The Med Bed – Jared Rand

The Med Bed – Jared Rand

The Med Bed Jared Rand. By Interstellar. Source Jared Rand.

I want to welcome everybody. I know that a lot of people are interested in knowing about the Med Bed technology and that technology has been around for quite some time so it’s not some out of the clear blue new technology, has just been kept from the human race for a very long time.

It is not human technology, it’s offworlder technology.

The Med Bed – Jared Rand

Basically to get a better understanding, we will have medical staff, or better, health staff that will counsel each individual about the procedure, the treatment.

What it means, if you get an 80 year old person and that person would like to be 30 years old again.

Well they’ve got grandkids, they’ve got a life, there’s a lot of things that have to be weighed and measured and thought about before you do something like that.

It’s a big decision and you know, we’ve got people that, say, I don’t care, I I’ll be the first there to get it done.

What that means, you know, as human beings we are always in a hurry, we always want to get things now, instantaneous, got to be now!

It’s like that nowadays people don’t cook pudding anymore, make the homemade pudding, they do the instant because it’s so much simpler and quicker. It’s the same with with different technologies

They want them now, don’t want to know about it, don’t want to be educated about it.

I’ll just take an eight-year-old woman for instance, she gets up after about two and a half minutes and she’s 30 years old, she pealed 50 years off of her life.

Wow, she’s back to being 30 years old, she now can have children again, she could have a whole new family if she wanted to.

This because the body leaves a resonance, a vibrational frequency, of all the organs, even organs that have been gone, taken away through either radiation or surgery or whatever damage, arms, limbs, whatever.

So that memories are still there, it’s like if you talk to people that are amputees, that have lost appendages and they sometimes say that it’s almost like this is there, but it’s not.

The Reatomization process, when the body lays into it, there is an algorithm and there is a computer database and it actually identifies your DNA in your body and it does a complete internal analysis.

What it actually does is, it shows the internal operation very clearly in a three-dimensional format of a lifetime, how your organs where your organs are, how they’re functioning.

It analyzes your blood and it also depicts any damage or illness or disease within the body that is not normal, then it it will come back through voice communication.

It’ll ask you: do you want a full reatomzation of your body or do you just want this one area taken care of? It’ll give you that option.

If you want the entire body Reatomized you lay there, you go into a deep sleep, there’s no injection, no needles or anything.

The Riatomizer runs over the body and this involves tachyon particles, tachyon energy and also plasma energy.

I’ll do a brief example, if you wanted to replicate a banana out of thin air you’re going to have the ability to do that.

With a computerized database and basically asking the computer to whip you up a banana or water that tastes like bananas, it’s just up to you, and you’ll immediately have it.

The soil, the atmosphere, the water, everything is plasma energy, everything, and the universe is plasma energy, it’s just a different form through vibrational frequency.

The idea of the replicator is that whatever you want you’ll get.

It reconfigure molecularly structured and identified through the computer in the database of what you really want.

The Med Bed looks at the body and corrects imperfections

Let’s say if you had a DNA flaw which some of us do. We pick up 10% of what our parents give us, in other words if we’ve got some genetic defects we get 10% of our illnesses, 90% is lifestyle 10% is inherited so it gives people a good idea of how much more important it is to take care of yourself.

The Med Bed – Jared Rand

When you’re in this Med Bed you don’t go through any pain, you don’t go through radiations, it’s not like some evil event.

You basically wake up and you look in the mirror and the white hair now it’s the color it was when you were in your 20s.

You’re creepy skin is gone, your eyesight, your hearing, your taste, your smell, everything.

Let’s say that you had your thyroid irradiated, which is this absolutely asinine but that’s the allopathyc industry, they irradiated your thyroid and your thyroid is useless now and you have to take pills the rest of your life because they killed it.

What the Reatomization does is it revitalizes and returns that organ back to a healthy state, a younger state.

Let’s say that you had your gallbladder removed and doctors say your liver will take over and everything will be fine, well, that not usually the case, it causes other thing, other problems in the body later on.

But when you go through the reatomization process the gallbladder is regenerated.

I think the best way to explain it is without being a scientist look at it from the standpoint of saying okay, so my gallbladder is regenerated and brought back to life.

It’s pretty much if our immune systems it’s free to do what it was designed to do, which means to keep us a lot younger and to keep us a lot healthier.

The problem is is that the the allopathic system and the corruption on the planet… saying that you got to take this pill for this, you got to take this pill for that and because of those pills or foreign entities being introduced into your body the side effects are bleeding and nausea and diarrhea and constipation and death.

When you’re looking at all of those things you start to realize that your immune system is attacking those chemicals because they’re foreign substances.

Your immune system, as time goes by, is constantly being affronted and attacked, so it never has time to renew your teeth, to renew your skin, to renew your hair, your eyesight, so it your body slowly but surely deteriorates and becomes compromised.

Your immune system is so compromised that it cannot recover as it is fighting constant abnormalities that you have been told to introduce into your body on a continual basis.

The fear factor is played in there by saying, well you know Mrs. Johnson you have to take this pill because if you don’t this will happen, then I better take this pill.

Well you’re going to have side effects but they should be okay.

But because of the side effects of that pill Mrs. Johnson we had to bring you back in, we have to give you another pill because it’s damaged this area here by taking that pill so we have to give you another pill.

I’m sure a lot of you understand, it continues that way, you’re a dollar sign in the current system.

You’re kept alive artificially, actually the life expectancy rate in our country is dropped with all of these so-called wonderful wonderful farmaceuticals.

With the Med Bed your body is healthy and new again, but your mind isn’t because you’ve lived those years and you will be counseled on becoming much more aware of naturopathic are you ayurvedic, herbology ,different crystallology

The different applications of how you can keep yourself healthy naturally.

Now people ask how soon the Med Bed will be available?

Well I’m sure all of you know on this call that there are forces out there, even hidden, we’re not talking about the big ones because they’re being taken down but we’re talking about the many ones that are in towns and cities and different villages across America that are not good people.

They’re miniature versions of DC and so what happens is is that they try to stop you and then do bad things.

We have to be very covert on the deployment of the Med Beds. We just can’t go out there and start putting them out there like suckers.

We have to have crews and we have to have manufacturing, high level security, manufacturing facilities with clean line of assembly which means it’s totally medical clean rooms to put the parts together and to get them working.

We have plans for an infrastructure that we put together over the years to introduce the technology of the Med Bed.

The whole idea of that is to get to the serious the ones, that are really bad, if you’re going to die in two weeks, people that have severe forms of diabetes for example.

We’ve got a long list of people but we have to do it securely and safely and so we put together a plan in order to carry that out and to get to as many people as we can, go to certain areas on the planet and then start the treatments for people and to have enough units so that we can do many people at one time.

Imagine that if it was a publicized situation we’ve been inundated and overwhelmed and basically trampled on and probably killed with the feeding frenzy of the human race wanting to be fixed.

Unfortunately you know that’s human nature and that’s the way it works and we understand that.

It’s not a bad thing it’s just that this is how humanity is, they want, they want it and they want it now and they’ll do anything to get it.

It would be nice if everybody was benevolent, we love each other and everything’s wonderful and we’ll take our time with us and help in any way we can help.

There’s a lot of talented people that have so much to offer and obviously we’ll call on the universe and creator to bring those people forward so that we can get things done.

I don’t think a lot of people understand that one word let out the wrong way can cause a lot of attention and you’re dealing with organizations and stuff that would prefer not to have this Med Bed technology out there.

That’s why it’s been kept off from the human race

My attitude along with others is that the human race should not have to worry about the disease.

I think that the human race should be financially set for the rest of their lives, no disease, so those factors are history, they’re totally removed, and that’s coming because people won’t have to worry about it, they won’t have to be constantly stressed out about health, not only health but their financial condition.

What are they going to do and how are they going to eat and how are they going to pay their bills and you know it’s a constant constant effort to exist.

This is long-term, obviously it’s not going to happen in a couple of months but just as most people have a refrigerator in their house I want the Med Bed in everybody’s house.

There’s no doctors or anything, we don’t need them, no matter how many of the old guards would like to think that the human race is a bunch of useless eaters and they don’t mean anything and they’re all garbage.

It’s just manure because I think that the human race has a high level of intelligence and consciousness that can make it, can make a lot of miracles happen, but that’s our long-term goal.

They’re still going to be natural type of doctors around that will be able to help people in certain situations but we’re not going to have a conventional hospital type of structure where you go in and you’re worried about dying.

You know in this country alone the third leading cause of death is hospital stays, people going into the hospital, some of them for just regular normal procedures.

There’s so many stress factors put on the human race that it’s amazing that we’ve survived this far.

So the Med Bed is the goal.