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Templars, freemasons, illuminati, mafia, church et caetera

I believe many of us don’t have the slightest idea about the ties linking these organisations. We just read papers writing about freemason, church, mafia and intelligence organisations…

Here are a couple of historical facts and suspicions showing the ties between these organisations.

* Benedictines –> They used masons to build religious monument and gave them privileges to do so from the 6th century

* Chivalry –> the Church officially asked Chivalry to protect the masons (around year 900)

* Judaism in Gallia Narbonensis (Narbonne, France) created Kabala (XII century)

* Chivalry + Kabala + religious orders –> Templars send to Jerusalem (XII century). It is hypothesized that south of France cabbalists pulled the string to send troops to Jerusalem to dig under the site of the Temple and find the holly treasure.

* After they came back from the middle east, Templars became major builders. To do so they extended the system put in place by Benedictines to protect masons and offer them privileges (to move around and be freed from some duties and taxes). From this came the name “free masons” (francs–maçons, but also “francs-bourgeois” etc)

They supposedly disappeared during the XIV century after being prosecuted by the Pope and the Kings of France and England. Some of them are supposed to have moved to Scotland and helped them fight against England. Some of them may have moved to America near the Memphremagog lake. It seems Skulls and Bones have an initiation centred toward Memphremagog theme, “Magog” being a secret word to them. This would be the origin of (white) civilisation in America.

Some of them probably maintained in Spain (kings of Majorca opponent to the king of France)

They may be at the origins of Rocicrucians in Germany. – And Rosicrucians are always considered as major contributors to modern “speculative” freemasonry.

* From Spain was created the mafia system of powerful Families, the first being the Borgia’s. They came from a “templar” place named Borja. Then they took power in Avignon then in Rome. Also from Spain came I. De Loyola. (XV-XVI centuries)

* Templars –> Jesuits. Jesuists were secretly created in Paris, the original headquarters of the Templars. I suppose that I de Loyola created it in Paris before official recognition by the Pope, because he came to be granted a patent from the Templars. This is my guest based on the usual practice of masons who always build a lodge only after receiving a patent and many times in history these were granted from Paris lodges. XVI century

* Jesuits are a military order. The way they dress all in black shows a close relation to the mafia. Mafiosi are sometimes called “black friars”. Jesuits origins in Paris and their role as “soldier monks” makes a close relation to the Templars. So I would say Templars-Jesuits-Mafia are the military elite protecting the masons and constituting the high grades or “Unknown Superiors”. It clearly explains nowadays connection between american secret services, templars (NATO commanders) and the Mafia. CIA exhibits a slogan after St John and the Templars were also called “Order of St John Of Jerusalem”

* Jesuits –> Illuminati. It seems Illuminati were created to replace Jesuits at a time most kingdoms were forbidding them, because they had discovered how Jesuits were pulling the strings. I suppose also that Illuminatis were created because of a breakthrough in magic, more precisely they already knew some methods of “reading the mind”. This was clearly exposed during freemasons Wilhemsbad congress in 1784, as incredible as it seems!

* Freemasons created USA, while building Scottish Rites Chapters (particularly through one man named “Stephen Morin”) in the Caribbean’s, then in New Orleans, Charlotte and then in Washington. As we see freemasons are directed by Templars / Jesuits high grades and so these do govern America even today.

* Illuminati –> Skulls and Bones. Skulls and Bones took the Illuminati Slogan (in german language) “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich, all’s the same in death”. Skulls and Bones seems equivalent to freemasonry for Yale students. It is a first level initiation lodge to those who will become masters of USA, like the Bush family (mafia “multigenerational” style of power). It seems they have an initiation centred toward “memphremagog” theme. This would prove that they wish to be historically connected to the templars immigrated in America.

* Mafiosi-Jesuits-Templars: Mafiosi where always a kind of militia ruled by families They probably inherit from those Templars that fled to the South of Europe. They flourished in Spain, then came back to France and Spread to Italy. The spreading of the mafia from Catalonia (Spain) to Sicily is historical fact. Also In noticed that when the lodge PII (mafia secret lodge Propaganda Due) affair was exposed during the 1980’s journalists illustrated their papers with a picture of the Italian premier posing as a Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy. This would clearly show that Italian Grand-Orient freemasons are governed by the Italian Templars = Mafiosi.


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