Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Taking underground bases out????

James we shouldn’t focus psychic intent on destroying underground bases in your meditations in order to “take them out”, we would just end up becoming that which we do not agree with. I would be doing the same to them as they do to others, no thanks… but thanks for the offer. i’ll let them leave on their own behalf, the planet is fully immersed in the photon band now and they HAVE to leave. they will also “take each other out”. we need not do anything.


I am sure that must bring comfort to the innocent people suffering in those facilities. Lets just wait for someone or something else to fix our messes. How convenient, maybe we should all just cross our arms, close our eyes, and hum hymns of joy to fiddlesticks while the cabalalists prepare to shove us all into the oven.

Part of what is coming with the Photon energies is the return of heaven on earth where anything we desire instantly manifests. If you desire to ignore this problem and hope it will go away on its own then that is what you will continue to manifest. But if you decide to take action and manifest a world without all this evil then that is what will come to pass.


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