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The Karma of Wudang Virus


The Wuhan virus has been getting a lot of attention lately. Is there a genuine concern or is it a hoax? I’ve heard a lot of theories and perspectives, and we’ll go through that. It’s a long article but it contains a lot of important information. I know my articles tend to not get shared a lot because I don’t say what people want to hear — but it’s important to share this as it could save lives.

This information comes from psychic observations, remote viewing, and muscle-testing the accuracy of information. It is written on February 2nd 2020. Some people share articles and forget to look at the dates. The dates are very important.

First, why are most people unable to have an objective look at reality without going into fear? I’ve been criticized many times of “spreading fear by making them look at reality”. I think the answer to this may be the root of the whole Love&Light spiritual denial paradigm. Truth doesn’t create fear, it lifts the veil under which fear was already living.

Why do I call this the Wudang virus? The reason Hubei province was targetted is because of the rising frequency of the crystal mountains of Wudang. The reason it was allowed to happen is because of the karma of Wudang.

What karma? The ancient Daoist knowledge isn’t in Wudang anymore. The mountain turned into a cash cow for tourists. Someone accused them of charging money for teaching and that she’d never pay someone for spiritual teachings. No, that’s not the problem. I certainly won’t work with clients for free.

Chinese Masters never had any issue with demanding fair compensation for their time, energy and wisdom. It’s “us” in the West who have completely screwed up ideas about spirituality and about money.

The problem is that they pretend to have knowledge, and they have “some”, but they don’t want to teach the little they have, especially to foreigners. The real knowledge has been lost in the cultural revolution.

Furthermore, the whole Tai Chi industry of Wudang turned into milking tourists for money. There’s nothing wrong with charging money, but I’ve seen so many bad business practices during my 5 months there. One accidentally sent money to the school where I was practicing when he instead went to study at another school. It took him 5 months of legal battles to be able to get “some” of his money back! Luckily for him, the other school was helping him to resolve the issue and they decided to take the loss. Before I left, someone paid $26k to study for 3 years at a school further up the mountain. When he got there, the room had the sink broken, shit all around the toilet, and the master was getting drunk every day. He asked about the big bugs in his bed, the master said “don’t worry, they’ll freeze in the cold”. He had been practicing Tai Chi for 12 years and probably knew more than the master. Unfortunately, everything in Wudang works with a strict no-refund guarantee. The only way he could get his $26k back is to hire a Chinese lawyer and going through a legal battle. As for the school I went to, all the money I pay goes to buy a big new SUV for the master and for sending his daughter to the University in the USA, which is fine, except that none of the money went into providing decent services. The living conditions were very poor, to say the least, because he doesn’t want to put any money into the school. I could go on and on.

The mountain is full of crystals and I activated the crystals of the mountain, which means the frequency is going up. Looking at the state of affairs in the area with cash-cow Daoism, a big karmic cleansing is required for the ancestral energies to emerge.

Now, with the virus in Wuhan and in the cities surrounding Wudang, this is going to kill the cash-cow industry, and it will take a very long time to recover. This will allow for a transformation of the sacred mountains.

Then, I’ve seen rumors that the virus came from a Canadian laboratory, was stolen by the Chinese, they worked on weaponizing it, and then it was released into the good market by a foreign agent who had infiltrated the Chinese laboratory. This muscle-tests as accurate.

I mentioned the Greys aliens before, what do they have to do with this? The Greys had a few underground bases in surrounding provinces. They used remote mind control on the foreign agent to force him to release the virus, and then used their own life force energy to “inject” a reality of destruction into our world. 12 Greys bases have been completely destroyed so far in response.

So, this is a complex multi-layered situation. It’s a virus that was cultivated and researched in Canada, weaponized in China, and fueled for destruction by the Greys.

The virus comes with a huge energetic cloud that looks like rugged grappling chains that grip onto your energy field, causes massive illusions and distortions and damages your nervous system and DNA. This energetic part of the virus seems to have been added by the Chinese — but this rugged chains energy is very ancient and powerful, I don’t know where they got that from.

One issue that comes with this is that without being physically infected, you can very easily be energetically infected. In Chiang Mai right now in Thailand, I’m detecting 308 people infected, and 38% who are stuck in that energy cloud. The situation may deteriorate into 1000+ infected within 4 days.

As for the metaphysical energy of the virus, it is also multi-layered. There was the power of the Greys behind it that is now neutralized. There is the cloud of rugged chains. Then, there is the karmic aspect of it.

Many of the positive ETs have been working very hard on this situation. The Pleidians succeeded in turning the virus into a less lethal form. However, if it wasn’t a karmic disease, I and a few friends would have already eradicated it. The reason it is still here is because of karma. For that reason, none of the efforts will succeed in eliminating the virus until the karmic fuel has been burnt.

So, I prayed to God and asked for guidance. What came back is this: I must side with karma. Karma must be allowed to run its due course, and I should neutralize interference to its due process. Alright! We’re talking about 60% CCP karma and 40% Wudang karma.

Could the CCP have done this themselves? In the West, our governments try to keep us sick. That’s not how the Chinese work. The Chinese want a healthy, productive and obedient population. They value social order above all else. Perturbing the social order (with truth) is considered a serious offense. This situation is a major problem for the CCP as it will reduce their trust in the government and will lead to social unrest.

Next, I want to talk about this message that was shared by the Taygetean here. Many people have been sharing this video and asking for my feedback. I’m measuring ~95.4% accuracy on parts of the video… but 12.6% accuracy in regards to the virus.

I don’t want to share this as criticism or attack between Lightworkers, but rather, to have a more objective view of reality so we can work more effectively together. Sharing inaccurate information can be dangerous in a situation like this.

The Taygeteans have advanced technologies and have been helping and assisting us for a very long time, but they aren’t perfect. They have the same hate and resistance towards the masculine, and Love&Light spiritual denial, that are plaguing our spiritual communities on Earth.

They did an investigation in Wuhan to see whether there was a genuine threat. In truth, they just sought to confirm a pre-made opinion, and thus they got what they wanted. The blood samples they collected were indeed clean because they were not authorized by Source to intervene in this karmic situation. Furthermore, they got stuck in the rugged chains energy that I was talking about, which caused massive illusions and distortions, and for that reason, her energy was completely off in the video.

So far I’m measuring 100% accuracy on everything shared here. This still leaves many questions.

How can you get rid of the rugged chains energy of the virus cloud? It is very weak to water energy. For those who studied Alchemy with me and know what I’m talking about, bi-locating in the “spiritual black hole” and the “river of life, underground section”, both at the same time, is very effective in clearing it around you.

Then, 15% of the cases in China are false positives, as they don’t always know the difference between Coronavirus and Flu, and they’d rather be safe than sorry. These are the samples collected by the Taygeteans.

I also measure that 35% of masks used in China are ineffective, and 48% of the masks in Thailand…

I’m measuring 9.7% of people infected in Wuhan, which is a lot. 35 cases in the small town of Wudangshan. ~680 deaths in China, and… about ~6850 deaths worldwide??? There seems to be a very serious situation elsewhere that is not reported on at all. ~5250 deaths in India? Vancouver and Los Angeles may also become problematic soon. Note that only ~13% of people die from the virus, but it can be spread 5 days before showing any symptoms. If you pass by the Mumbai airport in India, I’m measuring about 250-320 infected people passing through the airport each day!? It doesn’t mean you’d die, but you certainly could pass it to a few people who would die before even realizing you got sick.

It’s a lesson to learn to navigate adversities without fear. You’ll be fine with the right precautions. Also note that in order to get physically infected, you must first be energetically infected.

It’s in my karma to be in Chiang Mai as the situation is deteriorating here, so that I know what it’s like to live in this context. I’ll move out of Thailand next month, passing through Taepei airport, so I’ll definitely wear a mask and keep my hands clean there.

How long is this situation going to last? As long as it takes to burn the karmic fuel. I’m sensing a bit more than 2 years.

What is the karmic fuel, exactly?

That is a very good question. It is fueled by the False Light Matrix, but a 14% subset of it to be more specific. The resonance of the karmic fuel is: having lost their roots and their ancestral knowledge.

This is the situation in Wudang, and it’s also a big situation in Thailand, and also in India. It’s massively affecting the places that used to be holy grounds but where the people forgot their roots.

Do a muscle-test to validate just that last statement.

It will also affect the Love&Light spiritual denial, but more as an indirect 50% fuel. Now, the situation in California may become ugly because a lot of people there live in spiritual denial and will just behave in absolutely stupid ways. Note: if you get the virus, you may be hospitalized but you probably won’t die, but you can pass it to many people who may die from it.

A few more things. How did the Chinese accurately identified the virus and came up with the DNA sequence of the virus so quickly to publish it in a public database? They were already studying (and weaponizing) the virus so they already had the DNA sequence of it. They’ll soon come up with a vaccine, will it have benefits or will it be detrimental to your health? I’m sensing -12% benefits to the vaccine. The most important thing for the Chinese government is to save face. They’ll pretend to have a vaccine to save face and calm the population.

I’m not detecting any inaccuracy from this article, I’m measuring a clean 100%, which is very rare. Measure it yourself.

Here is something I can offer that will help. I have a Remote Cell Reprogramming service that helps increase your cellular regeneration and improve your health. It clears the noise within cells to improve intercellular communication. For parasites and viruses, it does the opposite: it sends a frequency to break their communication. The technology itself works great but the website still has issues and limitations; you have to do the renewals manually yourself. There’s an extra service we’ll add to Remote Cell Reprogramming to deal with this situation: Plasma Shield. It will send protective energy, and if a bigger threat comes into your field, it will turn the energy into red so that you can notice it. It will highlight the threats around you, both physical and energetic, so that you can act accordingly. You can sign up for Remote Cell Reprogramming here. To know if the technology is running, you can think of Remote Cell Reprogramming and say “ping” in your mind, and you should feel a buzz below your ears.

The Karma of Wudang Virus


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