armstrong might do a deathbed confession, but he went to the grave with what he knew.

I would put this into the perspective that we were already in the middle of a cold civil war in the Sixties. It was partly a show for the public, but also an attempt to get to a crash and/or ancient base site, and recover any materials that would give the handlers of that program any edge against other programs. We know Neil Armstrong had a special Freemason chalice, and did a prayer to Isis. Maybe it was an attempt to make contact with the Ancient Gods (aliens), hoping they could help us sort out the current (at that time) Zeta problem.

Ham radio operators who were listening at the time swear it got cut off right as Buzz was on the surface saying, “… will get you a look at that….” or some such comment, when the feed was cut. Karle Wolfe says they definitely brought back photos from the lunar orbiter that showed the massive structures already there, and it’s possible that Buzz Aldrin was seeing them for the first time when he started to speak and they cut the public radio feed.


Q: What colour was the Martian sky?

A: It was mostly blue, reddish other times, and briefly, during sunset, very purple. The red everywhere can make it more reddish or purplish… that’s my guess as to why it does that. I’m not really sure.

Most of the time I was looking at the Martian sky through a helmet with a HUD that could affect the way everything looked, so I’m just trying to remember it the way I remember it.


Q1: Can you help me to understand the Alternative 3 agenda, including where it’s at today, and what President Eisenhower’s role was in it?

A: It is thanks to President Eisenhower that I am alive today, and that there is even the slightest glimmer of hope in this dark hour. President Eisenhower, in late 1953, signed the USMC s.s. into law using a secret executive order. In his own words, it was, “…to keep those MJ-12 boys in check.” It didn’t work the way he’d hoped, but today we’re still trying to be the checks and balances for MJ-12.

As per my intel briefings (which I trust, but I must point out, could be wrong) the idea was to ensure the stable transition of the seats of government and military power at the occurrence of a ‘total loss event’, such as a nuke war, or alien virus, just to name two possibilities that started this line of thinking. The ‘mine shaft gap’ speech from the 1960s film, Dr Strangelove, quite eloquently (although with dark humor) states this logical agenda with simple clarity.

Alternative 1 was DUMBs – which they built. Alternative 2 was the Lunar base/colony, which they also built. But this distance brought, for some, a new way of thinking about what was happening and what to do with the surface dwellers (that’s how we are referred to by them because we aren’t smart enough to live underground or get off world like they did…).

Once the Mars colony was secured (Alternative 3), they felt like they could finally get far enough away from the Earth. Far enough away, because they started to wonder about these ‘ascension’ rumors, and were concerned that if such a thing did happen, the moon might not be far enough away to be unaffected by it: which was why Alternative 3 was get to Mars – and then one of two possibilities:

1) They’re far enough away and won’t lose the hierarchical structure they’ve built (on OUR backs and with OUR tax dollars, taking what they want like thieves and killing anyone who gets in the way like murderers…), or;

2) Once they are at safe distance, burn the world (virus, poison, mayhem, natural disasters, more mayhem, then a fake invasion to ‘cleanse the rest’ and blame some ETs for it…), which, in theory, will stop ascension; there’d be no living minds and bodies to make it happen – and so it won’t happen.

But that’s just the math. The plan isn’t just to cut back’ and rebuild (which is why so many of the Uncle Toms on Earth are willing to go along; they don’t realize they’ll be killed the moment their usefulness is at an end), the plan is to KILL EVERYONE and start over from scratch with ONLY the gene pools they’ve selected; the ultimate social Darwinism. They don’t want, or need, the people here for slaves: they have clones and robots for that. The worker caste has become inconvenient and smelly to them, and they’re ready to do away with the whole lot; if you’re not ruling class, or selected military, or intelligence class, you are worker caste.

I’m lucky that I have both the soul of Gaia and the Soul of Gaa’Lu’Ka (Mars, to the Martians) inside of me. They want to be reconnected again: they are sisters. Contrary to many beliefs, Mars is NOT male: she is a ‘Kali-like’ female, fierce and aggressive. The Martians destroyed their own planet and they are STILL emotionally recovering, so they know what the psychological cost for the survivors of a devastated planet will be; they’ve had to live with it for thousands of years.

It doesn’t matter how far away they are, (remember that scene with Obi Wan when they destroy a whole planet?) they will feel the ripple, the pain, the anguish, the loss, and the suffering. AND then the wounded spirits will start re-incarnating here, and on Mars, and their new golden civilization will be born with a cancer that will gestate – and in a century or two, will become the worst thing this corner of the galaxy has seen for hundreds of thousands of years (or so they all tell me).

One irony that makes me feel a tiny bit better, is knowing how many of these billionaire pieces of shit think they have value to their masters and will be spared – but are nothing more than high-producing slaves who will also been eliminated. So, don’t worry, the Koch brothers and Roger Ailes won’t be there. They’re monkeys who make their masters money, and do their political bidding, thinking that they will be rewarded with leadership; instead, the weakening of our economy and our political system (which command at USMC s.s. considers to be among the greatest national and global security threats, for it is in that weakness that we will be attacked…) will get them killed too.

President Eisenhower (‘Ike’) created USMC s.s. because he didn’t trust “those MJ-12 boys”, and he wanted a military unit (disciplined and oath driven, not like intelligence community people), and he wanted them to be marines because he wanted them to have the highest ethical and moral fiber. So they recruited their first officer class from the Navy and the Marine Corps, before they created their own officer academy, because Sailors and Marines have a shipmate andteammate mentality. We all work together, or we all go down with the ship – essentially. This distinction has a ripple effect that makes Navy and Marine command structure TOTALLY different from Army or Air Force, which is where the main corruption comes from: greedy conquerors (fucking Legionnaires) – mix that with the T2 eugenicists, and you have a global nightmare the Nazis only envisioned in their wettest dreams.

Q2: Has the USMC s.s. always wanted to stop Alternative 3? Was this was their stance all along?

A: I don’t want to sound like I’m spinning USMC s.s. propaganda, but my understanding, as per the USMC s.s. special code, is that the Articles define guidelines for the pursuit of goal oriented agendas, as well as strict regulations on ethical and lawful conduct. I think Eisenhower saw the danger of these secret organizations as willing to do whatever it takes, and felt that the counterbalance of USMC s.s. must be the opposite of that, otherwise they would just compete for baddest mother fucker.

So, to answer your question, I don’t think they were opposed to alternative 3 until it became an extermination plan. I think that as long as the plan was to actually prepare for the world to transition by fast tracking a military space program to deal with uncertain threats, they needed to defend against them and be able to roll out the high tech gear when appropriate.

I think the more unethical the plan became, and the more amoral the leaders of other programs became, and especially the debauchery of the special study groups (because they were trusted with the most hands-on power of each and every program, and therefore were closest to abuse that power), the more USMC s.s. objected verbally, and in writing (according to the Brigadier General). Brigadier General Smythe says that they even wrote a letter to the MJ-12 committee outlining USMC s.s. legal obligations and quoted USMC s.s. Special Code Article 21. After he got “nothing but smiles” from them, he, and the other command officers, put together a list of officers to potentially come out.

It’s not exactly whistle blowing because we’re acting under strict legal guidelines and keeping tight to the Articles, so ‘Whistleblower’ isn’t quite the right term for who, and what, I am. I am acting under the legal authority of USMC s.s. Special Code Article 21. I believe the Colonel and the Brigadier are cut of the same cloth, or they wouldn’t have asked me. That part, “…may choose, of their own conscience…” is important, and the USMC s.s. Special Code is peppered with that kind of speech. So many of my questions to the General would be answered by him saying, “Well, USMC s.s. Special Code Article 12 says…” Why I trust them is that they feel to me like they mean it when they quote legal articles about good conscience, and say it’s about restoring integrity and legal authority to the legal government.

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