Monday, June 24, 2024

The Fix Is In…

The Fix Is In

From Casper the friendly Ghost…
 WE were advised three weeks in advance of the election, from within the pentagon, “The fix is in, Obama will be re-elected”. Obama was not ‘re-elected’, he was ‘re-appointed’. Five states were electronically rigged, we are advised, in his favor, making any other outcome impossible. WE found this news so distressing we have had no desire to write as it demonstrates once again that our country is in the hands of criminals, that ‘freedom’ and the right to vote or to ‘elect’ are illusory and portends, in our opinion, an end to any semblance of ‘free and fair elections’. This morning I read still another ‘channeled message’ espousing the virtues of Obama. I feel an obligation to tell you that our many sources around the world continue to say Obama is continuing to block deliveries  and continuing to defend the status quo (fiat currencies) with no change in what we have been reporting for the last four years.  This makes all our sources liars for the last four years or it makes the ‘channeled messages’ fraudulent,  you decide. There is activity, VIP’s moving round about, etc.. Avoiding detail so as not to interfere. They say the war is ongoing and that they intend to overcome Obama.              Casper   11-23-12  




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