Corey is planning to release three articles in the coming days. The first will be a two part post,  Part 1 came out today (the last item in this update), Part 2 on Friday, followed by another full post shortly after. Corey discusses the full account from Lt Col Gonzales meeting last week. It is a riveting report by Corey, implying that the Draco’s at the top of the Cabal power structure are getting very desperate.

The recent Greek default has sent the world markets in a tailspin, as many watch with baited breath. The events leading to a financial collapse seem to be moving forward, whether or not this is part of the Cabal’s intended plans or the SSP Alliance activities is unclear. Of course our choices affect the outcome greatly, as we always have the opportunity to gain knowledge and empowerment.

I will add my comments in green [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy.

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Facebook Update (July 7th (9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance I’m getting time today to work on the finishing touches of my report. I had also received information about a needed economic issue that people do need to prepare for. I mentioned to people to please have a minimum of 2 weeks of food per person as well as water stored (Water purification ability is good) just in case thee is a short disruption in commerce during a moderate to serious Economic Event.

There is no need to panic or be overly anxious. But “it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”… I know for many people this is just not an option. Some live in countries that are apart of an economic domino fall that has already started.
I am not saying to make a run to the bank and take out all your money. I’m saying it is a good idea to be as fully prepared as your resources allow. I think we will see some other signs along the way. The U.S. government has already quietly signed laws that state that when you deposit your money into the bank the deposit now belongs to the bank… Its now their property. There are also laws on the books for “Bail Ins” under the name of Negative Interest Rates. Depending how large and sudden the economic event is we may see some of these implemented.
Part of the intel I received stated that there would be rolling blackouts the minute certain documents and files were dumped to reveal the criminals who are running this planet. They have counter plans in place to try to prevent us from seeing these reports and the evidence. There indeed is an AI component to this equation. They are now beefing up this AI’s infrastructure in preparation of multiple events that this AI has seen coming in the near future.

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So, there is my mini update… I’m attempting to communicate a need to prepare for something that may happen very soon or may not happen until this time next year. Do not be overly anxious or afraid. These are growing pains and not the end of the world.
Remember Tear-Eir said things would become more difficult before they got better. These may be the beginning of a very good thing. Our fear and anxiety feeds the opposition forces.
I want to make it clear that I am not making a prediction of a global economic collapse. I am receiving a lot of insider info that has these people concerned and solid info that says that the “Elite” are heading to their safe zones and have been at a steady pace for months now.
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I was told and do believe that it is going to take a massive event to wake up and anger the majority of humanity. They will realize they had been taken advantage of in a huge Ponzi Scheme. This will open their minds for the large amount of data dumps that will offer the details of the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by a small group. Then there will be no place for them to hide on this planet. They will be brought to justice.

Among this full disclosure event will also be the off world information that so many in the truther movement have been waiting for. It is going to take such an event to get us where we need to be.
I don’t know when this will happen or how it will unfold. Most of that will be determined by how the masses react to the events and the information they then have access to. It will certainly be an interesting time to live.

[Corey apparently received intel about a financial event that people need to prepare for on the 7th of July, The next day, the New York Stock Exchange NYSE stopped all trading shortly after 11:30am. I do not know what exactly he was told, but the markets have been extremely volatile the whole week as a result of the Greek decision to default on their sovereign debt payments to the IMF on Monday.

The economies of the world have been on life support for several years, with Central Banks charging almost no interest to print money. This has held back the storm of debt insolvency, but can only last so long. Eventually the world economy will implode, and the US Dollar is already showing signs that its about to tumble in value.

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What part does the economic collapse have to play in the disclosure scenario? Corey has discussed this before, that the SSP Alliance, who is allied with the Sphere Beings, and working against the ICC, intends on allowing the financial system to implode. I suspect there are several reasons for this that can be understood when we consider that the mind is the gateway to higher consciousness. To be clear, the Blue Avians or Sphere Beings are not ‘calling the shots’ but are advising the SSP Alliance in their goal of freeing humanity, and preparing it for the energetic shift, the opposite of what the Cabal have worked so long and hard to stop.

The technique for keeping us within prisons of our own making is by controlling the meanings we create for events. All of their various systems of domination: be it health, media, financial, judicial, etc – have a cumulative affect of limiting consciousness evolution. The manipulation of history, the narrative which sets the backdrop for our world-views, beliefs and identity, has been tailored to ensure we willingly accept dependency on our would-be masters. All this affects what we think is possible, what we can imagine, and therefore what we manifest or create in the world. In this way we literally become agents of the Cabal, pawns in the plans, as if we are programmed robots.

The meaning of life, within their illusion seems harsh and chaotic, an endless battle for survival, ultimately ending in death. The role of true spiritually is to offer a grand unifying understanding of how our seemingly small and random lives are actually a grand design of experiential evolution. But since most of humanity lacks this primal understanding, the contextual backdrop, we have no way to make sense of our experiences beyond isolated pockets of meaning, trapping us within the prison of our own beliefs.

These boxes for consciousness prevent us from gaining self mastery and expressing the well spring of creative energy locked within, as a result we gravitate towards satiation and distraction; focusing our desires on material pursuits of happiness. Most of us earn a living doing something we loathe, at worse, or find some level of modest contentment, at best. And this leads to the overwhelming conclusion that what we have now is as good as its going to get– so don’t rock the boat. In other words, humanity at large is trapped by Stockholm Syndrome, with imagination crippled by limiting beliefs and fear of the unknown. As children our minds are open and alive with possibility, with life seeming to be an endless exploration and wonder, but this is slowly abandoned as we are traumatized by the ‘real world.’ It is this zombification that will be addressed by a financial collapse, tribunal of the Cabal and full disclosure of the truth.

The Cabal are masters of alchemy, to change the state of something by creating the conditions in the environment. Gardening is an example of this, in that one works on the soil, watering the seed, adding fertilizer – creating the conditions for life to grow. The environment for affecting consciousness is the mind, the canvas through which we create our subjective experience. The financial system is the way we acquire the mental distractions that keep us from seeking the grander nature of reality. Most people could care less about the spiritual aspects of life, so long as they can distract themselves with the bread and circus offered by the Cabal. Nor will we go within to contemplate what these truths mean within their personal experience – which is the mechanism that allows for evolution. This is an addictive behavior, and the only way to create the conditions for a new path of least resistance to be seen is to remove the addictivesubstance.

The financial collapse will allow for humanity to question their faith in the system, and with many invested in dreams of a future living off the wears of the system – having perpetual access to their addictive substance – only a detoxification can restore balance. Some folks wonder why the SSP doesn’t just give us the space age tech now so we can avoid any hardship as a result of the coming collapse. But I think many are hopelessly locked into their belief systems and desires, they won’t be willing to hear the truth once the truth comes out, because it will mean an end to the world as they know it. And this is exactly what needs to happen, the world of tyranny, domination and endless destruction must end before we can envision a better world.

With many dependent on experts, authorities and the media to tell them what and how to think, what things mean, only a collapse of this system will provide the conditions to compel the masses to rouse from their unconsciousness;  to seek understanding. The anger felt as a result of realizing modern society is fraud layered on top of fraud will awaken curiosity on a global scale, opening many minds to the greater truths to come. With that idea in mind, I do not think the events to come will be a decent into total chaos, with millions of people starving to death or mass riots and killings sweeping the globe. Most likely the old systems will fade away with better ones replacing them shortly after. Those of us who have knowledge of what is coming can prepare materially and mentally as best we can.

In this way, we need not fear what is coming, as its part of the detoxification process. Once this process starts, once a large population develops even a surface level of understanding it will start a tidal wave of awakening. This will provide a venue for the synchronization of mind, for the truth to be reflected within each of us more clearly, paving the way for the future we can’t imagine while stuck in the system.]

Facebook Update (July 8th 2:30pm):
Sphere Being Alliance I was told there would be a NYSE Halt and announcement on 7/7 that did not occur. It did not occur so I paid it no mind and figured it was yet more incorrect dis-info. Then one day later I was shocked to see this happen.

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I was told that this is most likely an AI based dry run or social test. This happening right after Chinese businessmen lose over 30 billion dollars in a couple days, Greece and other countries conspiring to get out of the EU and western economic system and other intel we heard in a recent meeting that prompted my last mini-update is no coincidence.

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I do not expect an announcement about the financial system after this NYSE incident but do expect more of these things to come in the near future.
All I can say is prepare the best you can.
Do not be shocked if “negative interest rates” are implemented or if withdrawal limits are placed on your checking/savings accounts.
As stated all of these are growing pains of what will eventually be a new era for us all.
Stay tuned for my next two articles and updates that will be published shortly.

Comment about other possible connections to the NYSC closure:

ITEM: The New York City subway system suffered an atrocious commute today, with some trains being inexplicably stranded in stations for long periods of time.

ITEM: The website “The Dissolve” folded today.

ITEM: United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights after its computer system mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading today after its computerized trading system mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: Immediately after, the Wall Street Journal’s website mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: More than 2,500 people in Washington, DC mysteriously lost power

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Facebook Update (July 8th 11:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Okay, Article Part 1 will be posted on out site tomorrow morning and it will have a number of announcements at the end. Part 2 will be posted Friday morning and a full follow up article will be published soon after that. I am proof reading the article again in the morning and finding the best graphic I can to add to it. Once its posted I will announce it here. I will most likely post it around 6AM central standard time/USA. thank you for your patience.

[Part 1 was released today at 12:30pm, listed below]

The “Draco Federation Alliances” Demands & Secrets Revealed

This report will not be as detailed as it is based on a briefing given to me from Lt. Col. Gonzales of his meeting with the Draco Federation Alliance, the Committee of 200 “Chairmen”, and his first time to attend the Human Like “ET Super Federation” conference sitting in the delegates chair and his meeting with Raw-Tear-Eir. Because of the length of the article and the details contained in the various subjects I am breaking it into two parts.

Lt. Col. Gonzales was kept quite busy while I was away during my week of shooting video interviews with David Wilcock at Gaiam TV. It was apparently important that I continued that project undisturbed so that it could branch out into a wider project. I had expected to shoot 5 episodes and be done. I also didn’t expect the skeptical Gaiam Team to do a second round of vetting using their own well known researchers, who after the questioning and first several days of recording had decided I was not recycling known information or making up stories that had fooled David Wilcock and his sources.

To the Gaiam TV Teams credit they didn’t want to put their names behind a source who would end up being a huge embarrassment in the future. All of those doing the questioning in the vetting process were well versed in the information I had presented over a long period of time and were looking for any signs of deception. I was heavily focused on the very new experience of video recording in a studio with a crew and was oblivious to the fact that during that time there were events unfolding that would not wait for my return.

I returned home exhausted and was recovering from extreme pain I suffered during the trip and was catching up with my wife and kids. I was actually in quite a lot of pain throughout the entire week we recorded interviews in Colorado. Everyone there was great about the fact that we had to take breaks often from my post-surgery shoulder issues.

We were able to cover a wide range of topics but by the end of the fourth day it was obvious that we had barely scratched the surface of the full details of my prior and current SSP experiences and the information I had access to on the “Smart Glass Pads” while I was in service. It was decided that we would do at least 52 episodes and create an entirely new show around this content called “Cosmic Disclosure”, which I am now told will air Tuesday 7/21.

Gonzales contacted me almost immediately when I arrived home and informed that there had been some pretty big developments in my absence and that he had stepped in to fill the delegate responsibilities in two important Federation Council Meetings. After a couple of days I was finally able to meet Gonzales at a location not far from my home for the short but information packed briefing.

He started off by describing the Draco Federation Alliance meeting with the same 14 foot tall White Royal Reptilian that I and the security team had encountered prior, the Reptilian Honor Guard, the attending Mantid and Insectoid Beings along with the much smaller delegation of human representatives that identified themselves as the “Chairmen” of the Committee of 200.

He stated that he was somewhat overconfident going into this meeting and felt he owed me a bit of an apology. He felt that my description of my telepathic exchange was skewed by a fear reaction and that it was possible that I was reacting viscerally to the White Royal since most of my interfacing (Telepathic Communications with a Non-Human) had been with less intimidating types of beings.

Lt. Col. Gonzales had interfaced with several types of Reptilian and Reptoid beings in his time but he said none of that prepared him for this experience. The White Royal Draco was over 14 feet tall, had a vestigial tail and wings that were not large enough to support him in actual flight. This was a very muscular and intimidating being with a presence like no other. We were both given the same name and title of this Tall White Draco Royal that is being kept as confidential information.

Because of some very troubling events that occurred at my home that involved the targeting and terrorizing of my family we ended up having a second meeting several days later where we were able to discuss his previous briefing in more detail. This was a much more relaxed conversation and he was trying to calm me down from the two incidents that occurred in my home.

I will do a separate report on the incidents at my home where very tall Nordic type ET’s with six fingers invaded the sanctuary of our home twice and why this was allowed to occur. This also will cover an SSP Alliance Council meeting that I attended directly related to these incidents where I was extremely upset and a small falling out between myself and the SSP Alliance Council occurred. This report will be released after the Part 2 of this report is released.

The full details of Lt. Col. Gonzales briefing unfolded in the following manner. He and 4 Security Members (Who were also Intuitive Empaths) arrived at a similar location as the one that I and 4 Security Members had met the Draco Delegation prior. It was a smaller building that was obviously scouted out to be of tactical advantage to the Draco Federation Alliance. I was not given a specific geographic location but this was somewhere in the South West United States just as last time.

In my meeting with the Draco Federation Alliance I arrived in a Blue Orb where the SSP Alliance Team was waiting on a rooftop hovering in one of the 50 foot long modular shuttle craft with the side sliding doors open. In Gonzales case he arrived at the location in the same type of craft with his operation support team. He and his 4 Security Team Members disembarked and made their way down the inside of building that was about 1/3rd the size of the building at the previous meeting site (Floor wise).

Gonzales and his Security Team came out into a hall way and it seemed empty and quiet except the Security/IE’s motioned down the hall with hand signals where they felt the awaiting delegation. When they were most of the way to the end of the hall Gonzales saw a very familiar person. He said this person had to have seen the look on his face and his gaping open mouth. This person introduced himself with his thick accent, droopy eyes and curly white hair. Gonzales said this guy had created so many think tanks, global organizations and advised more U.S. Presidents than anyone he could think of. This person is very well known as a supporter of the New World Order and Depopulation Programs.

After the introduction this man led Gonzales Team into a larger foyer of the closed down Hotel where once again men in suits were standing by a closed down Bar. This time there were only 3 men other than the well-known person who did the first introduction. The 3 men in suits were leaning against the bar in a lounge area where bar stools used to be and a small area where tables and chairs had obviously once stood. This famous bureaucrat then introduced the other 3 men and stated that they were the “Chairmen” of the Committee of 200. This man then began laying down some ground rules for the meeting that was about to occur.

Gonzales could already see movement further into the foyer and 3 different beings moving around as if getting into position. Gonzales and the Security Team all felt that the entire scene was very theatrical and staged. The Chairman who was doing all of the talking singled Gonzales out and told him that if he wished to survive this meeting that he had better show a lot more respect and diplomacy than he had shown at the recent ICC Mars Colony fiasco. None of that type of behavior would be tolerated by the audience he was being granted on this occasion and would result in swift death of himself and his team.

Gonzales told me that after he was sufficiently warned in a very dramatic way by this person they led his team the rest of the way into the large open foyer where he caught his first smell of the musky urine type of odor that I and the others had reported in our prior meeting. The SSP Alliance Delegation was walked by a very intimidating Honor Guard of 9 foot tall Reptilian Warriors who were standing with feet shoulders apart grasping a long staff with a broad sword type blade at the end. Gonzales stated that the Security Team/IE’s reported that they all picked up that this was a theatrical display of force to make sure the SSP Delegation felt that the White Royal Draco was not dealing from weakness.

Standing behind the Reptilian Honor Guard were Mantid and Insectoid Beings who were now being very still and standing in a loose formation. In our last encounter they were roaming about the entire time. Gonzales said he saw the White Royal Draco standing in the front and middle of the formation of these other beings. The team was walked to the front of the White Royal (His Name will be withheld) and was expected to bow according to the Chairman. Gonzales stood tall and did not do so.

Gonzales stood before this 14 foot tall beast and immediately the communication began. He said he was completely taken off guard by the intensity of the penetration of his forehead and frontal lobes. His words were that it “Put me back on my heels”. He said at that moment I knew that my report was accurate. He was certain until that point that I had exaggerated the experience. Just as in my experience the White Royals Eyes were morphing colors (Yellow & Red) and the vertical slit pupils were pulsing and changing sizes to the point that at times its eyes were completely black.

This meeting was different. They did not come to negotiate. They indeed had created the entire theatrical environment to convey that they were not dealing from weakness. The White Royal Draco was making some very serious demands and told Gonzales that a failure to capitulate to them by the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Alliance would be an act of war against the entire Draco Federation Alliance and their Overlords.

It was shocking to hear them mention their Overlords because these White Royals had always put forward the notion that they were the top of the totem pole, the tip of the spear and the pinnacle of the pyramid of power in their empire. We had lots of circumstantial evidence and intelligence that they were very afraid of and served a higher force but until that moment had never received acknowledgement straight from the serpents’ mouth.

The Royal White Draco then made sure that Gonzales repeated what was communicated to him so all could hear it. It was obvious from other intelligence that the prior meeting and their offer to hand over all of their human followers and lower level allies in exchange for the Sphere Alliance allowing them safe passage through the Outer Barrier had caused major splits within their own ranks. This was a show of force that was obviously meant to mend fences and unify their splintered human following.

This same White Royal Draco now made demands wrapped in threats for Gonzales to deliver to the SSP Alliance Council and the Sphere Alliance. The demand was that all of the Draco Federation Alliance would be allowed to leave through the Outer Barrier as they wished and that their human allies would be given clemency and promised no reprisals in future events in a human controlled Sol System.

The White Royal stated in no uncertain terms that they had the power to bring great calamity and war to the surface of the Earth and were prepared to do so. They stated that the Sphere Alliance had not been forthcoming in the true power of their Extra Dimensional Overlords who were now present and ready to do battle beside the Draco Federation Alliance as had been prophesied about their empire millions of years ago.

They boasted that these same ED Overlords were responsible in some way for the entities that we called the ED/ET Artificial Intelligence that is their ally and had conquered entire galaxies. Gonzales stated the grandiose boasting and threats went on for some time in the same theatrical manner before the White Royal Draco let go of his mind and turned and lumbered out of the room with his Reptilian Honor Guard and the Insectoid delegation.

The Chairman then approached them and walked them back the way them came and in the same manner went over how serious the situation was for the surface population of Earth that the Alliance agreed to the terms presented. The Chairman stated that this was an opportunity for a win/win situation and that dismissing it like the Americans dismiss negotiating with terrorists would be detrimental to the population on the surface of the planet. Gonzales said that he had enough of the drama and theatre and just wanted to get his aching and pounding head out of there and back to the shuttle.

Back at the location in North Texas where Gonzales and I were sitting at the table we both became quiet for a few moments as some of this was sinking in. I was putting some of the dots together. Gonzales told me that that they had managed to kill some of the higher caste Reptilians and keep their bodies without them self-destructing. There was some sort of technology that vaporized the remains of the dead Reptilians in most cases. They then analyzed the remains and this had revealed something very disturbing

Gonzales sat back in his chair and could see on my face that I had made the connection already. He made one of those faces where a person smiles but their eyes and forehead have a stoic look and leaned back in. He said “Their bodies were absolutely filled with nanites”! These are some of the most advanced AI bots we have ever seen in living tissue. I asked the obvious question… “Is the Draco Federation Empire nothing but AI Prophets?”

He said AI Prophets, AI Allies we don’t know. Gonzales then said “The info about their Overlords was a key confirmation that they are deeply afraid of and working for beings from another reality or dimension”. He said that they funnel this Loosh Energy to their Overlords and keep some for their selves. He also stated that they work with or use other etheric beings as tools or etheric technology to control people and other ET’s that are in their Federation Alliance. He stated further that this was very sensitive information that had been extremely costly to acquire over the years.

Gonzales stated that these threats were being taken very seriously and that there was quite a lot of chatter of false flag events (Both Financial and Terrorist) being planned to create more Loosh for the Draco Federation Alliance and their Overlords. The Draco Federation Alliance was storing this energy and preparing for an epic battle.

He stated that the Earth Alliance had been infiltrated in a number of ways and that Russia was very upset that the Cabal had managed to do this in order to try to create a NWO 2.0. He stated Russia had some plans to correct this in the near future along with some of their trusted allies.

In Part II we will discuss more of these Earth Alliance Infiltrations, False Flags and Gonzales’ description of his first time being the lead delegate at the Human Type ET “Super Federation Conference” where he sat in the delegate chair and spoke to the assembly to deliver some extremely interesting news concerning some of the positive ET groups that had been trapped on Earth for months.

Many of these ET’s were here to study our oceans and jungles and care nothing about our civilization or interfering in our affairs. Their support teams who are trapped inside the Sol Systems Outer Barrier had been requesting their release from Earth for some time. Human and Negative ET Groups had begun to hunt them down to obtain their extremely advanced technology and they were also running out of supplies and needed support. This was addressed in this last conference.

Part II will follow shortly as well as an additional report of recent events that include further details of the Tall Nordic Beings with 6 Fingers who invaded our home and abducted my family (As well as performed a similar operation on a researcher who has been working closely with us). Please stand by for more details to be released in the coming days.

Please also remember that the new Series “Cosmic Disclosure” will air on Gaiam TV on Tuesday July 21st. The first two episodes will be free. Those who want to see the following 50+ episodes and want to join Gaiam TV at 99 cents for the first month and $9.99 each additional month can do so by clicking the Gaiam TV Banner below or the following link.

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I understand anything having to do with money in this field in taboo but anything I can do to provide for my family while doing this work is a positive thing. Gonzales receives material support for his role. Working for 6th – 9th Density Beings who see everything as a journey and relating to karma is a completely different place to have to work from. Any of your contributions through Pay Pal, Signing up to Gaiam TV or shopping at our Online Store assist us in this effort is greatly appreciated. Store:

Stand by for Part 2…

Thank you,


[It is interesting that the Draco bodies recovered by Gonzales’ team were infested with Nantes. When reading this I thought of the Borg from Star Trek, who have artificially ‘enhanced’ their bodies using highly advanced nano and macro technology. Further, they are drone like beings dominated by a super material AI intelligence referred to as the Borg Queen. This fits the narrative of AI take over, which offers solutions to a civilizations problems at the cost of personal sovereignty, developing increasing levels of dependence.

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Whether or not the Overlords mentioned by the White Royals are organic beings that have ascended beyond the physical or is in fact an ancient AI is unclear. They insinuated that false flags and chaos programs would be initiated to bolster their reserves of Loosh in preparation for an ‘epic battle’.

What can we do in the face of all this? In my opinion the answer is to develop autonomy of mind, and develop cooperation partnerships with our fellows. We spoke briefly about the Cabal’s fear generation being largely dependent on how we decided to give events meaning. As such, when we ‘raise our vibrations’ but seeking the truth, and most importantly understanding it holisticly, we liberate ourselves from any fearful belief system. The thing we have the most control over is our minds, this is where free will acts with the greatest power. Since we literally feed these beings energy to further control us by staying limited, unknowledgeable and inactive,  taking time to contemplate the spiritual meanings and values offered by ALL experiences will limit the production of Loosh.

I think the Draco grand standing and intimidation is an example of how desperate they really are. If they wanted to destroy the planet, and kill off most of humanity, they could have long ago. Their bluffing ultimately, and they most likely know that the keys to their success rest firmly in our hands. That we must remain ignorant and dependent in order to maintain the fear factory on Earth. But they will fail so long as we continue to bravely walk the path of truth and act within it. For there is nothing to truly fear but fear itself.]