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Telepathic spirit contact Ivana Podhrázská and contact writer Ilona Podhrázská from the Czech Republic.


Telepathic spirit contact Ivana Podhrázská and contact writer Ilona
Podhrázská from the Czech Republic. With Humanoid EBE – OLie from 12
Dimension, planet ELieLji :

25. November 2017: 5 Questions for Ebe: ———————————————————————————————————————- 25.

November 2017 – Aleluja oo! Welcome! – Yes, we will answer the questions. They are clear. It can be for the radio, yes, but it must not be too
much to not be fun. We communicate with the level.

1) Question – From
Manny – UFO Buster Radio:. / Yes. Why EBE visit Cuba and Equador in 1993? / – Ebe is
more groups. Our dimension planetary system of Elielji. Has responsibilities to
assign tasks to your Earth. We had a big task in both Cuba and Equador, we
have bases there also in Peru. Extensive underground structures. We still visit
this continent and others. We ventilated the ground ( soil ) in around our
tunnels. Ventilate under the ground. We created a source of electric charge
into the environment of fauna and flora. It was the task to measure the charge
of electrostatic waves. The ground in which we have tunnels was neutralized.
We had to build a new strain for land (ground, clay, soil ) stability so that our
tunnels, in the ancient desert of Equador and Cuba to be unaffected by the
surrounding biosphere penetration, so that it be dit not disintegrate to the
around basic tunnel . Yes, it is the direct answer, communicated.

. 2) – From Dave Cruz – Beyond Strange Radio: / I am working
on finding article of your first contact, and why so important for EBE to bring
messages . What warnings are important A place to start speaking about it on
my show . One day I hope to speak with you personaly / – The important
information from us from the cosmos of our dimension goes with the flow of
our missions to transmit important information to humanity. We are only
worried so that our information message so that not to be abused in favor of
material commitment. Based on secret structures, it is decrypted for certain
government structures. It’s in the fields , (Crop Circles) image. We give
messages on the level. It can not be mock it by the funny of not full value
speakers. Our telling make sense.
. 3) – From Researcher Alberto laluk: /A friend told us that
he saw some Zetas aliens again in some ranch from Phoenix Arizona…so…I read
that in other countries is happening again the Cows mutilations like in the
90″s…so are they back again? / – They do it our neighbors. We only know about
it. But we do not ( not abduction ) your sacred animals for our benefit. This is
done by our neighbors from Zeta Reticuli for their task. Yes, we have a
constellation at Zeta Reticula, but we are far away from it. At us is it same like
your solar system and Mars and other planets from the same constellation.
Zeta Reticuli.

. 4) – From Screenwriter Peter Anthony Flynn: Here is my
question for Olie again: Is it true that the Reptilians abducted Zeta Reticuli
EBENs and genetically-engineered them to be a cloned slave race known as the
Greys? Please ask Olie this Saturday. I hope you can ask him them. Thanks.
Peter /
. – Reptilians are our enemies. But we do not know Grays. We
know fragments of our co-creators who have different signs. Grays, call it
people. They are also humanoids like us. We are also different from how
people draws us. The color not relating to nor the body. They Grey are
taller,high and we are small. Yes, from the constellation comes from
Aldebaran. Reptilians manipulate with human structures.
. Our development does not come from them. We have our
system. They manipulate with human resources and substance, the Reptilian
Council. This is also a name from people. Reptilians, everything in the in the
bowels of planets, dimensions, between – planetary definitions are all called
differently. These names, fragments are given to people. They have been
deployed along with the developmental gene and with code for communicati on
between mammals Homosapiens, it yes. This name carries the energetic right
gene of the word. Have already noticed us recently your scientists in the area in
a horizontal position in the atmosphere, but devices were disoriented,
. Our Ship is able to send penetration of the light radiator to
apparatus ,device to research in the astronomical center and other remote
control devices . It is sometimes needed to untune the instruments of
scientists in whatever areas and at whatever reconnaissance , researching
station. We do this because our telepathy signal reports a correction from the
manifested ideas of scientists to research. We must stop the danger and the
unplanned alarm that would cause a number of unjustified situations at these
moments. It could be the maneuver against our technology. Yes, and we know
that on the basis of other structures of the universe, your scientists have taken
us or stole our technology. They tried until year 2016 to improve this our
development technology. It what our Ship can do maneuver. They also wanted
to benefit and disturbance the spheres on Earth to evolve bad and dangerous
. Our Ship is able to intervene against humanity and
this is what your leaders want to use and their efforts are being made in the
underground labyrinths for this research. But it’s not possible on the surface
yet. They tried unsuccessfully. Only underground channels, tunnels are charged
with these technologies, but they do not go to the surface. We will not allow
that. Yes, Reptilians they have with this they have what to do. They would like
to transform us and develop from us servants of power, but we will not allow
it. Are wars on your Earth and among us beings from other galaxies with other
structures beings. We also fight, but all this on an invisible point. We have a
mission on your Earth. Many beings, the structures of your Earth visit. Still any
question? /

. 5).Question from Michael Melton- Kgra Radio: / Okay, here is
my question. It’s a two part question: OLie, how long have you and your
brothers and sisters been visiting the planet Earth, and have you encountered
any other beings that would fall under the classification “homo-sapiens” or
above that classification? Thank you and OLie for the opportunity. /
. – We have been visiting your Earth for many years. In our
space jump of coded being. We created you, but the embryos, fetus were
already on Earth given . And we, using our large laboratory equipment, have
begun to make the human body and the interior , organs to the body.
When we started to visit your Earth, Earth was the very stone, and space cell
genes were prepared, molecules for this development. We have helped to
create bodies with this molecular embryos. The Earth was crowded much
embryos for this development. Like a poppy field. And the pyramids are also
the message of the demigods. Pyramids have been built on the basis of the
cosmic the rules of the universe connected with the movement of your
universe together with other dimensions. One dimension joins with the
pyramids the companion (Moon ) directly accurately geometrically with direct
intervention to these dimensions.
. The center at its end, the pyramid’s top is a metal ball that
transmits that signal, the receiver to these lines in the space center to these
dimensions. The Pyramid is actually an ally of your Earth with the dimension to
which the pyramid belongs. intersects the exact colonies with the point of the
universe. For people hard to understanddable. So same message and
connection of energy transmitters in your fertile fie lds , but not full-fledgeds
grain ,oat, corn … in the fields. Yes, they should be have your farmers
structures have a better all right in the agriculture soil ( farmland). The
messages in the fields Crop Circles, it has a lot of codes. So the pyramid, is a
lot of codes. Pyramid, this is a coding device, built just in Egypt.
. These energy templates are also hidden beneath under the dense
vegetation. And that’s also in Europe. Just where , where is power shield is
connected to the space regulations . Only the various disasters t hat once upon
long ago on your Earth collapsed these shields , are no longer needed. Yes, Olie
knows what you think, as I told you, our Ship can do everything. Our Ship can
imprint our message into your grain, into the fields where are the burned -out
codes . Different entities have perfect Ships, which are tailored to the task on
your planet and especially to the maneuvers of the stability.
Are many codes in the Old and New Testaments, law. So it is already imprinted
into your fields as space information based on the telepathic message. Yet so
far while designed , before we show up for you in our entirety form ,visage.
Not just us, yes. I can not tell you more. Yes, Olie my name. EBE named. Shield
of America. Yes, we are biological humanoid beings of the another dimension. I
am Olie.
. Is more species EBE. Yes, biological humanoids from other
constellations. Also biological units. Olie must finish. I have a plan to set the
signal measurement in a fraction of a second as you people say. At us is it
transmission beam . Something like a teleport channel. Yes, you perceive
everything based on time. But we humanoids we perceive particles associated
with a teleporter channel. On your planet teleportation it works . Just your
earthly nature to that for people it is blocking penetration. But some souls of
other dimensions in human bodies can do this without training and learning. It
can not be learned This is given by a genome of other dimensions. Olie must
end. Olie to tell you to be proud of your whole family. It is an insignificant
admonition. Olie ends. Aleluja oo!



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