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TECHNOREALITIES: The Fake Second Coming

TECHNOREALITIES: The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

Montauk Time Travel


This is from Branton’s Redbook:

NEW YORK, MONTAUK – An underground base 8-9 levels deep below Camp Hero at Montauk Point, Long Island, which is reportedly occupied by Ciakars from Alpha Draco, Grays from Rigel Orion, Black Ops & German Intelligence – Thule Society agents. The Montauk mind control and space-time manipulation projects were based there and at 25 other bases around North America and reportedly involved over 25 thousand “abductees” who have been programmed to serve the as “sleeper” agents of the New World Order.

The computer archives of the Montauk Project are housed in the underground facility near the Alsace-Lorraine region near the German-French border, and is known as the Montauk Alsace Lorraine Time Archives [M.A.L.T.A.]. Entrances reportedly exist under the old 7-story Montauk Tower in the nearby town of Montauk; near the Sage Radar Tower and buildings to the north; under the old Montauk Air Force Station; Block Island; East Hampton; in a hill near the Light House at Montauk ‘Point’ itself; in the cliffs overlooking the beaches near Camp Hero; behind the so-called “cement bunkers” that have been sealed; under the “mystery closets” which can be seen throughout the area; and connecting the basements of three [?] buildings – now demolished – in the Shadmoor area directly west of the Ditch Plains public bathhouse and parking lot; an entrance near a boulder which sits along the west side of the SE entry road to the base; and also at Fort Pond Bay. source: Preston Nichols – Peter Moon – Duncan Cameron – Al Bielek; Michelle Guerin; Michael Ash; Mr. ‘X’; John Quinn” 


At Montauk the CIA (operated by Nazis) experimented greatly to make a person into a superman, and they are still doing it with human/alien hybridizations in CIA run underground installations where they bring abducted people to take their eggs and sperm to do all sorts of experiments, including cloning.

Hybrids are implanted in women and then later removed after about 6 weeks to grow in tanks. Put Superman’ Pero etc. In the article Let’s talk Montauk by Joyce Murphy it is stated that Area 51 along with Brookhaven are time portal areas, and it is rumored that people enter a building of Area 51, seemingly into a short corridor or loop and walk out at Pine Gap. Bob Lazar , who used to work back engineering alien craft at Area 51, says this in an interview inBenny Goodman Happening in a summary of the main points: The aliens get from A to B bending space and time, using gravity.

The alien craft have 3 gravity amplifiers on the bottom, which they will focus on the point they want to go to. The craft will spring to there much like a rubber band stretched goes back to its point of origin, when the gravity generators are turned off.. He says there’s no linear travel through space; it actually bends space and time and follows space as it retracts.

They can also pull gravity around the ship to make it dematerialize. It’s also the reason why the crafts APPEAR as if they’re making ninety-degree turns at some incredible speed; it’s just the time and space distortion being seen we’re not seeing the actual event happening. 


There have been 2 separate reports of kangaroos hopping around on Long Island. The Montauk Project also on Long Island , is said to be financed by the German Krupp family (owner of the German munitions factories for the 2 world wars and controlling ITT – as written in The Montauk Project by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon) and is connected with Brookhaven National Laboratories.

Joyce Murphy wrote that there is evidence of Montauk being used for top secret, ultra-classified research into interdimensional technology, quantum and particle physics, black hole simulation, psychotronics, super-powerful electrical fields, weather control, electronic and rug based mind control, genetics and particle beam technology.

It has been suggested that the real HAARP project is located there now and much info on this can be found in the works of John Quinn in Montauk and HAARP


Joyce Murphy writes that Brookhaven is located on an intersection of the earth grid and Montauk Point itself is a powerful natural earth energy location which supposedly connects with Men an Tol, Cornwall England. Men an Tol is connected with Aleister Crowley, said to be the most evil man to ever live on earth and is now connected with satanists and black magicians.

Montauk too has carried some very evil experiments and it said that hundreds of skeletons were found in that underground faculty, before they poured tons of concrete into all the openings after 1983. She continues that our “normal reality” is built upon dynamic functions or dynamic time and can be compared to one gigantic loop. It may have no beginning or end and continuing indefinitely.

Alternate realities are extraneous loops off the main reality added onto our original timeline. It has been said by others that many natural timelines for this planet converge at Montauk. Joyce writes the “computer” and Duncan Cameronwere able to effectively rip open a hole in space-time from 1983 to 1943 to correct situations aboard the Eldridge as it went through the time warp, changing the past to change the future creating a paradox.

Al Bielek wrote of a gray alien invasion through the 40 year rift in time, with the rift allowing many UFOs to invade our world. He also mentioned soldiers going through the time portal at Montauk to fight in a ‘future war’ 50 years ahead! Joyce also writes of an interdimensional intergalactic war going on here and archangels now being reincarnated here to fight this war of good vs. evil and its connection with the surname Temple or any derivative of.

There is an 8 mile radius in SE Missouri where all sorts of bizarre activity is happening almost daily. An amoebic shaped portal with a dark void, has been seen with UFOs materializing out of it. In Alaska, home of HAARP, UFOs materialize as they come through portals in the sky. It has been said that the military leave for Mars now through time portals and Michael Relfe in The Mars Records of his 20 year stint on Mars, before being time shot back to his time of origin, said he left for Mars through a time portal in Illinois. 


The book Underground Bases and Tunnels by Richard Sauder says some sources even contend that Pine Gap is simultaneously operational in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. A man who once communicated with Rich Hansen, told him he leaves for Mars military service from a time portal in Australia. It could possibly be either Pine Gap or Nurranger base.

He says that the Mars colony has been in physical existence since 1964. He joined the program when the Terraforming began in 1983 and this was then 3 years into a 20 year plan. He is now manager of the Terraforming Branch. The other branches are EnergyHabitat (they have over 2000 residents now) Quantum Physics and Vehicle Construction. The largest and most expensive is Vehicle Construction, because of the “Interstellar Traveler”.

He says all personnel and patrons are voluntary including himself. It is an English speaking world conspiracy. When he is earthside he is restricted to the Base (location classified) in Australia, with occasional visits to a city, usually Sydney or Melbourne for their universities. He won’t be given permission to move back to earth until the project is completed. He wrote the emails in encryption. Scientific American writes of weird quantum experiments in bilocation.

The incredible acceleration reported for UFO’s and their ability to function undersea as well as above atmosphere would make a trip to Mars quick and easy even without jumpgates. The ET scientist who came to Brazil from one of the moons of Jupiter, in the book My Contact With UFOs (Also as My Contact with Flying Saucers) by Dino Kraspeden, said spaceships get from A to B physically e.g. Mars, by recreating the atmosphere of the place they want to go to artificially and by magnetic attraction the ship is drawn to it instantly.

The scientist from Jupiter even told Dino Kraspedon that it took 6 mins. to get to Mars. 


Joyce Murphy writes in Let’s Talk Montauk that the Montauk group became interested in programming children and then assimilating them back into society as “sleepers”. This was done by a combination of Nazis, US factions and aliens who worked with them. When the secret government wanted to activate the sleeper agents, they were answerable on both a psychotronic/hypnotic basis or verbal command.

They became highly trained assassins, assignment couriers traveling backward and forward in time via the Montauk Chair and taking their physical body with them as they walk through time portals to carry out assignments. One of the primary purposes of all is to destroy what comes through dimensional portals throughout the planet. Wherever dimensional portals seem to exist so do Navy Seals. US has access or control of the 4 prime earth gravity focus points on the planet. These are Pine Gap, Easter Island, San Diego and Brookhaven.

Angela Kahealani also claims that:

“U.S. and its partner the U.K. control at least 7 of the 8 vertices of the dual tetrahedron of earth, and many of the secondary points on the grid at the half-way points.”

B. Alan Walton wrote:

“There are supposed to be Grays, Reptiloids and Dracos in the lower levels of Pine Gap just as there are at Dulce. Both are tri-gate bases, that is they each have star-gates, quantum-gates, AND earth-gates [shuttle terminals].

The Antarcticans have allegedly been infiltrated by reptilian shape-shifters and are working within the hollow interior of the moon as well. The moon is alleged to be an ancient artificial construction. Scientists have found that the moon “rings” like a bell for several days when a meteor strikes it. It was supposed to be the sphere that the luciferians [or the “pan” people like the satyrs of legend, part angel, part humanoid, and part animal] used to escape the war in heaven.

Sort of a refugee ship that the rebels used to make it to earth, where they hoped to make their last stand. WITHIN the moon and the earth, against the angelic forces of light.” 


Menwith Hill UK listening station is exactly opposite Pine Pap coincidentally, and like Pine Gap is free from electromagnetic interference, which is necessary to manifest computerized time portals to Mars created by radio waves. Pine Gap is said to be able to be used as a portal to Mars. The NW Cape transmitter in Western Australia is exactly opposite the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. The book Anti-Gravity and the World Grid edited by David Hatcher

Childress, has many maps on dimensional portals and on page 79 there is a map of ‘earth gravity focus points’ There are vortex points all over the globe including Lop Dor, China which we will get back to shortly as it is connected to Pine Gap military base and is marked by James Hurtak as a place where the ET ‘Masters of Wisdom’, as termed by Theosophy will arrive on this planet along with Pine Gap, both being dimensional doorways.

The map shows the vortex areas and one is at South Africa, where there is another CIA run base connected to Pine Gap. 


In the Australasian UFOlogist Vol. 3 #3 there is an article by Graham Stewart called Harmonics of Wycliffe Well and the Devil’s Marbles area. In it he writes about evidence that there is a major covert scientific operation to create space/time portals in Australia. Harmonic positions in a triangulate shape are linked from the Devil’s Marbles area in Northern territory to the Pine Gap facility and again the Parkes Radio Telescope.

Strange lights appeared stationary in the sky for several weeks in 1994, that moved in a highly erratic manner before darting off at phenomenal speeds. Phones, faxes, EFTPOS machines had trouble functioning when these objects appeared. He wrote that it may be possible to physically observe a type of “shimmer ” effect at certain times during the Earth’s orbital motion around the sun.

The matter/anti-matter harmonic for Devil’s Marbles is directly associated with matter transfer and time displacement. Graham writes that at the Devil’s Marbles position, where the wave of sightings were, all the harmonics values together could produce an Interdimentional Portal or Time/Matter shift. Are UFOs entering earth through these time portals?

He also wrote another article in the Australasian UFOLogist Vol. 4 #2 about a possible time portal in South of Cooktown, Black Mountain, Queensland, where unexplained phenomena, human disappearances, eerie sounds and UFO activity occurred. Harmonics put it in sympathetic resonance with the energy grid as a whole. A particular harmonic at that position could alter the vibrational rate of the matter/energy field as the sun’s position changes due to the earth’s orbital position.

Light may be like the aurora borealis. More information here.   


Bruce Cathie in his book Harmonic 33 wrote that UFO sightings occur in a regular grid pattern of 30 nautical miles apart or 54.46km and that they are rebuilding a world grid system from which they can draw motive power. They are possibly also using the grid for navigational purposes. He worked out that The grid pattern consisted of lines spaced at thirty-minute intervals orientated just on six degrees displacement from true north.

Eventually, two similar grids were found to be interlocked with each other, creating rather a complex pattern which could be further reduced to lines with a spacing of seven-and-one-half minutes. He formulated a series of harmonic unified equations which indicated that the whole of physical reality was in fact manifested by a complex pattern of interlocking wave-forms.

He found that the harmonic values could be applied to all branches of scientific research and atomic theory. 360 is the frequency number of the universe. The lines of magnetic force that make up the global grid are always 30 arc-minutes apart. Every half deg is a potential trackline for a total of 72 deg lat and long. The study of the various patterns of gridlines in relationship is called harmonics.

Cathie in order to invent a system changed the day into 27 grid hours, instead of 24 hrs. This makes 97,000 grid seconds. Harmonics divides these seconds up into different numbers which express a different vibration. We can have harmonic time and the speed of light or sound can be calculated by this method using hyperdimensional physics.

Deliberately place nuclear blasts on sensitive points, along with activity at ancient sites and the placing of the world’s power stations on calculated key gridline areas affect “our reality” as it appears in matter. Cathie connected this grid and the energy it produces with the ‘unified theory of physics’.

Uniting gravity and electromagnetism can produce UFO propulsion systems. The CIA approached Cathie wanting to know more and offered him a job. English intelligence also turned up and told him they could get into 15 dimensions. He said that at certain universities selected students are secretly taught harmonics. An extensive hyperdimensional physics program is also taught at Heidelberg University in Germany. 


The energy network formed by the grid was already known to a powerful group of international interests and scientists. It had many military applications, and political advantage could be gained by those with knowledge on how to manipulate the consciousness of all. A small group with this knowledge could take over control of the world. It is known that both the Sinclairs hierarchy based in Scotland and the Nazis at Montauk are manipulating the world gridlines.

Cathie discovered by application of grid mathematics that an atomic bomb is a device based on the geometrics of space and time. To be successfully detonated, the bomb MUST be geometrically constructed, placed on, under, or over a geometric position in relation to the Earth’s surface, and activated at a SPECIFIC TIME in relation to the geometrics of the solar system.

Cathie found that it was possible to precalculate the time of various bomb tests, and the locations where it was possible to explode a bomb. The mathematical complexities of unlocking the geometric structure of the unstable material constituting a bomb creates a sudden release of energy. Only certain geometric locations and times can be used for nuclear blasts. Harmonic mathematics of the grid can be applied using laser research and military application is important.

Crop circles created by satellites from Brookhaven National Labs can affect this too. However earth’s natural energy frequencies can become distorted creating time rifts and dimensional doorways. Graham Stewart writes that during 1912- 1918, the geographic North Pole was in the center of Earth’s Axis but from 1962-1969, this axis has been moving further and further from what was considered the true center.

He says that the wobble at the North Pole is growing and that the Earth may be ready to do a flip, with the heavy ice sheets at the Poles ending up around the Equator. This would be very convenient for the Nazis at their home in Antarctica. 


David Wilcock writes that: our consciousness is the projector. The conscious “I am” part of our individuality passes from one pulse of physical matter to the next within our physical body, giving the illusion of constant reality and the passing of time. He writes that we have a twin stream of consciousness on the antimatter side of the cycle that creates a mirror image of our own individual personality.

If the frequency of pulse manifestations is altered even fractually, our awareness of reality here will shift from one spacial point to another. He says that we are constituted of wave forms which resonate within a range of frequencies which control the physical processes of our limited world.

Any alteration of these frequencies would cause our consciousness to move into the anti-matter twin. We would shift or “ascend’ from this reality into one comprised of anti-matter. One would have to change the radius of spiral motion of the wave form of the matter and anti-matter pulse. David Wilcock on The Cathie Grid.


Bruce Cathie sums it up by saying that if matter and anti matter are both formed by the same harmonically locked waves spiraling through space, in alternate pulses of positive or negative charge, then time would not be reversed during the negative part of the cycle. Both the positive and negative pulses, because they occur alternately, would form 2 similar interlocked time continuums flowing in the same direction.

By altering the pulse rate of matter manifestation, time is also increased or decreased. It is said that anti matter duplicates matter in mirror like reversal and possibly time itself is reversed. In gravity distortion areas, gravity and light waves are warped. The effects pass through a 90 day cycle in an oval shaped area.

Toyne Newton in the Demonic Connection writing about Guy Underwood’s observations says that the ley line or gridline energy (coils of serpent power) runs in a wave motion, forming a network on the face of the earth and that it effects the growth and germination of trees and plants. It is perceived and used by animals. Stone circles have a particularly strong magnetism and the lines of magnetic current pass from power point to power point.

Ancient engineering knew about these lines of current in order to build standing stones in areas in which it is harnessed. The direction of its flow varies with the phases of the moon.

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