Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Dynamics of the Human Condition A workshop With Duncan Cameron

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note that Duncan Cameron developed a new workshop focusing on the complexity and at times seemingly contradictory influx of information that characterizes the human condition.

If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop and you think there may be 10 or more people who would attend in your area please let me know so we can start planing and organizing. Also, if you know of a “facility”, “retreat center”, “spiritual gathering/educational center” that could be a venue for Duncan’s  workshops please let me know and I will forward them the information. dcrealitywalker@gmail.com

● Sense energy fields, bathe in them, create Bubble Beings, What will you learn and do

light fields and liquid light luster

● Learn how to raise frequency and shift dynamics

● How and why we induct information, energy, thoughts, etc. into our psyche/mind

● Are we just a seven chakra configuration? How our off planet connections contribute to our  energetic system

● Redefining intimacy and relationships and why opposites attract and repel

● Different personas in each of us

● The interplay between the body mind connection and contradictory thoughts

● How are emotions and memories registered, where do they come from, and record keeping

● The nature of the ongoing narrative we have with ourselves and others

● How our mind processes change and why we conveniently forget

● Why we complicate things and get in our own way and how we vie for attention from ourselves

 When: To be determined

From 9am to 4:30pm with ½ hour lunch break.

Where: To be determined

Price: $200-$300 depending on location and number of participants. Cash or PayPal payment through website. Should the workshop be cancelled a full refund will be provided.



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