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The Dutchman

Hi James late 2010 I emailed you about the SS programs. I did not get a response, assumed you were busy.  I was in email contact with James Casbolt before he went in the Army. He spoke well of you so I try again. I originally tried to send a video of some nano crystals taken from my hand. To the point, I am involved also, I strongly feel we or alters knew each other.  I will say we may have opposed each other, but that programming. I have many similarities with you the illnesses and more.  I have had black outs, missing time, and strange occurances with the grays  I just watched you 9/2/12 video with Adrian Espinoza and Nate. It blew me away. I get the feeling your called Agent Sabertooth because they put sabertooth DNA in you so your alter can have strenght and speed. Your situation spoken of is very close to mine. I even had a sense that my mom may play a part as yours. Masonic connection, intestine probs, I think I mentioned my surgery in Dec 07, flat lined and records changed at the VA hospital. Casbolt said he ran my records got nothing, said very strange to get nothing, he stopped responding to my emails prior to enlistment, don’t know why, he mentioned I spoke with a lot of triggers. Sorry if I do, not intentional. I have no agenda, what i say is true to my knowledge. I could use some help and maybe give some in return. Remote viewing, star gate  time & dimensional travel, time jumps, bio-location  astral, Moon, Mars, space, angels, remote viewers attacking, helicopter chases, are all involved but not everything. I spoke to Joann Richards in San Jose last years turns out I actually worked for the Dutchman, UN mission Haiti 1995. Hope to hear from you. Oh, the entity in your throat, i know of it, the aliens put in to heal your stomach  possible they are the blue and green jelly life forms? Also I recognize Patrick Molini in one of the interviews you did. Thats the one where you accidently him triggered into a super soldier alter only to find out later he made it all up. Well there is a possibility he might have not made it up and was reprogrammed. Thats all for now thanks for your time.
Sorry I checked my emails i don’t think i got anything, not sure what happened there. What you say is quite interesting from what I was told most of the people in the project i was in died. The greys pick me up regularly and put me on a conveyor belt like machine with some kind of tube which comes down from the ceiling and is placed on my belly button and does something to my GI tract to keep me alive, then send me off to another station where I get other procedures done to me. I don’t think these beings are trying to harm me. I think all the drugs and trauma I have been through via milabs is causing my immune system to fail so the grey are trying to help keep me alive. Missing time is all a sign of dissociation we both could have very well worked together and not remember it. But in time with healing eventually the memories will come back.  
As for Patrick Molini I do the best i can do to vet people to make sure they aren’t a bunch of kooks before I interview them. Since most of what i have to rely on is hearsay its important that legitimate milab victims not embellish their stories otherwise it discredits everything. So what ever Patrick’s version of events is not important anymore.  The truth will all be revealed eventually.  


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