Thursday, June 20, 2024

TETST: RTTU S2E6 Pre-Recorded with special guest Christy Campbell

Join Michael Kopf as he welcomes Christy Campbell to this series to discuss her experiences in the SSP and more. Christy Campbell is a Lyran Sirian Warrior sent to battle the Draco Reptilians and Greys in the Underground Wars. Christy was targeted by the SSP at age 5 and put into Monarch Programming, Honey Pots, and Spy Assassin. Christy was also subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse. She has completed 4 twenty and back missions and is trained in Advanced Remote Viewing and Psionics with a Tall Grey and a Reptilian at an aircraft hanger military base with James Rink as her teammate. She and James graduated at the highest level at age 16. GHWB took her to Mars and the Moon for cloning. He was awarded 10 clones combining both his and her genetics to make into Ultra Soldiers. Christy has many memories with James Rink as Brock on Canis Major, Dirk on Mars, and James on a martial arts training center in space. They are also Alpha Squad Super Soldiers. She feels he is a part of her Soul Family. She was also sent to Earth with similar missions. Link for Christy Campbell YouTube:    / @christycc33   You can view our show on the network via the following link: and listen live on the radio at . You can also view our show on via the following link:…


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