Thursday, April 18, 2024

PSI Tracker with Tyler Clark – Tall White Base Area 51

Remote Sensing with Tyler Clark

Here are locations of many sections of a secret tall white base hidden inside area 54
This is a snapshot of area surrounding area 54

Round Hanger door, Tube leads to hangar36°48’52.24″N 115°40’33.76″W

Command Center/Windows are visible

36°49’42.30″N    115°41’8.95″W

Landing Area/Hangar

36°49’32.34″N    115°41’12.05″W

2 – Orbs Visible with shadows

36°49’41.17″N    115°41’23.47″W

Parking area

36°50’20.48″N  115°39’40.43″W

Parking area Three craft visible

36°50’19.53″N  115°39’37.49″W

This is One of many archetype symbols, “A tall white female holding an infant”

36°50’24.76″N  115°39’38.99″W

Parking area with three visible scout craft

36°48’7.06″N  115°40’31.45″W

This is what the craft might look like



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