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The complete list of Sovereign gatekeepers

The individuals below were searched and their accounts found by whistle blowers in the CSRQ-SM software over the past eight months, from December, 2021 through July, 2022. They include a number of suggested names given by Gideon and Bill Sweet. (If you want to leave a comment or react to this, use Bill’s Twitter or join our Telegram group.)

You may also refer to two more detailed articles, “The Sovereign accounts of the rich and powerful exposed,” and “The CSRQ accounts of Phil Godlewski, Jordan Peterson, James O’Keefe & David Wilcock.”

*Note: Please see the bottom of this article for some important information.


Donald J. Trump – (Sovereign)*
Joe Biden – (Sovereign)
Hillary Clinton – (Sovereign)
Ron DeSantis – (Sovereign)*
Gavin Newsom – (Sovereign)
J. B. Pritzker – (Sovereign)
Greg Abbot – (Sovereign)
Nikki Haley – (Sovereign)
Sen. Ted Cruz – (Sovereign)
Pierre Poilievre – (Sovereign)
Angela Merkel – (Sovereign)
Boris Johnson – (Sovereign)
Emmanuel Macron – (Sovereign)
Jacinda Ardern – (Sovereign)
Anthony Albanese – (Sovereign)
Jeremy Corbyn – (Sovereign)*
Riccardo Bosi – (Sovereign)*

Liberal influencers:

Sam Seder – (Sovereign)
Cenk Uygur – (Sovereign)
Hasan Piker – (Sovereign)
David Pakman – (Sovereign)

Conservative influencers:

Ben Shapiro – (Sovereign)
Dennis Prager – (Sovereign)
Glenn Beck – (Sovereign)
Tucker Carlson – (Sovereign)
Sean Hannity – (Sovereign)
Eva Vlaardingerbroek (Sovereign)
Jordan Peterson – (Sovereign)
Paul Joseph Watson – (Sovereign)
Candace Owens – (Sovereign)
Steve Bannon – (Sovereign)
Matt Walsh – (Sovereign)
Ezra Levant – (Sovereign)
Gavin McIness – (Sovereign)
Steven Crowder – (Sovereign)
Charlie Kirk – (Sovereign)
Nick Fuentes – (Sovereign)
Mike Lindell – (Sovereign)

Alternative media:

Russell Brand – (Sovereign)
David Wilcock – (Sovereign)
Phil Godlewski – (Sovereign)
Alex Jones – (Sovereign)*
Joe Rogan – (Sovereign)
Benjamin Fulford – (Sovereign)

Religious leaders:

Dana Coverstone – (Sovereign)
Paula White – (Sovereign)
Larry Huch – (Sovereign)
Dr. Mike Evans – (Sovereign)
Franklin Graham – (Sovereign)
Pope Francis – (Sovereign)


Tom Hanks – (Sovereign)
Nicole Kidman – (Sovereign)
Dwanye Johnson – (Sovereign)
Stephen Colbert – (Sovereign)
Leonardo DiCaprio – (Sovereign)
Katy Perry – (Sovereign)

Business leaders:

Elon Musk – (Sovereign)
Tim Cook – (Sovereign)
Frank Lowy – (Sovereign)
Sundar Pichai – (Sovereign)
Sheryl Sandberg – (Sovereign)
Marc Benioff – (Sovereign)


The following individuals, in no particular order, were confirmed NOT to be Sovereign.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Quarantined)
Jair Bolsonaro (Restricted)
David Knight (Restricted)
James O’Keefe (Restricted)
Maxime Bernier (Common)
Steve Quayle (Common)
Jeff Rense (Quarantined)
Brendon O’Connell (Quarantined)
Bob Lazar (Common)
Pauline Hanson (Common)

Suspected Sovereigns

The following list has not been viewed in the software, partly due to the difficulty in determining the real, legal names of these individuals. This list is based on other, outside metrics. We can reasonably rate the likelihood these individuals are Sovereigns based on their public gate-keeping activities.

Dave of X22Report – Likelihood 99%
Mel K – Likelihood 95%
Juan O’Savin – Likelihood 95%
Simon Parkes – Likelihood 95%
Charlie Ward – Likelihood 95%
Stew Peters – Likelihood 90%
SGT Report – Likelihood 90%
Michael Jaco – Likelihood 80%
Mike Adams – Likelihood 70%

For additional analysis, we strongly recommend the the exceptional channels 7GrainsofSalt3 and 7GrainsofSalt5, which carefully examine hundreds of gatekeepers in the media. Here is one of their videos on Stew Peters, and another on Ron DeSantis.

The above lists are not complete. More details will be added, including information on when certain people became Sovereign. More will be added to the Suspected Sovereigns section. This page will be updated on a daily to weekly basis with additional notes and links.

*There are a few things that should be made clear about the above names:

  • Jeremy Corbyn’s account showed it was changed from Common to Sovereign in April of 2022.
  • Riccardo Bosi’s account is discussed in Intel Drop #4. He has no in-flows, and we had previously speculated he was not aware he was Sovereign. He also posted our information on his Telegram. At this time, we do not believe he has been approached or accepted his Sovereign account.
  • It was previously reported by us that the accounts of Trump, DeSantis and Alex Jones had no in-flows. Each account had previously been viewed at some point during the past eight months (we will not disclose the exact dates they were retrieved). Upon more recent account reviews, the first in-flows have been detected. Trump received $1 million U.S Dollars from a shell company, DeSantis deposited $100,000 U.S. Dollars from what appears to be a personal bank account, and Jones deposited $50,000 U.S. Dollars in Bitcoin (these amounts are general and not accurate to avoid triangulation of when the account was viewed; this is already obfuscated by the whistle blowers to avoid detection, but all precautions must be made). Each deposit was converted to USDR.
  • Almost all politicians, media figures and celebrities of any influence are Sovereigns. All of them are depositing fiat funds and converting them to USDR on a regular basis.
  • Our whistle blowers were happy to take our suggestions at first, but became frustrated at the predictable results, which showed almost everyone was Sovereign. They have decided not to look up as many accounts going forward. They will only very selectively look up new accounts in the future, if at all.
  • Many lower-level influencers and alternative media personalities have been recently approached and given Sovereign status. They may not have been Sovereign before this year.
  • Many personalities are promoted by the cabal. They are not at the “top” because they achieved it organically.
  • For example, the Daily Wire, a conservative media outlet that features Ben Shapiro, has poured over $20 million dollars in private funds into advertising their brand. Without advertising, their organic following across all of their outlets would likely be 50-80% smaller than it is.
  • Gideon notes, “The job of the gatekeeper is to pull you in, draw you in, to say things that appeal to your sensibilities. They gain your trust. They are likeable. They’re not always wrong, in fact, they are right much of the time. The key to their deception, and the utility they offer the cabal, is to subtly omit or leave out truths that would fully empower you while giving you the impression they just gave you the whole story. If they’ve convinced you they just gave you all the truth, why would you look beyond it?”

Please share this article and all of our links, which can be found updated at our main We Are Sovereign portal. If you want to leave a comment or react to this, use Bill’s Twitter.



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