Thursday, June 20, 2024

Teah Akrish – “What is the Secret Space Program?”

A 2021 interview with Teah on the Breakaway civilization for The Galactic Alliance, allowed to be posted here by founder & host, Sheila Seppi. It offers an overview of the SSP, while giving details on Montauk, the German capital world (Centurion, discussed in the previous video), the Germans’ capturing of divine beings, our intentionally reduced lifespans, and many more. Near the end, previous guest Joseph Powell makes an appearance to inquire about his Mars memories with Teah while serving under Nacht Waffen. Teah’s Ko-Fi:… Her YouTube channel vlog:… Her personal website: Her business: Sheila Seppi: Author, International Speaker, Multidimensional Life Coach, Regression Therapist, Healer, Spiritual Teacher The Galactic Alliance: A non-denominational, non-profit alliance whose mission is to provide life enhancing opportunities through providing community, support, education, mentoring, and promotional opportunities for business and personal conscious evolution in the areas of the arts, education, technology, science, prevention of cruelty to children, animals and justice for humanity as a whole. We stand for defending human and civil rights and freedom from transhumanism.


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