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Telepathic spiritualist contact Medium Ivana Podhrazska

Telepathic spiritist contact . Medium Ivana Podhrazska and contact writing  ILona Podhrazska from the Czech Republic.

Komunikujeme s mimozemšťanem už čtvrt století, tvrdí ...

With Humanoid EBE – OLie from 12 Dimension, planet ELieLji :    ( start of translation, I will carry on. There still 8 questions and 8 answers.    Ahoj ILona    )

2018- November-10./  EBE OLIe:  – Aleluja oo !  We do not have a fully  developed program to scan  your Earth’s core. We must using a plasma to develop  program in a computer.  We have for the task to do  using  with plasma entry into the interior of your Earth, where the Earth is hollow. The Earth is not full  core function , not completely

Somewhere the Earth is weaker and somewhere else stronger. Hidden civilizations under the Earth’s surface neutralize the core using  structures composed of different substances of gelatinous matter.  Where the civilization is hidden beneath the surface, the Earth’s core is weaker in order to allow artificial oxygen to flow. This matter  core liquidates oxygen. Therefore, the atmosphere and under the surface are stabilized the mass of oxygen.

There is a civilization with a code of another semi – dimension. You know where they are hiding and that different civilizations survive there. And the various areas beneath the surface serve as the laboratorys of your leaders. . Your leaders are connected with reptilians and reptilioids. Yes, everything is a exam, test in the program. Your Earth’s core is inclined in that side where is growing . On this side where is in full. Your Earth trembles.

Mother Earth has no power for malignant technology that they  creates experimental laboratories for artificial life. You will feel the more powerful vibration of your planet. Big changes will come. I will not say about it at this moment. I do not have to authorization, yes. Your dimension is growing at a different frequency and the old system slow ends . To come up  euphoria – the chaos among people. Mother Earth is getting weaker, experiencing this new process of development. Mother Earth is hardly accustomed to these laws of the New Age.


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