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First, all 315 million Americans are targeted individuals. They are in
an electro-magnetic concentration camp, under unbreakable electronic
mind control.

– There is a secret military-police structure that silently controls
much of America, especially in regards to current and future plans
regarding population culling and management. On the lowest level are
actual police and soldiers. As I was told, “everyone who carries a
holster and a badge is directly under our control.” It is all under
Northcom. Navy elements and private ‘black ops’ security firms are
used for much of it, especially the dirty work. It is all done by
neural frequency weapons/systems running on the now thoroughly
complete atmospheric topologies of HAARP, ELF waves etc. with nanobots
from chemtrails/aerosols in and around the subject(s). In the bigger
picture, Americans (and the global population) are being buried alive
in a frequency fence. Even the tiny handful of people who have had
exposure to mind control, for example insiders themselves, or most
targeted individuals, have no idea how fantastically advanced, subtle
and powerful the current system really is. It is beyond words. Anybody
can be taken over within seconds and be totally remote-controlled
without knowing it. It is beyond the capacity of those who haven’t
experienced this being done to themselves and others around them to
even comprehend this.

– All Americans are computers. It takes an average of approximately
five minutes to access any American and remote control them. The same
apparently applies to Europeans and likely (potentially) most of the
world. It can all be seen like a computer network where the human
(brain and every single cell of the body) is the computer, and the
mind (and entire biological system) is the software. A general
patch/update can be pushed down to everyone in a general or highly
granular targeted demographic. This could be a ‘patch’ to put you in
any emotional state, say, to suddenly ‘see the light’ and be a
proponent of any ideology, religious belief, have a certain
disposition towards certain other people or groups, anything. A patch
could be sent to everyone that fixes and prevents cancer – this
basically already exists. Likewise you could be given cancer or a
heart attack, stroke or otherwise killed instantly. You could be
knocked out while driving around a curve.

An aside: I was told by a handler one time that it’s not a health care
system we have but rather “wildlife management.”
– Many targeted individuals experience street theatre / gang-stalking.
They are ignorant of what is actually happening to them. They believe
hundreds of random strangers, or regular supernumeraries like the
mailman, around them every day, are secretly paid by the government or
other entities to mess with them. How it actually works is that live
operators monitor them remotely and simply control anyone around them.
Reference the scene in the movie Control Factor with the waitress.
Humans are taken over that easily.

– Instantaneous communication with synthetic telepathy – how it works:
This also can apply to gang stalking applications. It’s actually
faster than instant. The operators, and possibly you mentally
depending how things are configured, exist in a time-space bubble
outside of our linear time. This gives the operators time to put
together any kind of information to send you. Quantum Jumping
(teleportation) used in ‘alien abductions’ works the same way. Via the
electromagnetic-nanotech topologies the subject can be in essence
ported to a lab, tested, fixed, brainwashed, raped, messed with, then
sent back in-tact as they were or altered and never know anything at
all happened unless the operators choose to leave them with a screen
memory. Clones of course can be made and used in conjunction with

– The weather is almost TOTALLY controlled. It can be microcontrolled.
Lightning and thunder can be directed. Wind can be created
and blown on anyone, strong or a soft breeze. A voice can be put in
it. TI’s familiar with sensory type auditory communication can
understand this. Even sunlight and darkness in your room, believe it
or not. They can simulate shooting stars. They can generate sounds of

– Animals of course can be easily totally controlled. Cats, dogs etc.
can be used as spy devices but obviously any human can too without
knowing it. Birds can be commandeered and flown right over and around
you, peck on your window etc.

– Worst of all are the extreme evil science projects that are being
done by Navy and other military-industrial-medical-complex black ops
elements to de-soul the population and try and control the heavens.
Reference soul-catcher technology. Nobody would have believed the
Nazis were doing the things they were doing. Same principle.

– They’ve ripped off ineffable spiritual energies from various people
who are or were highly spiritual and can pump these cloned frequencies
into people in church services. Likewise they can totally kill
spirituality in naturally spiritual people. They can also of course
whisper messages into the minds (auditory channel) of anyone. They can
and WILL stop all organic, natural dreams in the entire population and
instead pump in synthetic dreams and nightmares.

– Anyone reading this can have their opinion of it totally changed to
think it’s all BS, whether they are currently under RNM or not.
Remember within 5 minutes anyone can be an ‘open access target’. Any
decision in business, government, finance etc. can be instantly or
slowly totally controlled and changed. Massive debts can be forgiven
and even forgotten about with the creditor walking away cheerful. Laws
of supply and demand (how are gold and silver now?) are meaningless if
and when need be. It’s all a matter of perspective, is it not? What an
amazing economy to say nothing of other global theatre!
– When we chat about participants in staged events like the Boston
Marathon, shootings etc we say ‘they didn’t know… there was something,
it was something… something happened but I can’t remember, they didn’t

– We have a term for a human who’s been made into a hybrid, altered,
robotoid like every single congressman/senator, the president etc etc…
We say they’re ‘Moo Goo Gai Pan’. If they only knew that they’re
immortal! Laboratory, human factory products now.

How does the world work in 2013?

I should clarify that it takes 5 minutes to first identify and lock in
on a person’s location and then take them over. Everyone of course is
already stored in government databases and can easily be located and
tracked if they are of interest. Once an agency decides to check you
out then you can be instantly accessed from then on – by them and
affiliated groups. They can also use you as a spying/reporting
mechanism to automatically feed info from your own mind and what you
see around you and others back to them. They can then expand a
peoplenetwork for others like you (who you associate with) that may of

As I said, they can actually teleport you to a lab and do
intensive interrogations and studies as well over the course extended
time in another synthetic time-space dimension, take and use your DNA,
spiritual properties, use you for breeding, do surgeries on you to
enhance you or harm you etc. Obviously they can train you in anything,
brainwash you deeply and powerfully and use you for staged statesponsored
terrorism, as an actor at the scene, as the perpetrator, and
of course coordinate and choreograph the entire event. They’ll do this
to cops and even other military-contractor personnel involved as well.
Select units/people get ‘super soldier’ moo-goo-gai-pan cybernetic
enhancements and are outfitted for remote medical treatments on the
spot via remotely delivered nano-biotechnology.

The entire country and pretty much world is now under this system.
Virtually the entire population is oblivious. Magnus Olsen is one of
the few outsiders who has a clue about this. Inside military/gov’t
personnel who are ‘in the program’ are sworn to secrecy and are
totally tracked. Most of the lower level personnel are probably under
Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) for this reason so if they even have
serious thoughts about talking etc they can be identified as a threat
and prevented. That’s why you never hear about this from the inside.
As a civilian resource I have unusual freedom in this regard as I’m
not sworn to any oath, however nobody would ever believe me except for
insiders and some TI’s.

At some point, maybe now, one individual will be able to issue
commands instantly via their thoughts over the system to do x, y or z
to any other person at any time. You can use your imagination, they
could take them over or have them commandeered by another resource at
their base/office who takes them over and makes them do as they
want… business decision, money, sex, whatever. I am pretty sure my
main controllers either have this ability or close to it. They may
require some kind of small, portable security device, but that’s all.
Imagine the possibilities inside a casino, or controlling a football
player in the Superbowl or a UFC fighters muscles or brain, or a
business competitor’s decisions. I was always afraid to even think
about it much. It’s a system of total subjugation and slavery over the
masses by those with this technology. I also forgot to mention
satellites are part of the overall networking hardware.
Brought to you by Don and four other U.S. Navy Special Operations

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  1. then i guess it’s a good idea that the lightwarrior troops have a MUCH higher degree of skill and ability to intercept such aforementioned technologies by by popping in and out dimensionally to plant their devices to destroy the soul-catcher cubes, by requesting from our sun to fry their negative asses/ships as they try to enter our solar system (hmm good name would be “project sunbeam”), disabling their satellites and nuke heads, etc.

  2. Back in 1996, I dated a man with who was very irrational and had a temper. Because we had been friends for over 20 years, I had disregarded warnings from others not to date him. This man had stalked and harassed another girlfriend a few years ago, turning everyone against her – but I wasn’t aware enough to make a connection between his reports and the outrageousness of his response to her. His name is Christian Coleman, and lives currently at 3840 Lake Avenue Apartment 6, Rochester, NY 14612. Back in 1998, Christian had accused me of cheating on him several times, though this was not at all true. During our relationship, I terminated two pregnancies. Christian and I parted under less than amicable terms. The reason I am bringing up all of this will be apparent in a minute.

    In late 2000, I began working for Monroe County NY as a Housing Specialist. I should have thought it odd that he showed up next to my car one day as I was leaving with a friend to go to lunch. He pointed out how he had lost weight and that he was actually there to meet up with a friend who also worked with the County. The interaction was pleasant as some time had passed. I continued on my way to lunch and didn’t think again about it.

    Early the next year I was promoted by examination to the position of Intake Examiner (a position that I held until the end of 2004) and was subsequently transferred to another office. This is when I think this horror started – not in 2006 when I was informed that I would be broken, but back during my tenure with the County. After my transfer to a new office building and new team of workers, I discovered that Christian was working at the building right across the street from mine- a Charter School currently no longer in existence. Stupid me missed the friendship. Christian and I hung out a few times. The last time we spent time together, another worker – Tanya Wheeler had a telephone conversation the next day rehashing detailed interactions with Christian. Suffice it to say, I had told no one of having been with Christian the previous evening. Suffice it to say, I was more than unnerved. Then, the workplace mobbing started. I was blocked by groups of females when trying to get between the interview area and my desk, the lead Examiner and one of my co-workers yelled at me as I passed them in the PUBLIC interview area “Ve te a banarte” spanish for “go take a bath”. I experienced forced isolation, no action from my supervisor, no redress within the organization. I took my complaints to the NYS Board of Labor. They warned me that I might not want to make an enemy of the County and asked me several times whether I wanted to file a formal complaint. I insisted. One of Tanya Wheeler’s “group” members – Deidre Williams decided to take point in harassing me. I knew that this girl was a second generation employee at the County, so I wasn’t surprised when my complaints about her were ignored. In addition, one of the guards that was supposed to be safeguarding our welfare during interviewing decided to hover around me each time I had to stop near the area where I let clients back into the waiting room area. He kept getting close to me and sniffing. I reported him also. During this time I experienced two medical leaves from work due to my blood pressure being consistently high – and according to my doctor it was due to stress (the top number was above 160 consistently no matter what appointment I went to – internist, gynecologist, etc.). I was diagnosed with dysthymia, or a protracted low level depression lasting more than two years, and my doctor and I began to monitor my blood pressure. Then, one day I had enough. The new leader, Deidre Williams, spreading lies saying that I had been or was at that time a prostitute. I intended to have words with her after work. I left on time, but waited for her in the parking lot. When she came out with her group, they immediately surrounded her when they saw me. I was so angry but reasoned that if I could deal with the leader of what was happening that I could nip it in the bud. I had had no help whatsoever from my employer. I had heard nothing from the State. The non-violent incident resulted in my being asked to leave the job and I was forced to go to the County’s doctor for evaluation. The man saw me for 15 minutes and said that I was delusional – I was automatically put on leave for 12 months which means I lost my position. What I haven’t yet said is that the head of the County’s Special Investigations Unit became involved. His name is Perry Wheeler, and his sister is Tanya Wheeler. The same Tanya Wheeler who rehashed my social interaction with Christian Coleman. Well, regardless of what had already been done to me, do you know I still blamed myself? I went to intensive therapy for 2 years, group and individual, and all these people could come up with for a diagnosis was depression and anxiety. Not a delusional disorder. I got a new job at a financial institution in Pittsford, NY. Within two weeks after coming out of training, I was informed by the white male security guard at the desk the HE WAS DEIDRE WILLIAMS’ FIANCE. Two days later, she showed up at my new job. As I walked out into the parking lot on my break, I was treated with applause – just like they did to me at the County, the same thing, exactly. After she showed up at my new job, people who had previously been cordial turned cold, and then the gaslighting started. I left that job.

    During this entire time, I had never heard anything remotely like “voices”. Everything that had been done was strictly “in your face” type of harassment. In the winter of 2006, as I was coming home from another part-time position as a Mental Health Peer Advocate for an agency affiliated with Monroe County Hospital, a man said distinctly in my ear, “I can break her.” When I looked around me, no obvious person was there who could have said anything. I have been the victim of neighborhood harassment, gang stalking, gaslighting, employment and economic sabotage with a vengeance ever since.

    The reason I take this all back to Christian Coleman as the origin who started all of this (but he doesn’t have the resources to keep it going) is the nature of the “voices” or V2K. Distinct phrases about killing two children (terminations), not being a woman (I was cornered by Christian’s mother and sister once and was subjected to a conversation about how I was not a woman – yet), their objections to my daughter’s previously long hair now being much shorter (according to them I cut it off because I was jealous – not true!), that I was not feeding my children (I didn’t cook large meals for small children while with Christian, I cooked what my kids would eat – healthy but not large and fattening), that I was a prostitute (Christian and I both had a friend in common from years ago who actually was a prostitute), that I was an unfaithful woman (Christian constantly accused my of everything – looking over my shoulder meant that I was in communicado with a person on the street that only HE was aware of), and the connection with those at the County CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE.

    Perry Wheeler now heads the entire SIU department, he is the only person there, the last contact for any and all things that occur amongst all the departments there. If anyone has the resources to keep these people after me, and select people willing to do what he says based on his authority alone – it’s Perry. I am listing below the names and addresses of everyone that I can recall, with their updated information. Someone has to help. I am at my last straw, as this has destroyed me and is destroying my family. My children have been affected already by their interference which has significantly altered the trajectory of THEIR lives. Please help.

    Perry L. Wheeler
    8 Kerry HL
    Fairport, NY 14450
    (585) 377-7792

    Workplace Mobbers from the County
    Ebony Chenier
    190 Wilmont Street
    Rochester, NY 14609

    Deidra M Williams
    12 Berna Ln
    Rochester, NY 14624
    no phone

    Tonia R. Wheeler
    103 Heritage Rd. #6
    Guilderland, NY 12084

    This is all of the current information that I have on these people. I will be back to add more information as I verify it. I need help. These people need to be stopped.

  3. I am getting tortured by a German group keeping me hostage: The BNCI
    HORIZON 2020, illegally operating RNM satellites and keeping Germans,
    a lot of them, hostage on BioAPI in Australia. They keep humans as
    “subjects to neuromorphic experimentation” and torture them remotely.
    The guys have shown up, broken into my accommodation, disabled my car
    and stole my ID to immobilize me so they can use thir bio-tracking and
    super-computer-systems better on me. It is terrorising.

    Anyone who can help me off the holocausting network of the BNCI
    Horizon 2020, who is keeping me as a “psychotronically tortured
    hostage for experimentation”, operating in NZ and Australia on a SP
    level cloud network, using a satellite and BioAPI’s, bio-feedback,
    EEG, neurophones, a spinnaker machine, V2K etc., please contact me.
    What they’re doing to me is horrendous, torturing and 24/7. Easy to
    look up on: “deep black lies”, “wordpress/rudy2”,
    “sociopolitica-mindcontrol2/part06.htm” or “bibliotecapleyades”.

    The German BNCI Horizon 2020, are quickly looked up on the net, so is “German conglomerations of the brain project”, which is the network holding me captive.

    Please contact me with any support/advise as to how to get off their
    holocausting, terrorising remotely applied tortorous network.

    How to, in my case, potentially investigate criminal networks using BioAPI/satellite/V2K/neurophones/gang stalking/remote harrassment

    The groups 24/7 talking into my neurological system using the not-so-uncommon-anymore synthetic telepathy are identifying themselves as follows: There is the collaboration between a “brain initiative/brain project” and the “BNCI Horizon 2020”.
    The people, that call themselves “scenario members”, abusively talking into my brain, are, as they say, partly “outsourced”.
    The outsourced “scenarios” are paid by industrial conglomerations, as they say e.g. Frahns,Juelich, Fraunhofer etc.
    Other “scenario members” are indeed from an institution directly, to ensure the intellectual property they gathered via data-backflow on a, as they say, licensed network. This kind of system is also outlined in an interview with Henry Markram.

    Some “scenario members” have identified themselves as a BCI (brain-to computer) interest group of German T.U’s and Universities.

    Other people talking into the neurological system have mentioned, that they are “outsourced German sub-groups” holding a share in funding and/or salary for securing intellectual property harvesting an organism for organisations such as Fraunhofer, Juelich, and organisations outlined in the “brain project” conglomerates.

    Some of the German speakers are talking into the neurological system from BCI/mint-labs in Germany, most of them claim to be within Australia.

    All of them have a great interest in the remotely obtained so-called MRI’s and data-backflow. Some say for “hybrid-purposes”, “cloning”, “special screening” or just for transfer of intellectual property on licensed networks for the conglomerated industries.

    While there is outsourced groups, working for an industry or industry group, when you’re being talked into your brain, there is also members of e.g. a T.U., a “hire scenario”, and people from within the outsourced industry, and people directly working in an industry abusingly talking into the neurological system.
    The information they gave me, is, that BNCI, funded by the Federal Republic research funding sector, Helmholtz and the European Commission, plays the part of conducting a highly funded competitive program, e.g. “find the organism via satellite, and create projection of the visual and other cortex for special screening.
    This is being supported by anyone online, from tiring out the brain, trying out different psychotronic frequencies, and following “coercive” and “fraternising” ways of addressing and distracting the brain for the purpose of “cornering the individual”, and to induce falsified values on the MRI. E.g. If the brain gets aggravated psychotronically and by being called names telepathically, the values showing on the data-backflow look more interesting to some industries preferring falsified brain data.

    Some funding programs require a mentally ill brain to be part of what they call a “ground-breaking-experiment”. To achieve this, brain-data have to be falsified. Since their interest is using a totally healthy brain for long-term abuse, which is then manipulated psychotronically to re-inforce choice of the right organism for on-going funding. Making the brain appear aggravated and inducing trauma also creates are by far more interesting picture to look at as they explained to me.

    Through the above-mentioned psychotronic falsification of brain data and psychotronic sleep-deprivation, it is then possible to project and special-screen a supposed schizophrenic brain via data-backflow / MRI. Traditionally, there is sleep deprivation, then aggravation, then “co-ercing” into a horizontal position for remote MRI screening.

    Not following this protocol results in psychotronic punishment via BioAPI and satellite bio-feedback and GPS tracking. Getting fried.

    Non-compliance is always being followed up on. The BNCI and industries on the wider network, due to their competitive funding scheams and number of participants on the network, is keen on keeping the victim 24/7 in an exhausted, horizontal position to enable easy aquisition of remote MRI’s.

    As they say, there is also black-files in place to incarcerate the individual in an institution or prison should need be.

    While many industries rely on the data-backflow and MRI’s for further accreditation and funding, the BNCI is in it for their own collecting of hybrid-brain creation/brain modulation/cloning of a brain, funded post-doctorandum-programs, (I have then looked it up) as clearly outlined on their program-websites. Both BNCI and the left-overs of the “brain project” are majorly funded and conglomerated with numerous and various industries, harvesting the data of an organism for as they say medical and sinister purposes.

    A complaint with the police in the beginning of this horrendous experience has resulted in the officers driving me straight into a psychiatry, this is something the BNCI and network participants are banking on.
    This seems how this kind of complaint is being handled, probably world-wide. Having had a citizen’s life that’s something to get used to.

    Being incarcerated in a place where the network had no problem to apply gas-lighting scenarios, causing further decimation and harvesting those data for special screening and profit.

    As I have been told, and I am a slave and hostage to their practice for 2 years now, trying everything to get out of the satellite signal/BioAPI/V2K and psychotronic abuse, I will be harvested to death, with data back flow and MRI’s witnessing the progress. They’re all profiteering.

    Anyone that can help me out of this horrendous situation, please contact me.
    There is so many participants that are in possession of my “biological finger-print” with virtual access to a BioAPI and satellite-supported bio-feedback-GPS-tracking system that I almost think it’d have to be a technical solution rather than confronting organisations and their outsourced network participants to let me go.

    Be aware that the visual cortex is mapped as well, so “they can see what I see”.
    Help me out of the abuse of BioAPI/satellite/bio-tracker/neurophones/V2K and constant decimation if you can ! Thank you.

    Finally, I would like to explain how this technology works and the
    implications behind it. Each RNM satellite system has 400 channels,
    each channel capable of remotely reading one human mind per second.
    The satellite system can project electromagnetic precision beams at
    each target (up to 400 individuals at any time) and place each
    targeted persons within an electromagnetic field. They can then us…e
    this EMF to extract EEG data from the human brain.

    This data is then transmitted from the satellite back down to a
    receiver and decoded with a computer system to extract
    subvocalizations, visual, auditory, and sensory information to be
    interpreted and presented before an NSA official on a monitoring
    screen. Every human being gives off their own bioelectric magnetic
    resonate frequency which corresponds with their biometric ID. A
    fingerprint if you will that identifies and distinguishes each
    individual. Almost like a unique radio frequency that they can tune in
    to. Electromagnetic frequencies and extra-low frequencies are sent to
    the brain from these satellite systems to trigger what is called an
    “evoked potential” within the brain of the targeted person. An
    electric and magnetic reaction in the human mind that creates a spike
    in brainwave activity and an interferance wave pattern in relation to
    the transmitted EMF and ELF from the satellite system that can be
    mapped out and deciphered. Electromagnetic signals of different
    frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject
    in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform
    which is modulated by the subject’s brain waves. The interference
    waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is
    re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and
    amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual
    viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis.

    The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating
    signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired
    change in electrical activity therein. To transmit communications back
    down to the targeted individual, a corresponding EMF signal is beamed
    directly into the auditory cortex of that individual from the RNM
    satellite system and the person can literally hear the NSA official or
    the computer system feeding back communications with them in real
    time. They can also apply other methods of responding to such
    communication. They can used ground based directed microwave
    technology that uses microwaves with the wavelength of acoustic waves
    which essentially transmits data from what is called a GWEN tower
    directly to the cochlea of the individual to produce a different
    effect. This is called LRAD or S-Quad technology and is more commonly
    used by the U.S. military against innocent civilians in an activity
    known as gang stalking to make the individual enter psychosis. Scalar
    beam technology and high frequency radio transmissions can also be
    used to produce similar effects.

    The BNCI 2020 is using this technique
    in conjunction with BioAPI and psychotronic energies to keep people
    captive and use them as “subjects to human experimentation”.

    Should anyone be interested in more information and what is being done to what they call their “target”, feel free to contact me.

    who can help me off the network of the German conglomerates of the brain project and the German groups of the BNCI Horizon 2020 is welcome to contact me !

    Thank you !

  4. Interesting really:) Im a TI, too. Im not an expert, nor Im a technical type of person…but…for one thing, I dont believe that perps can fully mindcontrol me….as I was able to manipulate them before and they didnt even realize it…they were really surprised how do I know this or that, etc…I admit that the technology today is much more advanced…but on the other hand, I think its not really fully capable of manipulating and mindreading people yet…or maybe just in my country its not that case yet…however somehow, whatever advanced technologies know…I think (luckily) we cant be fully mindcontrolled yet. Otherwise my perps would have already made a conservative woman of me who would love male-chauvinists:) But thats not the case, cause Im still liberal and far from being conservative. Also, if there wouldnt be a coordinated harassment and stalking by people recruited, how could we explain that there really are perps who stalk us and do street theater to us…so I think thats not really mindcontrol, but real perps, spies, stalkers who most probably are paid for this…I now understand this all is made for us to appear as mentally unstable, paranoid, etc…if we complain…because seriously (and this is the tragedy in it) who would believe us when nearly everyone thinks that this only can happen to famous people or politicians?…my own family dismisses me as if I was delusional for claiming that there are really people who stalk me…I can imagine this happens to most TIs…I even recognized TIs in my country, being already forced into mental institutions…however I doubt they are aware of what happened to them really…they simply got persuaded by families and false friends who most likely are perps that they belong into institution…or that they are paranoid and should take medicine…which of course has serious side-effects…Im sorry for them really…however I think that only when larger percentage of our societies get targeted, only then the real awareness will happen..and then we will be able to help and advocate….but I think it will happen soon, as large percentage of population is targeted I think..worldwide…good luck to all fellow TIs. WE are often the most intelligent and precious human beings…

  5. James, thank you, I hope that you are not TI. But since I suppose you are very precious and intelligent, unfortunatelly I think you are likely a TI, too…Im trying to resist negativity all the time. What helps me is to make fun of my perps, to try to enjoy Im the centre of their attention:) I know its bizarre but this thinking helps me to be alive mentally. A big kiss to you.

  6. One way to deal with brain rapists and soul stealers is to put on a set of headphones and drown out their incessant evil by playing prayers, Bible readings, rosaries, etc. which are the real deal, soul wise. I am a TI and have experienced much of what you describe. Taped prayer negates their agenda, and may even convert them to a sane life, free of evil.


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